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What is NAMSA ?

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The NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) is the executive arm of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation (NAMSO), established in 1958. Direction and control are provided by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from each of the NAMSO Member States. NAMSA is a customer-funded Agency and operates on a “no profit - no loss” basis.

As NATO’s Logistics Agency of Excellence, NAMSA provides a wide range of logistics support services to NATO armed forces and NATO commands, individually or collectively. Those services include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Engineering and technical support services
  • In-theatre contract management
  • Real life support
  • Infrastructure works
  • Airport of debarkation (APOD) services.

The value of services provided in 2008 was EUR 1.5 billion.

Most of NAMSA’s services are provided in a multinational framework enabling the Agency to consolidate and centralize logistics management functions across NAMSO Member States.

The Agency has legal agreements with many of the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Nations, providing them access to NAMSA services.

Most of the services are outsourced to industry through international competitive bidding, and in 2008 the number of contracts exceeded 45,000. NAMSA also has an in-house engineering and technical support capability in a number of specific technological areas.

NAMSA is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and employs over 1,100 staff. The Agency has a Southern Operational Centre (SOC) located in Taranto, Italy. A number of its staff are deployed to theatres and NATO commands to provide front-line support to operations.

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