A complete and detailed codification clause (see STANAG 4177) will be inserted in the respective contracts with main and sub-contractors. Main and sub-contractors must insert the codification clause in all contracts with their sub-contractors. In turn, sub-contractors must pass this clause downwards to their own suppliers.

Data for codification will be transmitted between NCBs using telecommunications in accordance with established rules and formats. The primary means of data exchange between NCBs is a telecommunications system called the NATO Mailbox System (NMBS). The formats and mode of communication between NCBs and project contractors is agreed with the contractor at national discretion. Codification transactions must include within the Document Control Number the NCPC or Project Code where established.

Co-ordination of codification can reduce overall project costs and the number of codification requests. The participating nations should decide on how the codification of the IoS for the project concerned is to be co-ordinated. 

  • Co-ordination by Home NCB. The codification of the IoS will be co-ordinated by the Home NCBs of the nations in which the lists of the IoS are initiated. These lists are normally submitted by the Project Contractors in the name of the consortium nations. This co-ordination will be undertaken for all the IoS listed, irrespective of the nation of origin or national user requirement for any IoS. The Home NCB will be responsible for requesting codification in the nation of origin for each IoS concerned. The Home NCB can send a representative at the logistics conference in accordance with national procedures.

  • Co-ordination by one nation/NSPA. The co-ordinating nation/NSPA whichever is nominated by the participating nations will co-ordinate codification and submit codification requests on behalf of all participating nations direct to the NCB concerned.

  • No Co-ordination. The codification of each and every IoS is requested by each and every user in accordance with established procedures.