2.3.6. SUMMARY

The following actions are required to ensure timely codification:

  • To ensure that the Codification Contract Clause is included in the main contract, and in any sub-contracts as required.

  • To inform, at the earliest possible stage in the procurement and design of equipment and selection of spares, the responsible NCB of the codification requirement.

  • To assess, and budget for, any codification task not covered by the main contract.

  • To make provision, if possible, for additional follow-on codification (e.g. modification) tasks after the main contract has expired.

  • To advise the NCBs of the originating nations, as early as possible, of the future workload to enable them to plan for the provision of codification data before the planned delivery date of the Main Equipment and the supporting spares.

  • To invite representation from the appropriate NCB(s) to attend provisioning conferences or any other meetings at which lists of IoS or spare parts and codification problems will be discussed.