5. NCS Sponsorship:

5.1. Partners for Peace (PfP)

The PfP countries include former members of the Warsaw Pact, former Soviet republics, and neutral countries. Participation in the NCS is an important first step toward interoperability with the NATO Alliance. About 20 countries are members of PfP. A number of these countries are already NCS sponsored (Austria, Croatia, Finland, Macedonia and Russia). PfP countries are now participating in the on-going management meetings of AC/135. In 1995 in Hamburg, Germany, and in 1998 in Bulgaria and the Ukraine, NATO AC/135 held workshops for PfP countries to familiarize them with the full range of topics related to the NCS. Members of AC/135 have also made many bilateral contacts with PfP countries. Representatives of the U.S. NCB at DLIS have visited some PfP countries to provide NCS orientation and consultation services under "Mil-to-Mil" programs. DLIS has also hosted delegations from several PfP countries.