This booklet contains an explanation of the NATO Codification System (NCS) as used by NATO nations, Agencies and Sponsored countries worldwide. It is intended as a guide for users of the system, including procurement and management organisations that are requested or required to include codification as part of their functions or obligations, and it also provides a useful reference for others with an interest in the system.

It has particular significance for manufacturers and contractors producing and supplying Item of Supply -IoS- in accordance with national or multinational NATO contracts where use of the NATO Codification System is specified.

The NATO Codification System has evolved, and continues to do so, in response to the needs of Logistic management and developing information technology.

As a result, the information contained in this guide may have been superseded by changes or revisions to policies and methods.

Verification of current procedures or assistance in dealing with any query or difficulty may be obtained by contacting the NCBs which are listed under the tab "Contacts" on the AC/135 Website at: