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More and more nations outside NATO, including Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and Pacific Area Nations, are using the NCS
(see www.nato.int/structur/AC/135/main/links/contacts.htm). These nations recognise the benefits of adopting the NCS for internal purposes, for dealing with NATO nations and for dealing with each other. 

The Group of National Directors on Codification recognises that there are advantages to both NATO and non-NATO nations in the adoption of the NCS. One of the policies of the Group is that allied and friendly nations around the world can be provided with the possibility to take part in the NCS. To facilitate and formalise this participation, the AC/135 has initiated the Sponsorship Program. Participation in the Sponsorship Program is subject to a formal agreement between the non-NATO nation and the AC/135.

The Sponsorship Program is designed to assist candidate nations on the road to become full members of the NCS community and it will safeguard the systems and procedures already in place to ensure a continuing high quality of services and information. 

Each level of sponsorship, Tier 1 and Tier 2, holds specific benefits.

TIER 1 (entry level) :

bulletFormalised relationship with AC/135; all NATO nations and all other non-NATO sponsored nations.
bulletImmediate assignment of the necessary nation codes to start using or to develop a national codification system.
bulletUse of a proven codification system
bulletAccess to some 18 Million NATO Stock Numbers and related information.
bulletPossibility to propose system changes
bulletPossibility to use the NATO Mailbox System to exchange codification data with NATO and sponsored nations.
bulletPossibility to get technical assistance from NATO nations through the AC/135 BASELOG program.
bulletReceive regular updates to Allied Codification publications, official documents and brochures.
bulletPossibility to add your own data into the consolidated NATO set of data products (NMCRL, Manufacturers file, etc.)

TIER 2 :

In addition to the benefits of a Tier 1 nation, Tier 2 nations will have the following benefits:

bulletBecome a full member of the NCS community.
bulletTwo way data exchange with NATO and sponsored nations
bulletParticipation in meetings of AC/135's Panel A on technical Codification matters

A non-NATO nation wishing to apply for sponsorship in the NCS needs to send a request for sponsorship to AC/135 through the Secretary.

Secretary AC/135
Codification Support Section (LD)
NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
G.D. Luxembourg

FAX: +(352) 3063 4020

The request may be a simple letter, signed by a competent authority, stating the intent to use the NCS. If all the NATO nations agree to the request, the Chairman of AC/135 sends a Sponsorship Agreement to the applying nation for signature. The sponsorship agreement will be valid from the moment it is signed by both the commissioned authority of the applying nation and the Chairman of AC/135.


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