NATO Codification System Country Codes

 - Situation as of January 2018 -

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NCS Codes Chart

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*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

NSPA = NATO Support & Procurement Agency (formerly referred to as NAMSA)



1. CTR = "3-letter" Country Code
Unique “3-letter” country codes published in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes' list to be used within the NATO Codification System (NCS) to distinguish geographical entities, nations and countries, whenever necessary. Country codes present in ISO 3166-1 but not listed here are valid country codes and must be accepted. Note that «the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia» NATO code "FYR" is explicitly different from the ISO one "MKD" cf. STANAG 1059.
2. MOE Code - DRN 2833
MOE Code structure: A two character alpha code, the first character of which is Z, Y, W or V
These codes are also used as :
The NATO MOE RULE No (DRN 8290) for international exchange of codification data is a four character code consisting of two alphabetic characters as given in the table above followed by a two digit non-significant number 01.
Luxembourg: all transactions are submitted by Belgium ( MOE Code ZB )
3. NCB Code - DRN 4130
Luxembourg: all transactions are catalogued by Belgium ( NCB Code 13 )
Iceland: NSNs are allocated by the 1st NATO or sponsored Tier 2 nation which uses the item of supply.
4. NCAGE Code - DRN 4140
NCAGE Code structure explanation:
# = numeral
* = alpha/numerical
Canada will progressively replace existing NCAGE Codes with prefix "L" as file maintenance action occurs. Canadian NCAGE Codes with structure #***# created prior to 2002 and identified by US F/DDC (DRN 4235) value 3 continue to be valid (see ACodP-1, Chapter V, Sub-Section 553, Table 25).
Luxembourg: all NCAGEs are allocated by Belgium ( NCAGE structure B***# )
Iceland: all NCAGEs are allocated by NSPA (NCAGE structure S***#)
Non-NATO / Non Tier 2 sponsored nations:
All NCAGEs of these nations exchanged at the international level are assigned by NSPA ( NCAGE structure S***# )
These nations can also assign and use national format CAGE codes. These national CAGE codes are used for national purpose only and cannot be exchanged at international level except within the framework of a bilateral agreement established between two countries.
NATO & International entities: all NCAGEs are allocated by NSPA ( NCAGE structure I***# )
NOTE: The letter "I" must be used only in the first position of International NCAGEs assigned by NSPA, the letter "O" must not be used in NCAGEs.