The aim of this chapter is to provide an understanding of, and ensure a standard approach to the NATO Codification Contract Clause by both contracting authorities and contractors. Minor additions or changes to the clause may be made by Contracting Authorities, but the principles must be maintained.

The Codification Contract Clause is designed to ensure that technical data, i.e. drawings, specifications, draft IoS identifications or other technical documentation required for codification, are supplied. STANAG 4177 (Codification of Item of Supply - Uniform System of Data Acquisition) has been developed to ensure that contracts for the supply of equipment and spare parts include a clause for providing, at the time required, to the appropriate Codification Authority such technical data as may be required for IoS identification (see Appendix A).

The Codification Contract Clause is not designed to require NATO Stock Numbers from contractors for the contracted equipment and spare parts. Assignment and exchange of NATO Stock Numbers must follow the NATO codification procedures, that are uniquely performed by the NCBs of the codifying nations.