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AC/135 publishes documents to support the NATO Codification System. These include several Allied Publications and publications that are identical in format and meaning but unique by nation.

bullet ACodP-1 = NATO Manual on Codification :
This publication, sets out the principles, responsibilities, procedures, forms and general guidance on the operation of the NATO Codification System (downloadable from the AC/135 web site at www.nato.int/structur/AC/135/main/links/acodp1.htm).
bullet ACodP-2/3 = NATO Multilingual Supply Classification Handbook and Item Name Directory:
This publication contains the single uniform classification system (ACodP-2) and the uniform Approved Item Names (ACodP-3) assigned to materiel within the NATO Codification System.

Note: The NATO Multilingual ACodP-2/3 publication is accessible online at
https://eportal.nspa.nato.int/ac135public by selecting Tab <ACodP2/3>


bullet NMCRL = NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics :
It is a bi-monthly offline publication and a daily updated web-based application (cf. NMCRL-WEB) comprising the NATO Stock Numbers of all NATO nations and those of the sponsored non-NATO nations. It contains identification data of the items of production and the list of the user nations in addition to the information identifying the manufacturers and the sources of supply are associated to these NSNs. NMCRL-web is a useful Internet complement which additionally provides item descriptive characteristics.
URL: www.nato.int/nmcrl

The NMCRL is a basic tool for :
bulletCodifiers to determine if an item has already been identified in another nation.
bulletLogisticians to determine the sources of supply for a given item, and other user nations to allow cross servicing.
bullet NADB = NATO Ammunition database :
It is a secure web-based application, based on codification data. It provides a unique reference source for matters related to the management of NATO ammunition.
URL: http://www.nspa.nato.int/en/organization/logistics/LogServ/enadb.htm

bullet NMBS = NATO Mailbox System :
It is a reliable and fast means of exchanging high volumes of data in electronic format with a minimum of manual intervention. The system spans most of the world and since its introduction in 1993 it has grown. The system is constantly brought up to date to reflect the newest trends in information technology but using only proven and reliable technology.
bullet NABS = NATO Automated Business System :
It is comprehensive electronic environment which improves the efficiency of agenda management and document exchange within the group. Any committee, whether its members are working in one geographical area or spread all over the world, can take advantage of the new automated document management system. NABS eliminates the need for hard copies and can therefore substantially reduce hours of manual labour involved in handling these hard copies. NABS allows the users to process, circulate, locate and manage documents in an easier and, last but not least, more cost effective way.


Each nation distributes supplementary files in addition to the above mentioned allied publications.

bullet Manual of National Procedures based very closely on the NATO ACodP-1 procedures. 
bullet H2-H6 : a translation of the ACodP-2 and ACodP-3 in the language of the nation.
bullet H4-H8 : a national basic file for manufacturers and suppliers.
bullet IIG : an Item Identification Guide allowing the description of items based on their physical characteristics and performance using a common language. The US IIGs are used as references by the other nations.
bullet CRL and ML : these publications include characteristics, standardization and/or management data to supplement the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL). The various national products (National database of items used by the Armed Services):
bullet Belgium : Système de Recherche National d'Article Définitifs (SERENADE)
bullet Canada : Canadian Government Catalogue of Materiel (CGCM)
bullet France : Système Opérationnel Pour la Recherche d'Articles dans la Nomenclature OTAN (SOPRANO)
bullet United Kingdom : Codification Support Information System (CSIS)
bullet United States : Federal Logistics Data on DVD (FED LOG)
bullet Guide for industry : national translation and adaptation of the NCS Guide issued to national armament contractors.
bullet etc...



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