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The NMCRL Web Services allow private companies to access NMCRL for mass codification data. Dedicated Terms of Use apply to this service. For more information please contact

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The multilingual NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL) exists as a real time database on the Internet (NMCRL-WEB) and as an offline database for use on any PC not connected to the Internet (NMCRL-OFFLINE). It is a valuable tool for logisticians and manufacturers in every nation, providing information about materiel and significant business intelligence gathered from the databases of the National Codification Bureaux in the NATO Codification System (NCS) user countries (NATO and AC/135 sponsored countries). Although the NMCRL was originally designed for use by NATO logisticians, has proved to be an invaluable tool for non-NATO logisticians and civilian companies. The product now has worldwide distribution. In addition to ease of use and rapid search and extract features, the main advantage of the NMCRL is that it contains all of the NATO Stock Numbers assigned by the NCS countries. As the primary logistics tool for NATO and AC/135 sponsored countries, the NMCRL provides a catalogue of the materiel they use. The NMCRL is also extremely valuable to any civilian company wishing to do business with many armed forces worldwide. The NMCRL is available on an annual subscription basis.

The NMCRL includes the following data used by the armed forces of the NCS countries (NATO and AC/135 sponsored countries):

  • 17.6 million active NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs)
  • 38.8 million manufacturer or vendor Reference (Part) Numbers
  • 02.8 million active manufacturers and vendors (NCAGE code, names and addresses)
  • 30.0 million User Registrations
  • 12.1 million NSNs with Characteristics Data display NMCRL-WEB only
  • 03.9 million NSNs with Packaging Data display NMCRL-WEB only
  • 15.5 million NSNs with Custom Codes (HS & Schedule B) display NMCRL-WEB only
  • 13.4 million NSNs with Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) Codes display NMCRL-WEB only


NMCRL-WEB is a web-based multilingual application for querying codification data.

The application is available on-line 24/7 anywhere in the world via a high-speed Internet connection: all you need is a user ID, a password and an up-to-date browser (IE and Firefox supported).

Multi-user licences are available.

Beyond the additional features and data, one major advantage of using NMCRL-WEB online is that no periodic updates need to be installed.

NMCRL-WEB is updated on a daily basis.

NMCRL-OFFLINE is a multilingual application for screening codification data without an Internet connection, but which provides fewer features and fewer types of data than NMCRL-WEB.

The application installation file (in ZIP format) is downloadable to any storage device on a PC connected to the Internet. After downloading, the offline application is ready to be installed on any PC running Windows and can also be shared on a network, provided the necessary licences have been purchased.

An updated version of NMCRL-OFFLINE is released every two months.

 FAQ: Download and Installation NMCRL-OFFLINE

Comparison of features NMCRL WEB NMCRL OFFLINE
USER REGISTRATION DATA: (Who uses the item?)
REFERENCE DATA: (Who manufacturers/sells the item?)
NATO MANUFACTURER AND VENDOR DATA: (Name and address of manufacturers/sellers)
TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DATA (What is the technical description of the item?) *
PACKAGING DATA (How is the item prepared for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use?)
CUSTOM CODES: Harmonized System (HS) & Schedule B Numbers
IIMAGES displayed for References and/or NSNs
Item of Supply (NSN) data
Address (NCAGE) data
BATCH processing
Characteristics data (coded and decoded format)
BASIC mode (non-expert mode)
ADVANCED mode including QUERY BUILDER (expert mode)
English, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish
 + Russian Language
Internet application (24/7 secure access)
No installation of periodic updates (latest version of IE/Firefox required)
Easy handling of user logins by Master Administrator (secure web access with login + password)
Downloadable application (for downloading, Internet is the only requirement)
Installation on local PC (Windows OS required, not Mac compatible)
Network installation possible
every day
every two months
* To comply with national rules preventing dissemination of characteristics data to non-governmental subscribers, characteristics data from the following countries are not displayed: AUS, AUT, CAN, DEU, GBR, HUN, NLD, NZL, POL and SGP.


Both NMCRL-WEB and NMCRL-OFFLINE feature “Basic” and “Advanced” inquiry modes. The Basic mode is specially designed for non-experts and mostly displays plain text instead of NCS codes. The Advanced mode is intended for codification experts and includes (NMCRL-WEB only) a “Query Builder” functionality for the Item of Supply and NCAGE modules.

NMCRL can be queried interactively or in batch mode:

1. Interactive mode

The interactive mode enables users to query based on search criteria. Queries on any combination of data elements is only possible in the NMCRL-WEB application. The results are displayed on-screen. Results can be displayed in detail, printed out or saved and a batch process can be run. The following interactive search modules are available:

  • Item of Supply
  • Characteristics NMCRL-WEB only

2. Batch mode

Using the batch mode, codification data can be extracted from the NMCRL database by using a list of criteria (search keys) recorded in an existing file or by generating a new list (in lieu of making a one-by-one search in the interactive program).

This method was developed mainly to facilitate effective and friendly extraction of codification data by users.

Predefined batches limit the number of actions required to extract simple data and facilitate the majority of frequent searches on codification data.

Batch results can be saved in various formats or printed out. Batch instructions can be entered either by using the keyboard or by importing data from external files. Conditional matches are possible. Maximal limit per batch input/output is 10.000 line items.

Inquiry Modes

As the NMCRL application is used not only in NATO member countries but all around the world, particular attention has been paid to linguistic needs.

The information contained in the NMCRL reflects the contents of the information held in the NCS countries’ national files. NMCRL information is in coded format, but majority of data elements can be de-coded. De-coded information and data element labels change depending on the interface language selected. All of the translations are provided by the National Codification Bureaux of the NCS countries (NATO and AC/135 sponsored countries).

In NMCRL-WEB currently 15 different language interfaces are selectable (3 language interfaces in NMCRL-OFFLINE: English-French-German).

Bulgarian Bulgarian
Czech Czech
English English
Finnish Finnish
French French
German German
Hungarian Hungarian
Italian Italian
Lithuanian Lithuanian
Polish Polish
Romanian Romanian
Russian Russian
Slovak Slovak
Slovenian Slovenian
Spanish Spanish


Single up to 5 users up to 20 users up to 100 users
  NMCRL-WEB 920 € 1890 € 3650 € 11020 €
  NMCRL-OFFLINE 1080 € 2130 € 4260 € -
  NMCRL-PACK* 1220 € 2430 € 4760 € -

*NMCRL-PACK = WEB access + 6 OFFLINE application updates (downloadable) per yearly subscription | Subscription Form (PDF)

Who can subscribe?

All NATO government entities, NATO member country contractors and suppliers as well as non-NATO government organisations, suppliers and contractors are eligible to subscribe to NMCRL.
Although there are practically no limitations, requests for subscription are screened and may be rejected. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) submits an annual report on subscription status and developments to AC/135.

How to subscribe?

Subscribers are invited to use the PDF subscription form and to observe the following instructions for payment:

  • Pay in advance, per subscription, an annual subscription fee (for NMCRL-WEB and/or 6 NMCRL-OFFLINE updates to be downloaded) using one of the following methods:

Value-added tax (VAT):

VAT is due in the country of the recipient in accordance with the EU VAT Directive 2006/112/EC. Public bodies with a VAT exempt shall provide an exemption certificate approved by the Tax Authorities.

Payment methods:

  • Inter-bank transfer to the bank account of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) held with:

    Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État (BCEE)
    1, Place de Metz
    L-2954 Luxembourg

    IBAN*: LU14 0019 1007 7845 4000
    (*IBAN = International Bank Account Number)
    (*BIC =Bank Identifier Code / SWIFT Code)
  • NOTE: All associated banking fees should be borne by the customer, so that NSPA receives the full amount invoiced.

  • Credit Card: authorise NSPA to debit your VISA or EUROCARD/MASTERCARD account.
  • Send a copy of the payment order together with the subscription form to:

    LD - Codification Section
    Attn: NMCRL
    L-8302 Capellen

    VAT Number LU 15413172

What does a subscriber get?

Upon confirmation of payment, NSPA provides the NMCRL-WEB subscriber with a login USER ID and PASSWORD.

Every two months, NSPA supplies a new NMCRL-OFFLINE download (ZIP format) updated with the latest information from the National Codification Bureaux.

The initial NMCRL-OFFLINE administrator credentials are provided within 30 days of subscription and will allow the most recent NMCRL-OFFLINE release to be downloaded.

NSPA maintains an updated address list for this purpose. It is therefore in the interest of the subscriber to notify NSPA immediately of any change in address.

Duration of Subscription

A subscription lasts one year and is renewed automatically (tacit renewal) on payment of the following year's subscription fee. Subscription renewal notices are sent to all users some two months before the expiry of their current subscription. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.


If you wish to subscribe to NMCRL-WEB / NMCRL-OFFLINE / NMCRL-PACK, simply fill in the following form and return it via E-mail or Mail.

 PDF form

 VAT Number:

LU 15413172

 Postal Address:

LD - Codification Section
L-8302 Capellen


NMCRL-WEB Tutorial





Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements

  • (Preferably) High Speed Internet access
  • Recommended browsers:
    • Mincrosoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer (6 or higher)
    • Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox (latest)
  • Javascript enabled in the browser
  • Screen resolution: 1024*768
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher
  • A printer with 4MB of memory or higher (for printing)
  • Secure Access is via User ID & Password


Usage Definitions

  • WEB access for single user
  • WEB access for up to 5 concurrent users
  • WEB access for up to 20 concurrent users
  • WEB access for up to 100 concurrent users
 Tutorial for NMCRL-WEB


Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements

IBM PC or compatible computer to install NMCRL application, with the following minimum configuration:

  • MS Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
  • 1 GHz Pentium Processor or equivalent (recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM or more (recommended)
  • At least 15 to 20 GB space available on hard disk or network drive

Every 2 months, NMCRL-OFFLINE is downloadable in ZIP format to any storage device of a PC connected to the Internet. After downloading, the offline application is ready to be installed on any PC. This offline application is networkable provided the required licences have been purchased.


LAN Considerations

  • NMCRL-OFFLINE may be used on a Local Area Network (LAN): the NMCRL data is shared by all users, so as not to have to copy the data onto every user's machine.
  • Windows must be installed locally on each machine
  • The user will be asked to specify a working directory. This directory (minimum 15 MB of space) must be on the local machine (sufficient access rights required!)
  • The user will be asked to specify a data directory (minimum 9.2 GB space) on a virtual drive (sufficient access rights required!)
  • Auto-updating of working directory
  • 2 different network licences are available:
    • up to 5 users in one server domain only or
    • up to 20 users in one server domain only
  • NMCRL-OFFLINE may not be installed on multiple servers or accessed by users outside the domain.

 Tutorial for NMCRL-OFFLINE
 Installation Guide for NMCRL-OFFLINE
 FAQ: Download and Installation NMCRL-OFFLINE


If you have any questions regarding either NMCRL-WEB or NMCRL-OFFLINE you might find the answer below, if not, do not hesitate to contact us via

  • Only a small number of the countries share their management data via NMCRL. The majority of NATO Codification System countries (i.e. NATO and AC/135 sponsored countries) do not exchange that data internationally. In most cases, management data contained in the NMCRL database usually relates to US NSNs.

  • The technical characteristics associated with NSNs are not included in the batch module output fields because that data cannot currently be batch processed owing to the complexity of the Master Requirements Codes (MRCs). Moreover, disclosure of technical characteristics to private companies is prohibited by certain countries.

  • The batch processing module is based on “Advanced” mode querying. The “procurement status” field displayed in basic mode results from a simplification of the reference number related codes used in the “Advanced” mode. To see whether an item is procurable using batch mode, extract the RNCC/RNVC data elements then look up the meaning of the combinations in help file “EN-12”.

  • NMCRL is used by individuals, small businesses and large international holdings with different subscriptions in various locations around the world. Because large organizations can have different types of subscription (single user, up to 5, up to 20), management of users is left to the discretion of the Master Administrator, who can attach or detach any other user from his/her subscription.

  • An item of supply can be identified with an Approved Item Names (AIN) or a Non-Approved Item Name (NAIN). Every AIN is linked to a corresponding item name in ACodP-3, the multilingual catalogue of NATO Approved Item Names, but this is not the case for NAINs. When the item is codified, if an AIN is used in Segment A then the corresponding ACodP-3 item name will be displayed in the “Item Name (ACodP 3)” field (if the user interface is English, the item name will be identical in both fields). If a NAIN is used in Segment A, no ACodP-3 item name will be displayed.

  • The Query Builder was designed to facilitate searches in the Item of Supply and NCAGE modules by using simple queries. It replaces the Boolean operators previously used to combine search criteria.

  • The only browsers fully compatible with NMCRL are Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. While other browsers may be used, there is no guarantee that all of the functions will work correctly.

  • The subscription form provides the VAT number of NSPA.

  • Yes, but only one user at a time can connect to the application. If second user tries to connect simultaneously, access will be denied.

  • The NMCRL subscription lasts 1 calendar year starting the 1st day of the month in which the subscription has been requested.

  • NMCRL Subscription prices are valid through all the calendar year from 1st January till 31st December. Prices are adjusted at the very beginning of the calendar year. Usually there is an increase of 2.5% yearly to cover the inflation rate.

  • Yes, NSPA sends to every NMCRL subscriber a document called “Invoice Paid”.

  • An NMCRL Master Administrator login is generated for the person taking out the NMCRL subscription. The Master Administrator is responsible for managing the users of his/her subscription and communicates with NSPA. Generic logins are intended for all other users of the subscription and are created by the Master Administrator.

  • NMCRL is a database containing all NSNs worldwide. FED LOG consists just US NSNs and NSNs used by US, but on the other hand there is more information in compare to NMCRL (e.g. management data, prices, etc.)

NMCRL-OFFLINE:   FAQ - Download and Installation


Have you got any questions about either of our services: NMCRL Subscription - NMCRL Web - NMCRL Offline. Whether it's a technical, payment or other concern do not hesitate to contact us below.

Contact Support - Subscriptions
Contact Support - NMCRL-WEB Technical
Contact Support - NMCRL-OFFLINE Technical


 Postal Address:
LD - Codification Section
L-8302 Capellen


+352 3063 6748


The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) on behalf of the Group of National Directors on Codification (AC/135)

The Terms of Use for License to the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL)

The following Terms of Use apply when viewing or using the NMCRL.
The NATO Group of National Directors on Codification Allied Committee 135 (AC/135) license access to the NMCRL.


AC/135 hereby grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-assignable entitlement and license to use the NMCRL for the duration of this license, subject to the Licensee agreeing to be bound by the non-disclosure provisions stated herein. The NMCRL includes "limited rights data" owned by certain NATO countries and certain manufacturers and such data constitutes Proprietary Information belonging to these entities. Therefore, as required by the NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4438 on the Codification of Equipment Uniform System of Dissemination of Data Associated with NATO Stock Numbers, the Licensee shall protect the confidentiality of this Proprietary Information as part of these terms of use.


The Licensee agrees:

a) that the use of Proprietary Information to which the Licensee is granted access under this license shall be strictly limited to the Licensee. The Licensee is forbidden to repackage the NMCRL data or to transfer it by any means or in any form to third parties not party to this license;

b) that the Licensee shall not, without prior written approval from AC/135, disclose or provide access to NMCRL Proprietary Information to anyone who is not an employee of the Licensee;

c) to report any unauthorized disclosure of NMCRL data to the AC/135 as soon as possible;

d) to adopt operating procedures and security measures to properly safeguard NMCRL Proprietary Information from unauthorized use and from disclosure or release to unauthorized persons, to the same degree as the Licensee protects his own information of similar confidentiality.

3. The term "Proprietary Information" shall not apply to such portions of the NMCRL data which:

a) become generally available to the public;

b) become available to the Licensee on a non-confidential basis from a source other than AC/135 which is not prohibited from disclosing such information to the Licensee by a legal, contractual or fiduciary obligation.


In the event of a breach of any provision of these Terms of Use by the Licensee, AC/135 shall consider ultimately terminating license.


By accessing or using the NMCRL, you signify your agreement to abide by the Terms of Use.

The point of contact for any subscription question is:


LD - Codification Section
L-8302 Capellen

VAT Number: LU 15413172

Tel.: +(352) 3063-6748
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