In every case, invitations to tender, orders for prototype work, or other pre-production action shall contain the appropriate reference to the need for data in support of NATO codification. Contracts for major equipment and spare parts shall contain a clause specifying the supply of supporting data for codification.

However, the actual supply of data in support of codification (the list of existing NSNs and/or technical documentation relating to new items to be codified) will only be required after the final signature of the order or contract. In the early stages of the procurement process, companies will only be required to obtain an NCAGE code. The contracting authority may only require codification data from companies that win a bid or from whom goods are ordered.

The subject of the Codification Contract Clause and details of its meaning and use, as agreed by member nations, can be found in Chapter 4.

It is of primary importance that the Codification Contract Clause be included in all acquisition/procurement contracts. Prime contractors shall be made aware of the requirement to include the Codification Contract Clause in any contracts placed with sub-contractors so that technical data can be obtained for Sub-Contracted Components.