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Release 01 dated 15 Dec 2004



AC/135 Sponsorship Program recently joined by Albania, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman and Ukraine

Picture (click to enlarge) : Chairman of AC/135, Mr Richard Maison of USA and Lt.Col. Dhimiter KERRI representing National Codification Bureau of Albania, at the signing ceremony at the 85th meeting of AC/135 Main Group at NAMSA in Capellen, Luxembourg on 25-27 May 2004.

NATO Codification System continues its expansion through Sponsorship Programme. More and more countries outside NATO, including Partnership for Peace (PfP), and Pacific Area nations are using NCS, whereas others e.g. Mediterranean Dialogue nations are expressing strong interest in it. Over a period of recent two meetings of NATO Group of National Directors on Codification, a sponsorship agreement in the use of NATO Codification System was signed with Albania, Indonesia, the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, and the Republic of Ukraine. As for November 2004, there are 25 nations approved for sponsorship by AC/135, 21 nations at Tier 1 level and 4 at Tier 2. Two nations including the Republic of Korea and Austria have applied for Tier 2 status and are in the testing process. A Sponsorship Programme has notably enhanced NCS’s role in becoming the worldwide standard.

Memorandum of Agreement between AC/135 and ECCMA

Picture (click to enlarge) : Chairman of AC/135, Mr Richard Maison of USA and Mr Peter Benson of ECCMA, at the signing ceremony during 5 annual Eccma conference in Battle Creek, USA, on 27 Oct 2004.

AC/135 has been involved in the development of Eccma Open Technical Dictionaries (eOTD) managed by the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) for a few last years. The eOTD is used by commercial sector to create standardized language independent descriptions of individuals, organizations, locations, goods and services using simple attribute-value pairs. Mutual cooperation and exchange of experience was recently strengthened by signing of Memorandum of Agreement between AC/135 and ECCMA on 27th October 2004 in Battle Creek, MI, USA, during the 5 ECCMA Annual Conference.

86th meeting of AC/135 Main Group in Brasov, Romania

Picture (click to enlarge) :
Commandant of Joint Logistic Command of Romania Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Marin Maciuca with Directors of AC/135, in Brasov Romania, on 10 Nov 2004.

The Directors of National Codification Bureaux of NATO countries met recently in Brasov, Romania at their 86th meeting from 9 to 10 Nov 2004. Enjoying the Romanian hospitality and insomnia due to inescapable Dracula’s apparition, AC/135 Directors had made number of significant decisions determining future of NATO Codification System.
Based on positive outcome from the feasibility study conducted by codification specialists, AC/135 endorsed the idea to develop NATO Total Item Record, which will gather all characteristics data of items of supply into a single product. The product shall be based on the Internet technology to benefit of all AC/135 members. The prototype of NATO TIR combined with implementation costing strategy will be developed by NAMSA. This will be a significant enhancement in screening and identification process daily performed by cataloguers.
Furthermore, AC/135 decided to develop a “Smart Codification” function in a form of a software tool, which will allow the use of electronic data embodied in ISO10303/STEP files towards fully described items of supply in NATO Codification System. This project will also build on the work that AC/135, US and UK NCBs have done with ECCMA and the eOTD, including the efforts undertaken to gain recognition as an ISO Standard. The introduction of Smart Codification function within NCS, will benefit in reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the codification process. The outcome of both projects will be presented at 10th Symposium on Codification.

10th International Symposium on Codification

Please mark your calendar and check out forthcoming news at http://www.codification2005.org

Every few years, logisticians, businesses leaders and other interested individuals from around the world gather to review the current state of the NCS and discuss its future. The next 10th International Symposium on Codification will be held in Edinburgh, UK, from 10 to 13 October 2005. With the theme ‘Codification - the DNA of Modern Logistics’, symposium will become an unique forum to describe and explore the key role of Codification in supporting an effective Supply Chain at every stage from ‘factory to front-line’. In concert with the developments in International Standards for Product Data and increasing synergy between Defence and Industry, the 2005 Symposium will be the furthest reaching technical programme to be held in the series with expected participation of all the NATO members and key suppliers. Satellite meetings will also be held by AC/135 and other organisations before and after the Symposium takes place.

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