The Group of National Directors on Codification may, when it considers it necessary, create an AC/135 Sub-Group to plan and supervise the codification process for Common Projects.

Sub-Groups can be tasked with duties which may include the following:

  • Negotiation of agreements between participating nations on the methodology of the codification task.
  • Production, if necessary, of a project flowchart.
  • Request the NATO AC/135 Secretariat to assign the NATO Codification Project Code.
  • Appointment of a Codification Co-ordinator where necessary (the duties to be agreed by participating nations).
  • Planning and control of the codification task until completion.

The procuring nations or agencies are responsible for:

  • Inclusion of a Codification Contract Clause (see Chapter 4) in the main contract.
  • Financial arrangements including any documentation work by project offices or sub-contractors.
  • Dispatch of requests for codification action in accordance with NATO rules and procedures to the NCB of the nations where the specific IoS Design Authority rests.

The NCB of each participating nation is responsible for:

  • Advice and guidance to national manufacturers or contractors responsible for codification work on the project.
  • Supervision of the production of data by their manufacturers and the proper processing of this data.
  • Maintenance of the codification data, including user registration and processing of subsequent additions/revisions to the IoS record.

The NCB of each procuring nation is responsible for:

  • Identification of IoS of foreign origin and transmission of data concerning these Items of Supply in the form of codification requests to the appropriate NCB, through a codification co-ordinator when required.
  • Dissemination of data to contractors which are registered as authorised data receivers (including data for which maintenance has been performed).

The contractors or manufacturers (as applicable) are responsible for:

  • Establishment of contact with the NCB to obtain the full range of codification handbooks and instructions needed for the discharge of their codification responsibilities.
  • Production of accurate technical codification documentation, particularly drawings, Parts List, etc. for codification and, where required by the NCBs draft IoS identifications.
  • Arrangements with sub-contractors for all necessary technical codification documentation as called for in the Codification Contract Clause.