NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Business Opportunities in other NATO Agencies & Commands


The NATO Procurement system consists of a number of decentralised and autonomous procurement offices that execute their procurement activities in accordance with their specific rules and procedures. These procurement offices post their business opportunities on their own websites that can be accessed through the list below.

In order to have a geographical view of NATO locations, please click on the “worldmap”.

Procurement Office     Website address Notes
SACT Purchasing and Contracting Branch This site consolidates all business opportunities from ACT sites (e.g., SACT, NURC, JFTC, JWC, NATO School Oberammergau, etc.)
ACO Acquisition Site This site consolidates all business opportunities from ACO sites (e.g., SHAPE, JFC Naples, JFC Brunssum, Component Commands, etc.)
NCIA Contracting and Procurement  
NSPA Procurement  
NCSA Business Opportunities  


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