5. NCS Sponsorship

During its existence, many non-NATO countries, including many PfP countries, have adopted the NCS. More and more countries are seeking and receiving sponsorship within the NCS. Sponsored countries sign an agreement to exchange codification data and to abide by the rules and procedures of the system. Among other things, the rules require countries to provide equivalent safeguards to protect sensitive and proprietary data.

A non-NATO country seeking sponsorship makes a written request to a NATO country or the Secretariat of AC/135. All NATO member nations then determine their national position on the sponsorship. Each member provides written concurrence or non-concurrence on the request. Within the United States, DLA Logistics Information Service collaborates on the national position, through HQ DLA, to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (International and Commercial Programs) for official comment. The AC/135 Group of Directors grants the country NCS sponsorship upon agreement by all NATO member countries, and upon signing of the official sponsorship agreement by both the representative of the applicant country and the Chairman of the AC/135. The AC/135 signs sponsorship agreements on behalf of NATO, and a responsible representative from the defense ministry of the sponsored country signs on its behalf. Information about NCS sponsorship is kept up-to-date at Web site http://http://www.nato.int/structur/AC/135/main/links/contacts.htm

The benefits of sponsorship include the following:

  • Use of a codification system that is fully designed and proven through many years of experience and worldwide use

  • Improved interoperability with the NATO countries and other countries around the world

  • Visibility of nationally manufactured items to all users of the NCS around the world

  • Telecommunications data exchange with the NATO countries and other countries through the NATO MBS system of data exchange

  • Ability to influence further development of the NCS

  • Although the recent expansion of the NCS has reached each of the inhabited continents of the world, the primary focus has been in two areas:

  • The Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations in Europe

  • The Pacific Rim nations that are part of the Pacific Area Cataloging System (PACS) Forum