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The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics on Internet : NMCRL‑WEB

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NMCRL-WEB is an interactive online codification screening application with same features / data as on NMCRL‑OFFLINE product
+ display of items' CHARACTERISTICS DATA in coded and decoded format & drawings
+ display of items' CUSTOM CODES (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B Numbers)
+ display of items' COMMON PROCUREMENT VOCABULARY (CPV) codes
+ display of items' PACKAGING DATA
+ display of items' IMAGES for References and/or NSN

  • 18.3 million active NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs)
  • 38.2 million Manufacturers or Vendor Reference (Part) Numbers
  • 2.7 million active Manufacturers and Vendors (NCAGE codes, names and addresses)
  • 29.5 million User Registrations
  • 12.1 million NSNs with TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DATA display, of which 1.7% have drawings
  • 3.9 million NSNs with PACKAGING DATA display
  • 15.5 million NSNs with CUSTOM CODES display (HS & Schedule B)
  • 13.4 million NSNs with CPV CODES display


  • <ITEM OF SUPPLY> : Search on all codification data codes/names cross-related to the Item of Supply (NSN)
  • <CHARACTERISTICS> : Item of Supply identification using Technical Characteristics Data
  • <NCAGE> : Search on complete Manufacturer and Vendor data (addresses and related codes)
  • <BATCH> : Automatic extraction of grouped codification data from a predefined list of data


  • BASIC Mode i.e. for non-experts users with mostly plain text display instead of NCS codes
  • ADVANCED Mode, including QUERY BUILDER


  • <NSN-OMT> : NSN Online Maintenance Tool - online tool within NSPA ePORTAL platform allowing different NCS users to submit and NCB to process NSN maintenance actions.

Annual Subscription Prices

The following pricing table is applicable as of 01 JAN 2018 :

Single up to 5 users up to 20 users up to 100 users
NMCRL-WEB 860 € 1750 € 3390 € 10210 €
NMCRL-OFFLINE 1000 € 1980 € 3950 € -
NMCRL-PACK* 1130 € 2250 € 4410 € -

*NMCRL-PACK = WEB access + 6 OFFLINE application updates (downloadable) per yearly subscription

NOTE: For payments made using a VISA card or EUROCARD/MASTERCARD, 2.56% credit card processing fees will apply. Processing fees will not appear on your invoice.

>> NMCRL Subscription Form

Features and Benefits of NMCRL-WEB online application

  • MULTILINGUAL user interface (15 languages)
  • Inquiry mode choice BASIC vs. ADVANCED mode
  • QUERY BUILDER (Item of Supply & NCAGE modules)
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS data display (coded and decoded format)
  • PACKAGING DATA display
  • IMAGES display for References and/or NSN
  • CUSTOM CODES display (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B numbers)
  • 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK INTERNET ACCESS from any location in the word (authorized users may access the program from anywhere at anytime through their favourite web browser)
  • NO SOFTWARE INSTALLATION/SETUP procedure on local computer
  • Codification data is UPDATED DAILY

Dissemination of NMCRL-WEB data - Copyright AC/135

Copyright AC/135 Copyright AC/135 - All rights reserved

The NMCRL-WEB application is for authorized use only ! Copy and/or further dissemination with or without remuneration in whole or in part is not permitted. A subscription to NMCRL-WEB is intended solely for the use of the subscriber. Subscribers agree that they will not share or reveal their login User ID and Password to others.

Questions ?

If you have any questions regarding the NMCRL-WEB application, please do not hesitate to contact the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Postal Address :

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
Codification Support Section (LB)

Administrative Support (Subscription, billing, login) :

Phone : +(352) 3063-6748 or 6145
Fax :     +(352) 3063-4748
E-Mail : 

Technical Support :

Phone : +(352) 3063-6898 or 6691
Fax :     +(352) 3063-4898
E-Mail : 

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