Our Documentation

In order to allow an unequivocal implementation by nations, agreements reached in AC/250 will be properly documented. Most agreements are published as Standardisation Agreements (STANAGs) or Allied Publications (AP). The AC/250/CPG is the owner of two NATO Standardization Agreements, STANAGs 4107 and 4174.

  • STANAG 4107 - Mutual Acceptance of Government Quality Assurance and Usage of the Allied Quality Assurance Publications
  • STANAG 4174 - Allied Reliability and Maintainability Publications

Under the direction of these STANAGs, Allied Publications for Quality, Maintainability and Reliability are as follows:


Reliability and Maintainability

  • ARMP 1 (Ed2) - NATO Requirements for Reliability and Maintainability
  • ARMP 4 (Ed2) - Guidance for Writing NATO R&M Requirements Documents
  • ARMP 6 (Ed1) - In-Service R&M
  • ARMP 7 (Ed1) - NATO R&M Terminology Applicable to ARMPs