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What is being said about NATO's current Strategic Concept, and what was said about previous Concepts (1991, 1999)? Researchers, journalists, military people, historians, specialists on international relations or defence and security wrote articles, comments, and reports on the NATO strategies and discussed them with passion. The historical overview below will help you to find relevant books and articles published from 1953 onwards. A selection of websites will also offer an insight on what think tanks are saying about the new Strategic Concept or what they thought about the previous one issued in 1999.

When a journal article is available online, a link to the full text will be provided.

The NATO Library’s Thematic bibliographies are published approximately ten times a year. Each issue is devoted to a particular topic and presents books and journal articles relevant to the subject at hand. The opinions expressed in these documents do not necessarily represent the official opinion or policy of NATO or the governments of its member states.

 Recent documents in external literature - 2009/2010

December 2010

NATO Revises Nuclear Policy
Meier, Oliver
Arms Control Today, December 2010

NATO : Three Cheers for Lisbon.
Author(s): Liegis, Imants
In: EUROPE DIPLOMACY & DEFENCE, no. 371, 2 December 2010, p. 2.
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NATO Summit 2010: New Strategic Concept brings mix of old and new
Gerrard Cowan
In: JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, vol. 47, no. 48, 1 December 2010, p. 12-13.
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Interpretations Vary on NATO's New Strategy.
Author(s): Tigner, Brooks
In: JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, vol. 47, no. 48, 1 December 2010, p. 6
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Sommet de Lisbonne : l'OTAN entre certitudes et ambiguites.
Author(s): Bombeau, Bernard; Gaudin, Gerard
In: AIR & COSMOS, no. 2242, 26 November 2010, p. 48-50.
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L’Alliance Atlantique à la veille d’un nouveau concept stratégique
Vinet, Guy
In : Revue Défense Nationale, no. 734, novembre 2010, p. 65-74.
Ce sont les récents engagements militaires de l’OTAN qui conditionnent le nouveau concept stratégique dont l’Alliance a besoin pour s’établir au début du XXème siècle, sa capacité opérationnelle et ses partenariats, notamment avec la Fédération de Russie.
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Toward a Closer Digital Alliance
Melissa E. Hathaway
The Johns Hopkins University Press, SAIS Review, vol. 30, no.2 (Summer-Fall 2010)

NATO’s Next Strategic Concept: How the Alliance’s New Strategy will Reshape Global Security
By Christopher R. Davis
In: Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Alabama (US), Winter 2010
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November 2010

Active Engagement, Modern Defence: “Strategic Concept For the Defence and Security of The Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation”
Adopted by Heads of State and Government in Lisbon
19th November 2010

The Global Guardian: Analysis and positions on the new NATO Strategic Concept (October 2010)
Lazar Elenovski and Biljana Radeva,
Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, posted on 15/11/2010
The Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia in line with the activities it has been taking as part of the overall debate on the new NATO Strategic Concept issued a document stating the analysis and the positions regarding the vision for NATO 2020.

The Future of NATO: Fewer dragons, more snakes: NATO is about to adopt a new strategic concept. Can it keep pace with the way the world is changing?
The Economist, 11 November 2010

O papel futuro da NATO
By Giampaolo di Paola
In: Diario de Noticias, 05/11/2010

Pensando lo imposible: Why Mexico Should Be the Next New Member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
By David G. Haglund
Latin American Policy, Volume 1, Issue 2, pages 264–283, December 2010
Posted on 14 October 2010 on the Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) website

October 2010

A Nuclear Posture Review for NATO
By Oliver Meier and Paul Ingram
In: Arms Control today, Oct 2010

Experten uneins über neues strategisches Konzept der Nato
Deutscher Bundestag - Auswärtiger Ausschuss (Sibylle Ahlers, Dr. Bernard Bode, Michaela Hoffmann, Michael Klein, Hans-Jürgen Leersch, Johanna Metz, Monika Pilath, Helmut Stoltenberg, Alexander Weinlein)
Posted on 07/10/2010

Du rapport Albright au prochain Sommet de Lisbonne.
Author(s): Kempf, Olivier
In: REVUE DEFENSE NATIONALE, no. 733, octobre 2010, p. 61-69. Request document
'Les taches fondamentales de l'Alliance, l'approche globale de la gestion des crises, la strategie nucleaire et le bouclier antimissiles : autant de dossiers qui, avec la reforme de l'OTAN, forment le coeur des enjeux du prochain sommet de l'Alliance et qu'analyse l'auteur.'
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Un concept pour l'Alliance.
Author(s): Abrial, Stephane
In: REVUE DEFENSE NATIONALE, no. 733, octobre 2010, p. 47-52. Request document
'L'auteur met ici en perspective les evolutions de l'OTAN, evoque le processus d'elaboration de la strategie de l'Alliance et les nouvelles synergies internes et externes de son organisation.'         
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NATO's Raison d'être in Today's Strategic Environment.
Author(s): Topala, Oana
In: EUROPEAN SECURITY REVIEW, no. 51, September 2010, p. 6-7.

NATO, Nuclear Weapons and the New Strategic Concept
Simon Lunn and Zachary Selden
World Politics Review, posted on 26 Oct 2010
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Resetting Article 5: Toward a New Understanding of NATO's Security Guarantees
David H. Ucko
World Politics Review, 26 Oct 2010

A Common Future? NATO and the Protection of the Commons
By Michael Horowitz
Transatlantic Paper Series Nr. 3, The Chicago Council on Global affairs
October 2010
The global commons, areas of the world that fall outside national sovereign control including air, sea, space, and cyberspace, is an area of growing concern for the United States and its NATO allies. This paper argues that NATO has a potentially vibrant role to play in helping ensure open and secure access to the global commons. Investments to counter emerging threats, including cyber threats, would fit the defense budget constraints facing many NATO members while simultaneously serving an important strategic purpose. In particular, new NATO cooperation to face cyber challenges from both state and non-state actors can serve a critical role in protecting NATO members from cyber attacks. However, renewed cooperation in the cyber and space com­mons will require resolving uncertainty about the relationship between a cyber attack and a kinetic attack, and the conditions for a justifiable cyber retaliation.

Why NATO and Russia need each other
by Adam Daniel Rotfeld
Europe’s World, Autumn 2010
As part of its strategic re-think, NATO urgently needs to define its co-operative approach towards Russia, and Russia needs to show that it accepts the right of other nations to choose the alliances they will belong to. Adam Daniel Rotfeld explains that NATO and Russia can make a new start providing it is reciprocal

The 2010 NATO Strategic Concept  : What Are the Divergent Interests between USA and France ?
Guillaume Nicaise, September 2010
This dissertation is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MA in Diplomacy and International Studies of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)

Turkey-NATO relations at a crossroads ahead of NATO’s New Strategic Concept
Dursun-Ozkanca, Oya
Hürriyet, posted 15/10/2010

NATO and the EU in the North: What is at Stake in Current Strategy Development?
Bailes, Alyson J.K.;
Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, issue 23/2010, pages: 8-28
NATO is still Europe’s only ‘hard’ security provider but is reduced in that role by its new focus on remote crisis missions and by gradual US disengagement. The EU could intervene in new ways, in non-military emergencies, under new Lisbon Treaty clauses on ‘solidarity’. If Nordic states were more united in their demands and proposals, they might have a better chance of gaining a decisive hearing in the EU than in NATO’s current strategy debate. The EU has a potential, growing role in Russia-handling, and Finland is at least interested in exploring the ‘solidarity’ route to a perhaps stronger EU umbrella over members’ territorial security.
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By Martynas Zapolskis
Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, issue 23/2010, pages: 29-51
This article examines the ongoing preparation of the new NATO Strategic Concept (SC), which is expected to have substantial implications for the Euro-Atlantic security agenda. The analysis is aimed at identifying and exploring opportunities and challenges, which will have to be addressed in the new SC. Firstly, the main characteristics of current strategic environment, which highly influences the preparation of the SC, are examined. Secondly, analysis focuses on eventual roles of the new SC, thus revealing the main challenges to be reflected in the new strategy and assessing their implications to further transformation of the Alliance. Thirdly, the crucial dilemma of the balance between NATO’s commitment to collective defence and its increasing global ambitions is addressed.
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September 2010

Global and Regional Challenges and Tasks Ahead : Poland's Defence Posture and NATO's New Strategic Concept
Author(s): Klich, Bogdan
In: MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, vol. 34, no. 9, 2010, p. 35-38
(Please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

A New Strategy for NATO
Author(s): Cazzaniga, Gianluca
In: MILITARY TECHNOLOGY; 2010, Vol. 34 Issue 7, p6-7, 2p
The article presents a letter that discusses the need for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to have new capabilities and efficient structure. The high level group of experts represented by Madeleine Albright, former secretary of the U.S. Department of State, was the one who suggested the necessity. The group cited the necessity of a tool that can aid NATO in finding its place within a less centralized and more complex international order.
(If you don’t have access to the document, please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Global NATO Raises Alarms From Arctic To Brazil
Rozoff, Rick
Pacific.Scoop, posted 18/09/2010

Reset With Russia, but With Reassurance
Linkevicius, Linas (Linas Linkevicius, former defense minister of Lithuania, is Lithuania’s permanent representative to the North Atlantic Council.)
New York Times, posted 09/09/2010

Defending a New Domain
By Lynn III, William J. (William J. Lynn III is U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense.)
In: Foreign Affairs, Sep/Oct 2010, Vol. 89 Issue 5, p97-108, 12p
‘The Pentagon is driven to forge a new strategy for cybersecurity’.
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August 2010

NATO and Nuclear Weapons : Is a New Consensus Possible ?
By Steven Andreasen, Malcolm Chalmers and Isabelle Williams
Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
Occasional Paper, August 2010
‘While the legacy of the Cold War has ensured the maintenance of NATO's nuclear capabilities, the call for disarmament is becoming ever clearer. The Alliance must now consider ways in which it can reach a practical consensus over its nuclear policy, with a greater understanding of the current security environment in which it must operate.’

Towards a New NATO Strategic Concept : A View from France
Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, August 2010
ISBN: 9783868724219
Author(s): Maulny, Jean-Pierre (Deputy Director of IRIS, Institut deRelations Internationales et Stratégiques, Paris).

Combining Realism with Vision : Options for NATO’s New Strategic Concept
Alcaro, Riccardo
Instituto Affari Internazionali, DOCUMENTI IAI 10 | 07 – May 2010

Shea, Jamie
Turkish Policy Quarterly
(The original version of this article was published in the Spring 2010 issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly)

Whither The Euro-Atlantic Partnership? Partnership and NATO's New Strategic Concept
Jean-Jacques de Dardel (Dr Jean-Jacques de Dardel is currently the Ambassador of Switzerland to NATO and to the Kingdom of Belgium.)
GCSP Geneva Paper 10 - Geneva Centre for Security Policy

July 2010

NATO and Russia. Trust, but make military plans. The allies reach out to the Kremlin, and start to think about the unthinkable
The Economist,
Posted 29/07/2010

Turkey-NATO relations and NATO's new strategic concept
Gönül, Vesdi (Defense Minister of Turkey)
(The original version of this article was published in the Spring 2010 issue of Turkish Policy Quarterly)
Hürriyet Daily News, posted 27/07/2010

Complex Operations: NATO at war and on the margins of war
Schnaubelt, Christopher M.
Forum Paper 14, July 2010
NATO Defense College

Towards a New Strategic Concept: Re-imagining the Alliance
Turkish Policy Quarterly, Spring 2010, vol. 9, n. 1 (Special Issue)
“In this issue of TPQ, we take a look at what this re-imagining of the Alliance will look like. We also are reminded of what is not changing – why NATO is still indispensable. In his article, Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis underlines the perseverance of NATO’s values and resolve on “the long road to peace, security, and prosperity.” (Diba Nigar Göksel, Editor).

Future NATO : Guardian of National Interests.
Author(s): Moens, Alexander
In: ATLANTISCH PERSPEKTIEF, jg. 34, nr. 4, 2010, p. 4-8.
For Canada, NATO is not an international organization of choice but of necessity. Not of necessity in terms of home defence, but in terms of stooping the rise of threats far away. The Atlantic Alliance is the only effective multilateral vehicle in existence today through which to launch forwar-based defence actions and international security operations in response to threats to Canadian interests and the intersts of its democratic allies.'
(Request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

The Canada-Turkey defense partnership and the future of NATO
By Peter MacKay
Hürriyet Daily News, posted 19/07/2010

Saving NATO : Renunciation of the Article 5 Guarantee.
Author: Fedyszyn, Thomas
In: ORBIS, vol. 54, no. 3, Summer 2010, p. 374-386.
The purpose of this article is to offer a radical proposal : NATO should unleash its potential as the world's premier cooperative and collective security organization by stepping down from being a European collective defense alliance. In other words, the author argues that without renouncing territorial security guarantees in Europe, NATO will sacrifice its effectiveness in the new security environment.
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The Italian Government and NATO’s New Strategic Concept
By Riccardo Alcaro
Istituto di affari Internazionali, DOCUMENTI IAI 10/12 – July 2010
Updated 7 July 2010

The hollow shell that is NATO
Saunders, Doug
The Globe and Mail, posted 03/07/2010

Irremovable alliance - NATO goes back to its basics
Fenenko, Alexey
RIANovosti, posted 01/07/2010

June 2010

NATO Experts Hedge on Nuclear Posture.
Author(s): Meier, Oliver
In: ARMS CONTROL TODAY, vol. 40, no. 5, June 2010, p. 36-38.

The New NATO: Changed Priorities Reflect This Decade’s Coming Security Challenges
By Niruban Balachandran
Global Affairs (Spain), Issue 20/April-June 2010

Neue Strategie der NATO.
Author(s): Bartels, Henning
In: EUROPAISCHE SICHERHET, 59. Jg., Nr. 6, Juni 2010, p. 3.
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NATO nuke issue may be barometer of its direction
Karniol, Robert
The China Post, posted 29/06/2010

Mild NATO Report Hides Contentious disputes
In: Jane’s Intelligence Weekly, vol. 2, no. 20, 2 June 2010, p.13
(If you don’t have access to this document, request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Greece’s Policy at NATO
Efthymiopoulos, Marios
Europe’s World, posted 23/06/2010

NATO after Afghanistan.
Author(s): Kamp, Karl-Heinz
In: PROCEEDINGS, vol. 136, June 2010, p. 54-59.
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NATO's Essential Modern Role.
By Gen. Franciszek Gagor
(General F. Gagor, chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, wrote this article a few days before his death on April 10 in an aircraft crash in Smolensk, Russia)
In: ARMED FORCES JOURNAL, June 2010, p. 11, 45.

Getting Russia Right
By Wolfgang Ischinger and Ulrich Weisser
The New York Times
Published: 9/06/2010

De NAVO is nodig.
Author(s): Adiningrat, Rio Praaning
In: ATLANTISCH PERSPECTIEF, jg. 34, nr. 3, 2010, p. 27-30.

Alliance Agenda : NATO's November summit will be key in shaping its future strategic concept.
Author(s): Wall, Robert
In: AVIATION WEEK AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY, 172, no. 20, 24 May 2010, p. 26-27.
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Implications of a Changing NATO
Author: LTC Phillip R. Cuccia.
Strategic Studies Institute (SSI), US Army War College
Posted 21/05/2010

May 2010

Die Zukunft der NATO.
Author(s): Babst, Stefanie
In: EUROPAISCHE SICHERHET, 59. Jg., Nr. 5, Mai 2010, p. 89-91.
(Request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Report Calls for Streamlined NATO.
Author(s): Tigner, Brooks
In: JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, vol. 47, no. 21, 26 May 2010, p. 15.
http://tinyurl.com/3862vld (posted 19 May2010)
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Experts Outline Strategic Vision for NATO.
Author(s): Tigner, Brooks
In: JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, vol. 47, no. 21, 26 May 2010, p. 9.
http://tinyurl.com/324wknx (posted 18 May2010)
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

This Week at War: Will NATO ever fight again?
Haddick, Robert
Foreign Policy, posted 21/05/2010

Stavridis Expands on NATO Strategic Concept’s Aims
Garamone, Jim
US Department of Defense, posted 20/05/2010

Russian diplomat voices skepticism on NATO outreach
Deutsche Welle, posted 19/05/2010

NATO's new strategic concept
By Andrei Fedyashin
RIANovosti (Moscou)
Posted 19/05/2010

NATO and the New Strategic Concept : Romania's Priorities
Chifu, Iulian
Bucaresti : Editura Curtea Veche, 2009
ISBN 9789731983318

East Europe Feels Ignored by NATO, Report Says
Dempsey, Judy
The New York Times, posted 16/05/2010

New NATO strategy must square the circle between old and new threats
Deutsche Welle, posted 15/05/2010

NATO Member States and The New Strategic Concept: an Overview
The Polish Institute of International Affairs
Edited by Beata Górka-Winter and Marek Madej
May 2010
The publication presents positions of all NATO members on key issues in the debate on the New Strategic Concept of NATO. The authors identify opinions of Allies on topics such as: the hierarchy of NATO tasks and the role of traditional and out-of-area missions in NATO activities, the direction of NATO military transformation and internal reforms, the current and future shape of NATO external relations (including the Alliance’s cooperation with Russia and NATO-EU relations) to name a few.

NATO 2009 and Its New Strategic Concept : Between Opportunities and Challenges.
Author(s): Sarcinschi, Alexandra
In: STRATEGIC IMPACT, no. 1, 2010, p. 46-54.
http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/authordetails.aspx?authorid=c8b4b2fd-c769-4e80-b6ec-668a5aa24e03 (click on „View”)
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO multimedia Library)

NATO's New Strategic Concept - The Hague : Advisory Council on International Affairs.
No. 67, January 2010
'This report deals with the main security risks that currently exist, the challenges facing NATO and the diverse security concerns within the Alliance. On the basis of this analysis proposals are made for the stance to be taken by the Dutch government in the negotiations on a new Strategic Concept.'
Library Location: 496.3 / 00394
Year: 2010

Security in an Uncertain World : A Canadian Perspective on NATO's New Strategic Concept = La securite dans un monde d'incertitude : un point de vue canadien sur le nouveau concept strategique de l'OTAN - Calgary, CAN : Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, 2010.
Author(s): Chapin, Paul H.
Added entry(s):
Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CA)
Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CA)
Institut Canadien de la Defense et des Affaires Etrangeres (CA)
Institut de la Conference des Associations de la Defense (CA)
'This paper proposes that the renewal of NATO be guided by four main concepts : (1) commitments must be supported by resources; (2) NATO and member-states must have well developed civil affairs capacity; (3) the costs of peace support operations must be commonly funded; and (4) NATO must enhance its special relationships with key democratic states outside the Euro-Atlantic region, especially those helping out in Afghanistan.'
ISBN: 9780986536205
NATO Library Location: 496.3 /00392

NATO in Search of a Vision
Washington : Georgetown University Press, 2010.
Added entry(s): Aybet, Gulnur, ed. and Moore, Rebecca R., ed.
'As the NATO alliance enters its seventh decade, it finds itself involved in an array of military missions ranging from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Sudan. It also stands at the center of a host of regional and global partnerships. Yet, NATO has still to articulate a grand strategic vision designed to determine how, when, and where its capabilities should be used, the values underpinning its new missions, and its relationship to other international actors such as the European Union and the United Nations. The drafting of a new strategic concept, begun during NATO's 60th anniversary summit, presents an opportunity to shape a new transatlantic vision that is anchored in the liberal democratic principles so crucial to NATO's successes during its Cold War years. Furthermore, that vision should be focused on equipping the Alliance to anticipate and address the increasingly global and less predictable threats of the post-9/11 world.'
ISBN: 9781589016309
NATO Library Location: 496.3 /00393

April 2010

NATO: Trying to Find a Strategic Concept or Looking for a Strategy?
By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
Pravda.ru, posted 22/04/2010

Mikser Report Calls for NATO Activity to Be Centred on Collective Defence.
In: EUROPE DIPLOMACY & DEFENCE, no. 310, 15 April 2010, p. 3-4.
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The Assembly’s Contribution to the New Strategic Concept of the Alliance
NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Published on 13 April 2010

NATO's Evolving Purposes and the Next Strategic Concept
Author(s): Yost, David S.
In: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, vol. 86, no. 2, March 2010, p. 489-522.
(An earlier version of this essay was published as a chapter in Bram Boxhoorn and David den Dunnen, eds., NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Moving Beyond the Status Quo? (The Hague: Netherlands Atlantic Association, 2009), pp. 30-53.)
Is there a conflict between the Alliance's original and enduring purpose of collective defence and its post-Cold War crisis management functions ? This is an ill-framed debate, because the home base must be secure in order to support expeditionary power projection. The allies have, moreover, moved away from a static, reactive, and territorial concept of collective defence towards a more 'proactive' and 'anticipatory' approach. Some experts have even referred to a 'deterritorialization' of collective defence. Other issues also illustrate the changing dimensions of collective defence-missile defence, cyber warfare, space operations, the risk of state-sponsored terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, political-military dynamics in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, and the risk of a non-Article 5 operation becoming a collective defence contingency. Despite disagreements on how to pursue shared goals, the allies may yet demonstrate that they have the vision and political will to meet the new challenges. The question of the Alliance's 'level of ambition' in capabilities is inseparable from that of its agreed purposes and burden-sharing to achieve them.
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NATO Nuclear Policy and Euro-Atlantic Security
Nunn, Samb
In: SURVIVAL, Volume 52, Issue 2 April 2010 , pages 13 - 18
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Slovakia and the Future of NATO.
Author(s): Baska, Jaroslav
In: MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, vol. 34, no. 4, 2010, p. 15.
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Creating the Next Generation of NATO Partnerships.
Author(s): Fruhling, Stephan and Schreer, Benjamin
In: RUSI JOURNAL, vol. 155, no. 1, February - March 2010, p. 52-57.
NATO has a panoply of legacy partnership programmes, which should be reviewed as part the development of a new strategic concept. The authors argue that NATO should conceive of its partnerships in terms of the provision of public security goods, and base its activities on a more explicit consideration of the Alliance's strategic interests. In combination, both aspects can achieve consensus about goals and means, provide greater coherence, and better communicate NATO's activities ans intentions.
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

March 2010

The New NATO Strategic Concept: A Vision from Spain
By Enrique Pérez Ramírez, Deputy Director for Defence Policy (Planning and International Relations) at the Ministry of Defence of Spain.
In UNISCI Discussion Papers, nr. 22 January 2010, pp 162-188
Abstract: The paper begins with a description of the evolution of the NATO Strategic Concept (SC). Then, a two-fold analysis is made: firstly, the content of the presently in force 1999 Strategic Concept and the Comprehensive Political Guidance, and secondly, the position of Spain in relation with the NATO SC, both before and after joining the Alliance in 1982. Finally, the present process of developing a new Strategic Concept is studied, including an assessment of the inadequacies present in some elements of the 1999 SC and an estimation of alternative ways to address these elements in the new Strategic Concept, leading to some concrete conclusions.

NATO’s Evolving Purposes and the New Strategic Concept
By Yost, David
International Affairs, vol. 86, no. 2, 2010, p. 489-522.
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

21st Century Strategy: Militarized Europe, Globalized NATO
By Rozoff, Rick
OpEdNews.com, posted 02/03/2010

Analysis: NATO looks to transform itself to face new threats
By Labott, Elise
CNN Politics, posted 28/02/2010

Outside View: NATO's future -- backbone is needed
By Ullman, Harlan
United Press international (Upi.com), posted 24/02/2010

February 2010

Een nieuw strategisch concept voor de NAVO : tussen extreme make-over en status-quo.
Author(s): Ham, Peter van
In: ARMEX, 94e jg., nr. 1 februari 2010, p. 10-13.
Request the document to the NATO Library

NAVO op weg naar een nieuwe strategie: Rusland, Afghanistan, of toch iets
By Hugo Klijn
In: Internationale Spectator 64(1), januari 2010

Human Security and the Phrase 'Partnership for Security' for NATO's Strategic Concept.
Author(s): Duta, Paul
In: STRATEGIC IMPACT magazine, no. 4, 2009, p. 55-64.

January 2010

Israel: Global NATO's 29th Member
By Rick Rozoff
Australia.to News, posted 17/01/2010

Norway Minister: NATO Must Revisit 'Core Values'
By Gerard O’Dwyer
Defense News, posted 14/01/2010

Israel seeks to influence NATO strategic review
By Yaakov Katz
The Jerusalem Post, posted 13/01/2010

Recasting NATO's Strategic Concept : Possible Directions for the United States.
Author(s): Chivvis, Christopher S.
Santa Monica, CA : RAND Corporation, 2009
'In Spring 2009, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) began to revise its strategic concept. The revision is an opportunity to build consensus and steer the alliance in a direction that will help keep it relevant in the future. Recognizing that the document that emerges will express a consensus view, this paper examines five possible directions that the strategic concept might take. The purpose is to offer an intellectual framework for discussions, based on concrete options.'

December 2009

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Drafts Strategic Concept Recommendations
Daily International, vol 11, no. 34, 20/11/2009, p. 4
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

Nouveau concept et stratégie d’ouverture de l’OTAN
Author(s) : Mesnet, Xavier
In : DEFENSE NATIONALE ET SECURITE COLLECTIVE, vol. 65, n° 11, novembre 2009, pp. 13-22
“Les tentatives pour définir l’OTAN sont utiles tant la cohérence d’une organisation de défense homogène faisant face à un adversaire unique semble avoir disparu. L’éparpillement des membres, des missions et des intérêts rend, aujourd’hui, l’architecture d’ensemble difficile à apprécier. Elle laisse l’opinion publique perplexe, face à ce qui peut apparaître comme une nouvelle tour de Babel. »
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November 2009

NATO – Towards a New Strategy Concept 2010
By Agilolf Kesselring
National Defence University, Department of Strategic and Defence Studies, Series 4, Working Papers No 33, Helsinki 2009

NATO boss Rasmussen calls for stronger security cooperation with EU
European Parliament, 18/11/2009

Top priorities for a Successful NATO in the Near Future
Author(s): Wijk, Rob de
In: EUROPE DIPLOMACY & DEFENCE, no. 270, 17 November 2009, p. , 2009, p. 2. Request the document to the NATO Library

Das neue Strategische Konzept der NATO.
Author(s): Hauser, G.
In: ÖSTERREICHISCHE MILITARISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT, 47. Jg., Heft 6, November - Dezember 2009, S. 766-769. Request the document to the NATO Library

New Alliance's Strategic Concept : Desperately Wanted!
Author(s): Necas, Pavel and Kelemen, Miroslav
In: Panorama of Global Security Environment, Bratislava, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, 2009, p. 41-50.
NATO Library Location: 355.4/1623 Request the document to the NATO Library

Global Insights: Germany Relaunches NATO Nuclear Debate
Weitz, Richard
World Politics Review, posted 03/11/2009

October 2009

NATO’s New Strategic Concept and US Commitments in the Asia-Pacific
By Stephan Frühling and Benjamin Schreer
In: RUSI JOURNAL, Oct 2009, Vol. 154, No. 5
The rise of China poses a great challenge for the transatlantic alliance. Although the common values that bind Europe and North America will not vanish, increasing demands on US resources from the Asia-Pacific region will erode the pre-eminence of the Atlantic alliance in American security policy. NATO must therefore adapt to the new reality by acknowledging the global nature of US commitments in its new Strategic Concept – and European powers must have a debate about the implications of East Asia for their own security. »
Request the document to the NATO Library

Startschuss für die Diskussion über das neue Strategische Konzept. Ein Bericht über die Konferenz „NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Launching the Process“
Author(s): Babst, Stephanie
In: Zeitschrift fur Aussen- und Sicherheitspolitik, Oktober 2009 - 2 - 4 – 501

Nachdenken uber eine 'Neue NATO'.
Author(s): Wosolsobe, Wolfgang
In: TRUPPENDIENST, Folge 311, Ausgabe 5/2009

 Hugh Segal’s Take On How To Make NATO Relevant
By Dave Pugliese
In: Ottawa Citizens, 7 October 2009
A speech given on Tuesday 6 October by Conservative Senator Hugh Segal to the Institute of Public Administration of Canada on updating the NATO Charter and strategy

 Thinking the Unthinkable: NATO's Global Military Roadmap
By Rick Rozoff
Posted October 03, 2009 on GlobalResearch.ca (Centre for Research on Globalization)

Afghanistan: NATO's Graveyard? Is the Transatlantic Alliance Doomed?
By John Feffer (co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies)
Posted September 29, 2009 on TomDispatch.com

September 2009

Towards a new Strategic Concept for NATO
By Klaus Wittmann
NATO Defense College (Rome), September 2009. Forum Paper 10
Forum Paper 10 - NATO Strategic Concept (Sep 2009).pdf

Il nuovo concetto strategico della NATO
By Marco Giaconi
In: AFFARI ESTERI, vol. 41, no. 164, autunno 2009, p. 823-830
(Please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Lugar Says Its Time to Reaffirm the Fundamental Value of NATO.
Posted September 28, 2009 on Kokomo Perspective (a weekly newspaper in Howard County, US)

Naar een nieuw strategisch concept voor de NAVO.
Author(s): Eekelen, Wim van
In: ATLANTISCH PERSPECTIEF, nr. 5, 09/2009, p. 12-17.

Towards a New Strategy for NATO.
Author(s): Kamp, Karl-Heinz
In: SURVIVAL, vol. 51, no. 4, August - September 2009, p. 21-27. Request document

OTAN : un Francais à la tête du commandement suprême
in : Nouvelobs.com, 09/09/2009

Transforming NATO: "Twelve Apostles" and the new "creed"
Author: Dr. Greg Austin
In: New Europe (European weekly) - Issue : 850
6 September 2009

An Agenda for NATO
Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
in: FOREIGN AFFAIRS, vol. 88, no 5, September - October 2009, p. 2-20
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

August 2009

NATO's Strategy.
Author(s): Dowd, Alan W.
In: WORLD POLITICS REVIEW, 29/07/2009, p. 2.
'This article looks at the launch of the process of revamping the Strategic Concept of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 2009. It relates the revamp to the decliming military capability of the NATO. It stresses the need of the NATO to ask for support from the U.S. Armed Forces for its combat operations. In addition, the article advises the NATO to be creative about expansion.'
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

NATO debates New Strategic Concept
Author: Tigner, Brooks
in: JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, vol. 46, no 28, 15 July 2009, p. 7

July 2009

Come Home, NATO ? : The Atlantic Alliance's New Strategic Concept.
Copenhagen : Danish Institute for International Studies.
29 p.; 30 cm. (DIIS Report ; 4/2009)
Author(s): Ringsmose, Jens Rynning, Sten
Year: 2008

NATO Military Leaders Need Clarity from New Strategic Concept.
In: DEFENSE DAILY INTERNATIONAL, vol. 11, no. 15, 10/07/2009, p. 6.
'The article focuses on the statements of Marine General James Mattis, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders during the launch of the new Strategic Concept in Brussels, Belgium. The Supreme Allied Commander Transportation (NATO ACT) and the U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), stresses the need for future leaders to understand the political and military policies of NATO. The U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright also stresses the importance of clarity in those policies.'

NATO Needs To Factor Economy Into Strategic Concept.
By Julian Hale
In: DEFENSE NEWS, vol. 24, no. 28, 13/07/2009, p. 6. Request document

The Way to NATO's New Strategic Concept.

In: RESEARCH PAPER, no. 46, June 2009

Toekomst van de NAVO : niet zonder nieuw strategisch concept.

In: ARMEX, 93e jg., nr. 3, juni 2009, p. 12-14.

Does a Multi-Tier NATO Matter ? The Atlantic Alliance and the Process of Strategic Change.
By Benjamin Schreer and Timo Noetzel
In: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, vol. 85, no. 2, March 2009, p. 211-226.
'This year NATO will celebrate its 60th anniversary. So far the world's most powerful military alliance has been a remarkable success story. However, as the first decade of the new century draws to a close there appears to be a widening strategic rift among the allies. 'Two-tier NATO' is by now an established piece of shorthand in international strategic debate to indicate an 'alliance a la carte' divided into two or more factions of member states with divergent interests. Evidently, the alliance increasingly struggles to reach consensus on a whole range of strategic issues. So is NATO on a path to disintegration and, ultimately, to failure ? This article argues that the organization has developed from a fixed 'two-tier' into a rather fluid 'multi-tier' alliance. On many issues the alliance is in fact divided into several different camps that are pushing in different directions. Thus, allies can be grouped into one of three tiers : a 'reformist', a 'status-quo' and a 'reversal'- oriented one. While the evolution of such a multi-tier alliance will not inevitably result in NATO's demise unmanaged, this manifestation of camps will continuously disrupt the organization's strategic agility. The article finds that if NATO is to maintain strategic vitality, it needs to develop new institutional mechanisms and establish a consensus on its strategic posture in the changing international order and to make variable geometry' work.' Request document

Regard sur l'avenir.
By Ann Taylor
In: DEFENSE NATIONALE ET SECURITE COLLECTIVE, 65eme annee, no. 4, avril 2009, p. 31-36.
' Le sommet du 60e anniversaire de l'OTAN qui aura lieu a Strasbourg et Kehl en avril 2009 est un moment parfait pour apprecier avec recul les accomplissements du passe. Il y en a eu beaucoup. C'est aussi le moment d'observer le futur, la nature changeante des defis que nous affrontons, et de rechercher la meilleure maniere dont l'OTAN devrait etre structuree et equipee pour leur faire face. Un nouveau 'Concept strategique' est necessaire pour exprimer une vision de l'Alliance du XXIe siecle.' Request document

Should NATO Write a New Strategic Concept ?
By Richard L. Kugler and Hans Binnendijk
In: 'Transforming NATO : An NDU Anthology', 2008, p. 275-301.
Library Location: 49/173 Reserve document

Rethinking NATO’s Strategic Concept
In: Ploughshares Monitor, vol. 30, no. 1, Spring 2009
By: Ernie Regehr


 Selected external bookmarks

2009 - 2010 New Strategic Concept (constantly updated)


Russia discontent at NATO’s stand on Afghan opium poppy
Voice of Russia, posted 08/12/2010

Baku discusses NATO future strategy
Trends News Agency, posted 07/12/2010

Ratify the New START Treaty.
Author(s): Rasmussen, Anders Fogh
In: New York Times, posted 06/12/2010.

NATO: An inadequate strategic concept?
Lauren Goodrich, Marko Papic
B92 (Serbian Media website), posted 04/12/2010

NATO in Lisbon: A moderate success
Smith, David J. (David J. Smith is Director, Georgian Security Analysis Center, Tbilisi)
Hurriyet Daly News, posted 02/12/2010

Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee on visit in Lithuania 
Defense.Professionals, posted 02/12/2010

NATO Action Must Follow Lisbon Vision
US Department of Defense
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NATO and CEE after the Lisbon summit
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NATO and South Asian security
Bhadrakumar, M. K.
The Hindu, posted 27/11/2010

A tale of one summit: NATO’s new Strategic Concept
Aybet, Gulnur
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NATO Sets Basis for Tactical Nuclear Cutbacks, But Path Remains Uncertain
Grossman, Elaine M.
Global Security Newswire, posted 24/11/2010

Turkish government, opposition split over summit outcome
Hürriyet Daily News, posted 23/11/2010

Strategic Concept Will Guide Alliance for Next Decade
US Department of Defense
Defence Talk, posted 23/11/2010

NATO Appears On Course for New Strategic Concept
US Department of Defense
Defence Talk, posted 22/11/2010

NATO to develop partnership with Ukraine without cancelling decision of Bucharest summit in 2008
Interfax, posted 22/11/2010

Albania joins in NATO’s new strategic concept
Balkans.com business News, posted 22/11/2010

Cyprus debate delays deal on ‘strategic concept'
Sunday’s Zaman, posted 22/11/2010

OTAN 2020 : avancées et limites du nouveau concept stratégique
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Russia-NATO strategic partnership may be easier said than done
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Nato's strategic concept highlights ties with Gulf countries
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France, Germany in Tussle Over NATO Arms Control
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Le nouveau Concept stratégique renforcera les capacités sécuritaires de l'OTAN (Rasmussen)
Chine Informations, posted 19/11/2010

L'Otan adopte son concept stratégique, accord sur un bouclier antimissile
TF1 News, posted 19/11/2010

NATO summit will mark 'improvement' in Russia ties
AFP, posted 14/11/2010

The Future of NATO : A new strategic concept  (video)
“Our defence and security editor on the alliance's summit in Lisbon, its relations with Russia and the lessons of Afghanistan”
The Economist, posted 12/11/2010

Leftist European MPs blast NATO alliance ahead of Lisbon summit
Portugal News Online, posted 06/11/2010

NATO chief seeks to rebuild ties with Russia
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NATO Hedges on Justification for Antimissile Plan
Global Security Newswire, posted 03/11/2010

U.S. NATO Ambassador Previews Summit
Goldberg, Mark Leon
UN Dispatch, posted 29/10/2010

A New Alliance for a New Century
By Ivo Daalder
RUSI Journal, October / November 2010, Vol. 155, No. 5
We live in extraordinary times – times in which the winds of uncertainty reach our doorstep from anywhere on the planet. Yet our security institutions are anachronistic. On the cusp of the LisbonSummit, US Ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, describes how, by working together, the Alliance can be refashioned to tackle the security challenges of the twenty-first century.

NATO Seen Likely to Delay Nuke Pullback Decision
Grossman, Elaine M.
Global Security Newswire, posted 28/10/2010

Russia-NATO relations depend on alliance's strategic concept - Lavrov
RIA Novosti, posted 26/10/2010

New Security Concept
Dunst, Kelly
Vadvert Press Center (UK), posted 25/10/2010

The State Defense Council approved Lithuania’s position on NATO’s new concept
Penki.News (Lithuanian information site), posted 12/10/2010

NATO Ponders What to Do with Its Nuclear Weapons
Harrell, Eben
Time, posted 07/10/2010

US call for Nato cyber-strike capacity causes division
Pop, Valentina
EUObserver.com, posted, 05/10/2010

Poland pleased with NATO’s new look
Ahead of November’s NATO summit in Lisbon, Poland’s defence minister Bogdan Klich has said that a blueprint for a new strategic concept meets Polish expectations as it strengthens NATO’s traditional role of a defensive alliance.
Thenews.pl, posted 02/10/2010

Draft NATO Strategy Calls for Nuclear Disarmament
Global Security Newswire, posted 01/10/2010

NATO Document Addresses Nuclear Disarmament By Judy Dempsey
The New-York Times, posted September 30, 2010

Get rid of tactical nuclear weapons, Nato leaders told
Borger, Julian
A group of European elder statesmen is calling for a rethink of Nato nuclear policy ahead of November's Lisbon summit
Guardian.co.uk, posted 29/09/2010

Germany sees "good basis" in NATO's proposed strategy (Roundup)
Deutsche Presse-Agentur, posted 29/09/2010

NATO discussing its new strategic concept - Appathurai
RIANovosoti, posted 28/09/2010

NATO Unveils Early Version Of 21st Century Strategy
Agence France-Presse, posted 27/09/2010
Defense News

Streamlining NATO on the Table at November Talks
Moore, Jack
ExecutiveGov, posted 20/09/2010

NATO neglecting South Atlantic in new strategic concept
Portugal News Online, posted 18/09/2010

Secretary General Previews Preparations For Lisbon Summit
European Dialogue, posted 17/09/2010

Lisbon Summit Will Chart NATO’s 21st Century Course
Garamone, Jim
US Department of Defense, posted 14/09/2010

U.S., NATO leaders stress need for bloc's reform
English.news.cn (Xinhuanews) , posted 08/09/10

Bulgaria Urges NATO to Include 'Soft Power' in New Strategic Concept
Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)
Posted 22/07/2010

New NATO strategic concept should strengthen the Alliance and ensure specific security guarantees
The Lithuania Tribune, posted 13/07/2010

Turkish Views on NATO’s New Strategic Concept
Başbuğ, İlker
Bosphorus Naval News, posted 27/06/2010

NATO seeks to redefine role, again
Voice of America News.com
Posted 11/06/2010

NATO’s New Strategic Concept and the Caspian Region
Caucasian Review of International Affairs, Caucasus Update, CU Issue 72
Posted 01/06/2010

Stavridis Expands on NATO Strategic Concept’s Aims 
By Jim Garamone
Defpro.News, posted 21/05/2010

Renewing the Aged Alliance : A new NATO strategic concept goes public
Pond, Elizabeth
Internationale Politik. Global Edition, posted 19/05/2010

NATO Chief Touts Alliance’s New Strategic Concept
Garamone, Jim
US Department of Defense, posted 17/05/2010

NATO Strategic Concept: Experts Group Wants Guidelines For Missions
Hale, Julian
Defense News, posted 17/05/2010

NATO Urged to Look Beyond Borders
By Steven Erlanger
The New York Times, posted: 17/05/2010

L’OTAN adapte son concept stratégique
Lesoir.be, posted 17/05/2010

NATO experts set out new strategic blueprint
The Hindu, posted 17/05/2010

Nato faces cyber attack threat, says study of defences
By Richard Norton-Taylor
Guardian.co.uk, posted 17/05/2010

U.S. and Europe Rethink Role of NATO
Burns, Robert
Time, posted 21/04/2010

Nato invites Russia to help with missile defence shield;
New era sought that will bring Moscow in to 'become part of the family'
By Kim Sengupta,
The Independent
Posted 19 April 2010

Foreign Minister Maris Riekstins to meet with experts on NATO Strategic Concept
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia,
Posted 22/03/2010

NATO’s new Strategic Concept discussed in Warsaw 
Posted 12 March 2010

NATO renewal requires European courage on Afghanistan
Abshire, David M.
The Christian Science Monitor, posted 10/03/2010

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen visits “NATO Strategic Concept" seminar in Helsinki
Helsingin Sanomat
Posted 05/03/2010

NATO faces challenge of changed world
Xinhua News Agency online service (English.xinhuanet.com), posted 27/02/2010

NATO Has Transformed from Defensive Role to Expeditionary Force
Media NewsWire
Posted 24/02/2010

Gates Calls for Major Changes at NATO
Voice of America (News.com);
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates called on the NATO alliance Tuesday to chart a clear path toward relevance and enhanced capability, VOA reports.
Posted 23/02/2010

Russia concerned about new NATO concept
People’s Daily Online (Chinese Newspaper),
posted 19/02/2010

Russia concerned over NATO new strategy - Lavrov
ITAR-TASS News Agency of Russia,
posted 18/02/2010

Rasmussen calls for NATO redirection: A cultural revolution is what's needed
Hogan, Clara
New Europe, posted 12/02/2010

NATO chief proposes global security forum
Lekic, Slobodan
Associated Press (Washington Post),
posted 11/02/2010

NATO Wise Men Group to talk in Duma on relations with RF
ITAR-TASS News Agency of Russia,
posted 11/02/2010

Albright says Russia has nothing to fear from NATO
Ferris-Rotman, Amie
Reuters, posted 11/02/2010

MEPs debate NATO's future role with Madeleine Albright
European Parliament, Press release
Posted 28/01/2010

Nato strategy to look at EU relations, says Albright
EUObserver.com, posted 28/01/2010

Israel moves closer to hook-up with NATO
UPI.com (United Press International), posted 26/01/2010

Former Shell CEO helps shape Nato's future
By Petra de Koning
NRC Handelsblad, posted 18/12/2009, changed 20/12/2009

International Security and Climate Change
By Sherri Goodman and David M. Catarious
New Europe, posted 13/12/2009

NATO engages with Bloggers for first Briefing
By Matt Wardman
Online Journalism Blog, posted 11/12/2009

Poroshenko hands Kyiv's proposals on NATO strategic concept to Rasmussen
Kyiv Post, posted 03/12/2009

Six Essays on NATO's Cooperation with the External World (Illustrations to the Future NATO Outreach Strategy)
Novinite.Com, posted 01/12/2009

President Basescu in Brussels: Romania believes Serbia is key to peace in Balkans
Actmedia (Romanian News Agency), posted 20/11/2009

State Secretary Aurescu pleading in Washington for a continuation of open-door politics
Financiaru.rol, posted 19/11/2009

Yushchenko and Polish official call for changes to NATO strategy
UkrainianJournal.com, posted 18/11/2009

NATO Officials Highlight Importance of New Strategic Concept
Slovenian Press Agency, posted  13/11/2009

Slovenia to host second seminar on NATO’s New Strategic Concept. Seminar entitled ‘NATO’s Engagement in an Era of Globalization
Defence Professionals, posted 12/11/2009

International Panel Discusses NATO New Strategic Concept
Slovenian Press Agency, posted 12/11/2009

US nukes have to go: Europe
In: Global Times (Chinese newspaper, English edition), posted 09/11/2009
By Zhang Wen

Germans press for removal of US nuclear weapons in Europe
In:The Guardian, posted 06/11/2009
Borger, Julian

International Conference on NATO’s New Strategic Concept Opens in Slano
In: BSANNA News (The Black Sea Association of National News Agencies), 04/09/09

What Does the Future Hold for an Expanding NATO ?
By: Hinofotis, Panayiotis
In: Reuters, 26 August 2009

NATO’s New Strategic Concept, A Strategic Opportunity For Israel,
By: Matthew Mark Horn
In: Baltimore Jewish Time, 21 August 2009


Turkish policy-makers and international experts discuss NATO’s Lisbon Summit in Antalya
European Dialogue, posted 10/12/2010

NATO's new Strategic concept "New Serbia, new NATO" discussed and debated
Balkans.com Business News, posted 08/12/2010
A two-day conference organized by the Forum for Ethnic Relations, TransConflict Serbia and Klub 21, and supported by the Czech Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Balkan Trust for Democracy and NATO Public Diplomacy

NATO faces challenges, threats, including to its image (18th International Antalya Conference on Security and Cooperation – The Atlantic Council of Turkey)
Karabat, Ayse
Today’s Zaman, posted 06/12/2010

NATO’s New Strategic Mission to Shore up Cybersecurity, DoD’s Flournoy says
Moore, Jack
ExecutiveGov, posted 01/12/2010

NATO's Lisbon Summit and the New Strategic Concept.
Report of the lunch meeting with Jamie Shea and Julian Lindley-French (22 October 2010)
In: ATLANTISCH PERSPECTIEF, vol. 34, no. 7, 2010, p. 33-34.

PM Berisha at NATO summit: Albania joins in NATO’s new strategic concept
EMportal, posted 21/11/2010

Foreign Minister Westerwelle’s statement to the German Bundestag on NATO’s Strategic Concept, 11 November 2010
Auswartiges Amt, posted 11/11/2010

The Strategic Concept: NATO Beyond Afghanistan.
The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Looking to Lisbon
Ivo H. Daalder, U.S. Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Ecole Militaire, Paris, October 18, 2010

NATO Watch Shadow Summit 2010
Civil Society Perspectives on the Lisbon Summit and NATO’s New Strategic Concept
15-16 November, Brussels
The Centre for European Policy Studies  1 Place du Congres, 1000 Brussels

"NATO and its new Strategic Concept" Speech by Minister of State Werner Hoyer at the Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting Moscow (19.-20.10.2010)
Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations, posted 20/10/2010

Gates, NATO Defense Ministers Discuss New Strategic Concept
US Department of Defense
Defence Talk, posted 15/10/2010

Remarks with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
U.S. Department of State, posted 14/10/2010

Gates: Resources Must Match Words in NATO Strategic Concept
Garamone, Jim
U.S. Department of Defense, posted 14/10/2010

Estonia Expects NATO’s Strategic Concept to Bring Readiness for Collective Defence and Facing New Threats
Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, posted 14/10/2010

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen outlines NATO strategic concept draft at GMF
German Marshall Fund of the United States, posted 08/10/2010

''Active engagement, modern defence'': Secretary General charts NATO’s future direction
On 8 October, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen laid out the direction NATO’s new Strategic Concept is taking in a public speech in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF).

New Security Challenges – New Strategic Concept
Speech of the Norwegian Minister of Defence Grete Faremo
At the Army Summit, 1 October 2010
Norwegian Ministry of Defence website

The Lisbon Summit and NATO: Revitalization or Retrenchment
Atlantic Council, posted 29/09/2010

New Phase for NATO’s Strategic Concept : Keep It Short
Benitez, Jorge
Excerpts from press briefing by NATO Spokesman James Appathurai
Atlantic Council, posted 28/09/2010

Romania’s Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi highlights in New York Romania’s priorities related to NATO’s New Strategic Concept
Financiarul.ro, posted 23/09/2010

NATO military chiefs meet in Slovakia. New alliance strategy under discussion
Terenzani, Michaela
The Slovak Spectator, posted 21/09/2010

PANEL 7: THE NEW STRATEGIC CONCEPT OF NATO (5th Bratislava Security Conference, September  13-14, 2010)
Tomas Valasek, Slovak Atlantic Commission
GlobSec2010 Summary

Defense Chief: Bulgarian Army Can't Hold Ground without NATO
Novinite.com, posted 19/09/2010

NATO's New Strategic Concept - A German Perspective: Speech by Minister of State Werner Hoyer at the SWP
Auswartiges Amt, posted 17/09/2010
Minister of State Werner Hoyer held [a] speech on NATO's New Strategic Concept at the "XXI. NATO Strategic Review Conference" organized by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin on 16 September 2010.

Insider View: The Road Ahead, an Interview with the Permanent Representative of Poland to NATO Bogusław Winid
Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), posted 15/09/2010

NATO’s Sense of Purpose on Cybersecurity Impresses Lynn
By Jim Garamone
US Department of Defense – Defense.gov
Posted on 15 September 2010
Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III spoke at an event sponsored by the Security and Defense Agenda (Brussels)

NATO stuck between past and future – Lavrov
RT.com, posted 01/09/2010
Sergey Lavrov speaks to students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow on September 1, 2010

Imants Liegis. Minister of Defense, Latvia (Interview)
Defense News, posted 16/08/2010

US Mission to NATO Political Counselor Kelly Degnan: Bulgaria Exemplifies Approaches for NATO's New Strategic Concept
Dikov, Ivan
Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)
Posted 29/07/2010

NATO's Future Involves More Global Partnerships
By Alex Kingsbury (interviewing Ian Brzezinski)
U.S. News.com, posted 23/07/2010

NATO’s new strategic concept discussed at SRC round table - Baku (Azerbaijan)  -  21 July 2010
Partnership for Peace Information Management System (PIMS.com)
Video: http://en.apa.az/news.php?id=126582

Nato SecGen discusses new strategic concept: 12th - 16th July 2010 – Brussels (Belgium)
ECR Group (European Conservatives and Reformists in the European Parliament)

Alumni meet, discuss NATO’s New Strategic Concept: 11-12 July 2010 - Unterschleissheim (Germany)
By Rebecca Seawell, GCMC Public Affairs
GeorgeMarshallCenter, EuropeanCenter for Security Studies

National Perspectives On NATO's New Strategic Concept
By Ian Bancroft
Eurasia Review
Posted 06 June 2010

Albright Presents Strategic Concept For NATO’s Next Decade
(Albright, speaking on May 27 at the Council on Foreign Relations, a New York-based think tank)
Krastev, Nikola
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, posted 28/05/2010

The Evolution of NATO: the 2010 Strategic Concept and Beyond: May 21, 2010
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Video: NATO in the 21st Century: The Work of the Group of Experts on the New NATO Strategic Concept
CSIS, posted 21/05/2010

Madeleine Albright on Redefining NATO
NPR (National Public Radio) News, “Talk of a nation” Program
Posted 20/05/2010

Concept stratégique de l'Otan: aucune ambiguïté n'est tolérable (Moscou)
RIA Novosti
Posted 19/05/2010

No “Reduced Need For NATO” - The Czech Ambassador To NATO
Eurasia Review
In an interview with TransConflict Serbia, the Czech Republic's Ambassador to NATO, H.E. Mr. Martin Povejšil, responded to a series of questions regarding the development of NATO's future and the development of a new Strategic Concept.
Posted 13/05/2010

SecGen Emphasizes Priorities for the New Strategic Concept During Visit to Romania
By Jorge Benitez
Atlantic Council, NATO Source
Posted May 07, 2010

Afghanistan, NATO's future to dominate NATO foreign ministers' gathering
People’s Daily Online, posted 22/04/2010

NATO Future Raises Questions: U.S. And Europe Rethink Role Of Cold War Alliance
By Robert Burns
In: The Huffington Post
Posted 21/04/2010

Foreign Ministers to discuss Afghanistan and NATO’s future in Tallinn 
Defence Professionals,
Posted 20/04/2010 http://www.defpro.com/news/details/14645/

Die transatlantische Allianz auf der Suche nach einem neuen Rollenverstandnis.
Author(s): Bunde, Tobias
In: EUROPAISCHE SICHERHEIT, 59. Jg. Nr. 3, Marz 2010, S. 45-46.
(if you don't have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

Die Zukunft der NATO : Ihre Strategien und ihre Missionen.
Author(s): Guttenberg, Karl-Theodor zu
In: EUROPAISCHE SICHERHEIT, 59. Jg. Nr. 3, Marz 2010, S. 42-44.
(if you don't have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

NATO’s new Strategic Concept discussed in Serbia
Transconflict Serbia
On 30th March, TransConflict Serbia organized an initial public discussion about NATO's new Strategic Concept in Belgrade. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, this initiative has been designed to promote active debate about, and involvement in, the development of a new Strategic Concept amongst specific key target groups from throughout Serbia.

NATO is looking for its way into the 21st century
By Kovacheva, Ralitsa
Euinside (Bulgarian Online Media)
Posted 01/04/2010

Latvian Defence Minister Emphasises Latvia’s Gains during NATO Discussion on Strategic Concept 
Defence.Professionals (MoD Military Public Relations Department, Press Section)

Lithuania's stand on NATO's development presented to experts on NATO's Strategic Concept
Vaida, Petras
The Baltic Course, 25/03/2010

NATO Group of Experts in Vilnius talked about future of NATO
Lithuania Tribune, posted 24/03/2010

25 March 2010 - Discussion Meeting - 'NATO's Strategic Concept - Fundamentals for the Future Alliance: Military Strategy'
International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

Minister Stubb's speech at a seminar on the drafting of Nato's new Strategic Concept - Nato´s New Strategic Approach – Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management
Introductory remarks by Mr. Alexander Stubb Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Helsinki, 4 March 2010

NATO's New Strategic Concept. Many of the threats that NATO now faces have little or no respect for borders.
VOAnews.com (Voice of America)
Posted 26/02/2010

Secretary of State Clinton Encourages New NATO Strategy
Kellerhals, Merle David
America.gov, posted 23/02/2010

Clinton Talks NATO, Welcomes Russia, New Strategy
By Singh, Tejinder
All Headline News, posted 23/02/2010

Secretary Clinton’s Speech at NATO Strategic Concept Seminar: Outlines principles, vision to revitalize NATO alliance for 21st century

Remarks at the NATO Strategic Concept Seminar
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
U.S. Department of State, posted 22/02/2010

Baltic Defence College Workshop on the New NATO Strategic Concept, 18 February 2010.
In: BALTIC SECURITY AND DEFENCE REVIEW, vol. 12, no. 1, 2010, p. 4-24.
(If you don’t have access to the document, please request a copy from the NATO Multimedia Library)

Bridge for Peace in Istanbul
Tuna, Cagla
Journal of Turkish Weeky, posted 10/02/2010

Aurescu to attend conference on NATO New Strategic Concept
Financiarul.ro, posted 13/01/2010

Conference on NATO strategy to be held in Prague
Prague Daily Monitor, posted on 11/01/2010

Proceedings of a Workshop on NATO’s Strategic Concept, 15-16 October 2009
By Baltic Defence College faculty
Baltic Security & Defence Review; vol. 11, no. 2, 2009, p. 153-168.
(If you do not have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

Albright speaks on NATO Strategic Concept
The German Marshall Fund of the United States, posted 16/12/2009

First Security and Defence Policy Seminar of the Baltic States and Spain to Take Place  on 1st December 2009;
Ministry of Defence, Republic of Latvia

Lithuania's Foreign Minister: NATO is the embodiment of transatlantic relations
“Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vygaudas Ušackas delivered a lecture “The New NATO Strategic Concept: Lithuania’s Vision” to the participants of Higher Command Studies Course of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). The event took place on 26 November at Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”
Penki.News, posted 27/11/2009 http://news.penki.lt/news.aspx?Lang=EN&Element=News&TopicID=112&IMAction=ViewArticle&ArticleID=219097

NATO: new Strategic Concept; Rome Atlantic Forum at the foreign ministry (23 November)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy), posted 23/11/2009

Azerbaijan demands security guarantees from NATO
Baku conference “NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Contribution to the Debate from Partners” on 19/11/2009;
In: ABC.az (Azerbaijan business information portal), posted 19/11/2009

The Future of the Transatlantic Relationship: Afghanistan, NATO’s New Strategic Concept, and the Challenges of Burden Sharing
by Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, Center for Strategic &International Studies, CSIS Statesmen's Forum, Washington DC, Thursday, Nov 19, 2009,

Transatlantic Strategic Forum (13-14 November 2009) - Recommendations of Slovak security experts to the new NATO´s Strategic Concept
The aim of the organisers of the two-day expert round table organised by the Slovak Atlantic Commission in Slovakia was to unify the attitudes of Slovak experts towards specific topics of the new Strategic Concept.
The conclusions from the Transatlantic Strategic Forum by the Slovak Atlantic Commission could serve as an example for the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence for unifying of the attitudes of Slovakia in the process of creation the new Strategic Concept of NATO and provide some guidelines also for broader Euro-Atlantic community in process of drafting NATO´s new Strategic Concept.
Conclusions from Transatlantic Strategy Forum.pdf

Minister Žbogar welcomes participants to the seminar on NATO's new Strategic Concept
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Republic of Slovenia, posted 13/11/2009

New threats: Energy Security, Cyber Defense, Critical Infrastructure Protection. Presentation of Khatuna Mshvidobadze, Senior Associate, Georgian Security Analysis Center, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Tbilisi to the Conference ‘NATO and the New Strategic Concept: Romania's Priorities, Bucharest, Romania’;
Georgian Daily, posted 03/11/2009

Romania and NATO new strategic concept
Article about the international conference “NATO and the New Strategic Concept. Romania’s priorities”, held on Friday 23 October 2009, at Parliament Palace, in Bucharest.
Posted 24/10/2009 in Financiarul.ro

Statement of Madeleine Albright, Committee on Senate Foreign Relations
FDCH Congressional Testimony; 22/10/2009
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library

Statement of John Craddock, Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe U.S. Army, Committee on Senate Foreign Relations
FDCH Congressional Testimony; 22/10/2009
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

De toekomst van de NAVO
De Themadag 2009 zal worden gehouden op dinsdag 17 november a.s. van 19.30 tot 22.00h in gebouw Crea in Amsterdam.
Deze dag wordt georganiseerd samen met de Studentenvereniging Internationale Betrekkingen (SIB), afdeling Amsterdam.
Het thema voor dit jaar betreft "De toekomst van de NAVO" met lezingen over:
1) Op weg naar een nieuw NAVO Strategisch Concept door dr. P. van Ham
2) de relatie NAVO-Rusland door drs. T. Hofstee
3) Afghanistan: lakmoesproef voor het voortbestaan van de NAVO door drs. D. Leurdijk.

NATO Holds Strategic Concept Seminar with Albright Presiding
By Tejinder Singh
Taken from “Examiner.com Today” (USA)
17 October 2009

Collective Defence in Today’s Security Environment
Speech delivered by Espen Barth Eide, Deputy Minister of Defence (State Secretary) of Norway on 16 October 2009

Baltic Defence College NATO Strategic Concept Workshop 15 – 16 October 2009
Baltic Defence College

Remarks Following a Meeting With North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Obama, Barack H.
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents; 29/9/2009, p1-2, 2p
The article presents the remarks made by U.S. President Barack Obama on September 29, 2009 following his meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in which he discussed the outcome of his dialogue with Rasmussen regarding their commitment to eradicate the Al Qaida network to stabilize Afghanistan, their efforts to improve relations with Russia, as well as the development of a NATO strategic concept review.
(if you don' have access to this document, please request a copy from the NATO Library)

NATO’s New Strategic Concept Conference to be held in Croatia 3 – 7 September 2009
In: Croatian Times, 27/08/2009

"Towards a Comprehensive EU/US Strategic Forum"
By Kari Möttölä. Conference Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISA's 50th ANNUAL CONVENTION "EXPLORING THE PAST, ANTICIPATING THE FUTURE", New York Marriott Marquis, NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, Feb 15, 2009 Online(Also see http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p313239_index.html)

"Split or Cooperation? Contending Arguments on the Future of the Transatlantic Relations (1991-2001)"
By Serena Simoni; Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISA's 50th ANNUAL CONVENTION "EXPLORING THE PAST, ANTICIPATING THE FUTURE", New York Marriott Marquis, NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, Feb 15, 2009 ;

The Shadow NATO Summiitt: Options for NATO:
Pressing the Re-Set Button on the Strategic Concept
A Two-Day Civil Society Shadow Conference to Coincide with NATO’s 60th Anniversary Summit
Organised by BASIC – Bertelsmann Stiftung – ISIS Europe – NATO Watch
With the support of: The Marmot Charitable Trust, UK
31 March – 1 April 2009
The Executive Summary includes a Citizens Declaration of Alliance Security, posted 23 July 2009.

Ten points for a NATO Strategic Concept
Munich, 08.02.2009.
Defence Minister Dr. Franz Josef Jung presented his ideas for a new NATO Strategic Concept at the Munich Security Conference on 8 February.

NATO at Sixty : Towards a New Strategic Concept
report on Wilton Park Conference WP952, 15-17 January 2009

Speech delivered by the UK Secretary of State for Defence John Hutton
at the “NATO at 60: Towards a New Strategic Concept” Wilton Conference, 15 January 2009

 Think Tanks

NATO Summit 2010: Time to Turn Words Into Action
McNamara, Sally
Backgrounder no. 2498
Heritage Foundation, posted 10/12/2010.

Implementing NATO's Strategic Concept
Seidler, Felix F.
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 09/12/2010

Nato and the Lisbon Treaty
Fiss, Joelle
EUobserver.com, posted 08/12/2010

Theoretically, NATO’s door is also open to Russia
Interview by Lala B. with Emiliano Stornelli (a research fellow at the Magna Carta Foundation, a Rome-based Italian think tank)
News AZ, posted 01/12/2010

NATO’S Summit: Great on Presentation, Less Good on Substance   
EYAL, J. (2010). Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), 29 November 2010

After Lisbon, NATO Must Get Missile Defense Right
McNamara, Sally; Spring, Baker
The Heritage Foundation, Webmemo no. 3065, posted 24/11/2010

NATO Strategic Concept: One Step Forward and a Half Step Back
Kristensen, Hans
FAS Strategic Security Blog, posted 19/11/2010

NATO's New Strategic Concept and Missile Defence.
Author(s): Patel, Avnish
Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), FOCUS, no. 12, November 2010.

The NATO Strategic Concept and Evolution of NATO. Report on behalf of the Defence Committee by the Earl of Dundee (United Kingdom, Federated Group) and Rene Rouquet (France, Socialist Group), Rapporteurs.
European Security and Defence Assembly, Assembly of WEU, 3 November 2010.

There's Life in the Old NATO Yet
By Timo Noetzel and Adrian Oroz
ISN Security Watch, posted on 23/11/2010

NATO/Russian ‘strategic concept’ hinges on Russian designs in Georgia
Chamberlin, Peter
Online Journal, posted 23/110/2010

NATO summit reality check: Brilliant policy vs. real world resistance By Kurt Volker
The Christian Science Monitor, posted on 22/11/2010

Experts Call NATO Strategic Concept 'Missed Opportunity to Reduce Role of Obsolete Tactical Nukes from Europe'
Arms Control Association, posted 19/11/2010

NATO Strategic Concept: One Step Forward and a Half Step Back
Kristensen, Hans
FAS (Federation of American Scientists) Strategic Security Blog, posted 19/11/2010

NATO: trying to keep the Americans in. What does the North Atlantic Treaty Organization still offer the United States?
Wroe, David
GlobalPost, posted 19/11/2010

Next, a NATO-Russia Strategic Concept
Antonenko, Oksana; Yurgens, Igor
The New York Times, posted 18/11/2010

NATO Relevance Questioned Ahead of New Strategic Concept
Feifer, Gregory
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, posted 17/11/2010

What will NATO’s new Strategic Concept adopt?
Shiriyev, Zaur (foreign policy analyst at Center for Strategic Studies in Baku, Azerbaijan)
Hurriyet Daily News, posted 14/11/2010

Planning NATO Mark 3
By Martin Walker
UPI.com, posted 08/11/2010

Russia-NATO summit: a new era or a false dawn?
By Arvind Gupta
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, posted 08/11/2010

The missile shield: On the horns of a dilemma!
Ülsever, Cüneyt
Hürriyet Daily News, posted 08/11/2010

NATO’s New Strategic Concept and Missile Defence
By Avnish Patel, Research Analyst, RUSI
Defence.Professionals (Defpro), posted 03/11/2010

NATO’s new Strategic Concept: Finding Clues in Britain’s Strategic Defence and Security Review
Davis, Ian
NATO Watch, posted 03/11/2010

To Save NATO we should merge it with Europe's CSDP
By Sarwar Kashmeri
Europe's World, posted on 02/11/2010

Towards a NATO-Russia Strategic Concept: Ending Cold War Legacies; Facing New Threats Together
International institute for Strategic Studies (London) and Institute for Contemporary Development (Moscow) Report
Posted on 1st November 2010
The report provides key recommendations for how the forthcoming NATO summit and NATO–Russia Council Summit in Lisbon on 19–20 November can contribute to the transformation of NATO–Russia relations

El Concepto Estratégico de la Alianza Atlántica y los intereses nacionales: propuestas para la cumbre de la OTAN en Lisboa
Grupo de Trabajo sobre el Concepto Estratégico de la OTAN del Real Instituto Elcano
DT 34/2010 - 29/10/2010
Mientras los gobiernos aliados discuten el borrador presentado por el secretario general de la OTAN, este Documento de Trabajo recoge las opiniones, coincidentes o contrapuestas, de los miembros del Grupo de Trabajo sobre los puntos principales que están a punto de definirse y que, en su opinión, deberían tenerse en cuenta por el Gobierno de España durante la discusión del nuevo Concepto Estratégico.

(the English version is not published yet)

NATO's New Strategic Concept : A Test for Transatlantic Relations
Author(s): Nicolescu, Agnes
European Institute of Romania, 2010
(EIR Working Papers Series ; 26)
(If you don’t have access to the document, please request a copy to the NATO Multimedia Library)

A Future NATO Core Task: Enhancing the Scope and Management of Partnerships
By Birgit HÜTTEN
Atlantic Community, posted on 22 October 2010 http://www.atlantic-community.org/index/articles/view/A_Future_NATO_Core_Task%3A_Enhancing_

What to Expect out of the NATO Strategic Concept
Kallmyer, Kevin
Center for Strategic & International Studies, posted 13/10/2010

NATO's lack of a strategic concept
Papic, Marko
STRATFOR Global Intelligence, posted 12/10/2010

NATO Responds to atlantic-community.org's Memo
Atlantic-community.org, posted 11/10/2010
“NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning (Jiri Sedivy)comments on our recommendations for the Alliance’s new Strategic Concept”

Experts Urge NATO Ministers to Rethink Alliance Nuclear Policy
By Daryl G. Kimball
Arms Control Association, posted 11/10/2010

Arms Control and the New Strategic Concept
By Jeffrey D. McCausland
Carnegie Council, posted on 07/10/2010

NATO 2020: SAG Strawman Strategic Concept – STRATCON 2010
By Julian Lindley-French and Yves Boyer
Julian Lindley-French and Yves Boyer have led a Strategic Advisors Group project called STRATCON 2010 to provide provocative ideas and fresh thinking concerning the NATO Strategic Concept. Building on the SAG's April 2010 report 'STRATCON 2010 : An Alliance for a Global Century', the project leaders have writtent this strawman draft of the NATO Strategic Concept to influence the transatlantic debate as heads of state and government prepare to gather for the Lisbon NATO summit in November.'
Atlantic Council, posted 29/09/2010

NATO's new Strategic Concept - An Illustrative Draft
By Brigadier General (ret.) Dr. Klaus Wittmann
NATO Watch, September 2010

A New Strategic Policy for an Alliance in Transition
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 27/09/2010

Some Unspoken Truths about NATO
Ucko, David
Kings of War (King’s College London Blog), posted 22/09/2010

NATO’s raison d’être in today’s strategic environment
By Oana Topala
ISIS Europe Briefing Note, Number 51, page 6
September 2010,
The brief analyses features of the strategic environment in which NATO operates, proposing a critical reading of the Alliance’s internal and external sensitivities and its credibility in being a global player to address increasingly asymmetric challenges. Shaping NATO’s future role and identity requires a comprehensive harmonisation of the dual nature of security - global (common to all nations) and national (“property” of the state).

Democracy and Security in Southeastern Europe: NATO 2020: Assured Security - Dynamic Engagement
Atlantic Initiative, Sarajevo, Volume 1, Issue 2/3, August 2010

Old Wine in a New Bottle ? NATO’s New Strategic Concept
By Boonstra, Jos
FRIDE (Spanish Think Tank), Policy Brief no. 48, 08/06/2010

NATO, new allies and reassurance
By Ronald Asmus, Stefan Czmur, Chris Donnelly, Aivis Ronis,
Tomas Valasek and Klaus Wittmann
Centre for European Reform, Policy Brief, May 2010
CER Reassurance (May 2010).pdf

The strategic concept of NATO and the European interests
Serra, Narcis (Narcís Serra is president of the CIDOB Foundation in Barcelona and a former Spanish Defence Minister.)
Europe’s World, posted 07/09/2010

NATO for the Next Decade
‘17 members of atlantic-community.org participated in a Skype Strategy Session to debate each others’ recommendations for NATO’s New Strategic Concept. A consensus has begun to form around three key issues, which will be featured in the next Atlantic Memo. But there is more work to be done. Please contribute to the working draft!’
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 08/09/2010

The blue-print of the future NATO strategic concept: future missions and capabilities
By George VIŞAN
Civitas Politics Blog, posted on 06/09/2010

Nato’s future strategic concept
By Anthony Manduca
Times of Malta, posted on 05/09/2010

The Lisbon summit strikes the Lisbon Treaty
By Vasco Martins
IPRIS (Portuguese Institute of International Relations and Security) - Blog
Posted on 03/09/2010

The Strategic Triangle's Crisis Management
By C. Mazzucelli & O. Dursun-Özkanca
‘The new Strategic Concept should emphasize the Alliance’s role in crisis management, as the floods in Pakistan have demonstrated that NATO’s response is inadequate. The US, Turkey, and France, which make up NATO’s Strategic Triangle, must take the lead in shaping the Alliance’s emergency relief strategy.’
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 02/09/2010

Afghanistan: North Atlantic Military Bloc's Ten-Year War In South Asia
by Rick Rozoff
GlobalResearch.ca, posted on 1 September 2010

Public Diplomacy in the Greater Middle East
By Donatella Scatamacchia
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 31/08/2010
‘In the specific context of the Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, NATO’s new Strategic Concept should focus on the role that the Alliance plays in the Greater Middle East. A multilateral policy approach and a revitalized public diplomacy campaign are required in order to overcome current obstacles to cooperation in this region.’

New Secretary General Gives New Vision
By Olga Kolesnichenko
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 30/08/2010
‘NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has a clear vision for transforming the organization into a modern Alliance. Though the new Strategic Concept will only be revealed in November at Lisbon, an analysis of Rasmussen’s first-year speeches provides a detailed outline of the strategies and values that will be found in the document.’

AC Policy Team: Three Goals for a Modernized Alliance
By Klaus Spiessberger
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 24/08/2010
‘NATO’s new Strategic Concept should give priority to three key areas of activity: the strengthening of public diplomacy initiatives, the further development of a modern, flexible Response Force, and the improvement in relations with Russia, with membership as a future consideration.’

Join the AC Policy Team for NATO's New Strategic Concept
‘Atlantic-community.org invites its members to take part in a collaborative project to create recommendations for NATO’s new Strategic Concept. Join the AC Policy Team and channel your ideas and creativity into our next Atlantic Memo.’
Atlantic-Community.org, posted on 20/08/2010

Outside View: What's in a name?
By: Harlan Ullman,
In: UPI Emerging Threats, 11/08/2010
“As the dog days of summer head toward autumn, NATO is in the process of what could be considered a major face lift.”
(If you don’t have access to the document, please request a copy to the NATO Multimedia Library)

Reconstructing NATO
Fraser, Ron
The Trumpet.com
(From the September 2010, vol. 21, No 8 Philadelphia Trumpet Print Edition )

NATO 2020: Downsizing Instead of Reshaping
Rusila, Ari
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 30/08/2010

Out of Area. NATO and the greater Middle East
By Bernardo Pires de Lima
The Majalla, posted 18/08/2010

NATO: What's in a Name?
Ullman, Harlan
New Atlanticist, posted 11/08/2010

EU, NATO and Germany Connect
Fraser, Ron
TheTrumpet.com (official website of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine)
Posted 02/08/2010

Another Maginot Line: NATO’s Missile Defense
ByTom Sauer
NATO may adopt missile defense as a new mission at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010. However, the technology is not ready, and Russia remains upset.
Europe’sWorld, posted 26/07/2010

Ditching NATO Would Save U.S. Money
By Doug Bandow
Real Clear World, posted 16/07/2010

Appeasing Reality?
By Julian Lindley-French
Lidnley-French’s Blog Blast
Posted 14/07/2010

NATO Strategic Concept Drivers
By Harlan Ullman
Atlantic Council, New Atlanticist Policy and Analysis Blog
Posted July 09, 2010

Towards A New NATO Strategic Concept: A View from the United States
By Walter B. Slocombe
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, June 2010

Portugal and the New NATO Strategic Concept
By Vasco Martins
Portuguese Institute for International Relations and Security (IPRIS), IPRIS Policy Briefs
ISN (International Relations and Security Network)
June 2010

NATO's Strategic Concept: To Defend Everywhere Is to Defend Nowhere
Warren, Patrick T.
The Brookings Institution, posted 28/05/2010

NATO's Center of Gravity: Political Will
Benitez, Jorge
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 27/05/2010

Outside View: NATO needs a slogan
Ullman, Harlan
United Press international (Upi.com), posted 26/05/2010

The blue-print of the future NATO Strategic Concept: Some comments and views
Visan, George
Civitas 99, posted 25/05/2010

Toward the new NATO Strategic Concept: a pragmatic platform
Davi, Marco
Aspen Institute Italia, posted 24/05/2010

Assessing "NATO 2020"
By Emiliano Alessandri
The Brookings Institution
Posted 24/05/2010

The role of deterrence in future NATO strategy
Anthony, Ian
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), posted 10/05/2010
http://www.sipri.org/media/newsletter/essay/may10/?searchterm=nato new strategic concept

NATO’s Balancing Act
Williams, M. J.
Central Europe Digest, posted 03/05/2010
Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)
CEPA Associate Scholar M.J. Williams writes on efforts to resolve internal divisions within NATO in advance of the Lisbon Summit later this year.

STRATCON 2010 : An Alliance for a Global Century
Co-authored by Julian Lindley-French and Yves Boyer
Atlantic Council, posted 27/04/2010

What Should NATO's New Strategic Concept Look Like?
Eversteijn, Djorn, researcher at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 21/04/2010

NATO-EU Cooperation in the Atlantic Alliance’s Future Strategic Concept (ARI)
Lieutenant-Colonel Mario A. Laborie Iglesias
Real Instituto Elcano
Posted 12/04/2010

NATO's Planned "Strategic Concept" Is Not Enough
By Hunter, Robert E.
In: European Affairs, April – May 2010, Vol. 11, no 2
European Institute

NATO's New Strategic Concept Must Reflect Today's Strategic Reality
By Daniel P. Fata
Today's Zaman (English-language newspaper published in Turkey)
Posted 08/04/2010

NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Not an Either-or Proposition
Michta, Andrew A.
Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), posted 01/04/2010

Reinforcing NATO’s Identity
By Patokallio, Mikko
ISN (International Relations and Security Network)
Posted 24/03/2010

US-NATO "strategic concept": Global warfare
By Rick Rozoff
UK Indymedia

Consolidated approach by Ukrainian independent think-tanks
Razumkov Centre, NATO-Ukraine Partnership Network, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation
Kyiv, March 2010
Link to the document

What Should NATO’s New Strategic Concept Say About Russia ?
Valasek, Tomas
Centre for European Reform, posted 09/03/2010

Artice 5 and Strategic Reassurance
Buckley, Edgar and Pascu, Ioan Mircea (members of the Strategic Advisors Group)
Issue Brief, February 2010
Atlantic Council of the United States

The Challenge : NATO Amidst Geopolitical Realities
Wijk, Rob de (member of the Strategic Advisors Group)
Issue Brief, February 2010
Atlantic Council of the United States

The Future of NATO
By James M. Goldgeier, Whitney Shepardson
Published by Council on Foreign Relations Press
February 2010 http://www.cfr.org/publication/21044/future_of_nato.html?breadcrumb=%2Fpublication%2Fby_type%2Fspecial_report

Toward a new start : Approaches to a strategic partnership between NATO and Russia
By Margarete Klein
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), SWP Comments 2010/C 04, March 2010

NATO’s New Strategic Concept: A View from Capitol Hill
By Turner, Michael R.
Central Europe Digest
Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), posted 01/03/2010

Gates’ Call to Arms
By Schmitt, Gary and Tomio, Philipp
Center for Defense Studies, posted 25/02/2010

NATO Expansion, Missile Deployments And Russia’s New Military Doctrine
By Rick Rozoff
Voltairenet.org, posted 15/02/82010

10th International NATO Week at the National Defense Academy of Ukraine: “Establishment of a new strategic concept”
(8 Feb - 12 Feb 2010)
Partnership for Peace Information Management System
Posted 12/02/2010

Mind the Gap: healing the NATO rift over US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe
NATO’s Strategic Concept review needs to include nuclear posture, in a measured and balanced discussion with coherence, cohesiveness and security at its heart
BASIC, January 2010

Anchors Aweigh
By Sebastian Bruns
‘A renaissance of NATO’s maritime dimension is necessary in this globalized world, where piracy can wreak havoc on trade and international security. The new strategic concept must take into account the unique and increasing role that waterways will play in the twenty-first century’.
Atlantic-Community.org, posted 07/01/2010

From Washington to Lisbon: A new NATO strategic concept
Necas, Pavel, Terem, Peter and Kelemen, Miroslav
Obrana a strategie (Defence & Strategy), no. 2, December 2009

Stratcon 2010: A Military Route to Freedom?
By Julian Lindley-French
Freedom’s Challenge (an Atlantic Council publication commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall), posted 16/12/2009

Intervention du général d’armées Jean-Louis Georgelin devant les membres de l’Atlantic Council le 10 septembre 2009

New NATO Strategy: Just What is it For?
By Karl-Heinz Kamp (NATO Defence College, Rome),
In The World Today (Chatham House's monthly magazine), Volume 65, Number 10, October 2009

Consultation on the Review of  NATO’s Strategic Concept
By Ian Davis, BASIC Consultant
British American Security Information Council
August 2009

NATO Under New Leadership
Carnegie Moscow Center, 04.08.2009

NATO New Strategic Concept and Prospects for Relations with Russia
Dmitri Trenin’s Remarks
Carnegie Moscow Center

NATO and the EU : What a Difference a Decade Makes
By: Missiroli, Antonio
European Policy Center

New NATO Concept a Chance for Europe to Recommit to Alliance
Atlantic Community. Org
Jan Techau: Drafting a new strategic concept for NATO provides a great chance for Europeans to get real about what it means to be allies and stop the great threat to the continent’s defense - the decoupling of the transatlantic alliance. But this means more and smarter spending on defense and most certainly more casualties. 07/07/2009

Re-launching NATO or just re-branding it?
A “SDA Discussion Paper”, editor: Giles Merritt
Strategy & Defense Agenda
June 2009

2010 NATO Strategic Concept - Will Europe become a more reliable and capable ally?
The Henry Jackson Society – Project for Democratic Politics
By Liliana Mulvany, 12th May 2009

NATO After the Summit: Rebuilding Consensus
By: Robert E. Hunter  Testimony presented before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on European Affairs on May 6, 2009.

NATO’s Strategic Concept – A View from Mars
The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
Michael Codner; 30/03/2009

NATO : Towards a new strategic concept
GRIP (Groupe de recherche et d’information sur la paix et la sécurité)
By Bernard Adam, Director of the GRIP, 30 March 2009

The NATO Summit Agenda
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
By Stephen Flanagan. 25/03/2009

NATO 3.0: Ready for a New World,
By Rafael L. Bardají, a Strategic Advisor to the Atlantic Council, and Manuel Coma, Strategic Studies Group / Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos (GEES), February 2009.
The report, a study on NATO modernization for the Strategic Studies Group in Madrid, entitled addresses the formation of a new strategic vision for the alliance. It focuses on defining threats in a post-Cold War world that must terrorism, nuclear proliferation, rapidly shifting demographics, and economic instability.  The report also discusses the role of NATO in Afghanistan and the potential impact of France's reintegration into the alliance's command structure.

NATO’s Strategic Concept and the Emerging Nuclear Abolition Imperative
By Ernie Regehr
Project Ploughsares
February 2009

Rethinking NATO’s Strategic Concept
New Atlanticist - Policy and Analysis Blog
David Capezza

Revitalizing the Transatlantic Security Partnership
An Agenda for Action
Edited final @ 5 December, 2008
By: F. Stephen Larrabee, Julian Lindley-French
During the course of 2008, the RAND Corporation and the Bertelsmann Foundation's Venusberg Group sponsored a series of U.S.-European discussions examining future security challenges confronting the United States and Europe in the context of the election of a new American president. This report, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung, refers to those discussions and seeks to define the substance and parameters of a new security partnership between the United States and Europe as well as to outline an agenda for action for the new partnership.

NATO’s New Strategic Concept : What Is at Stake for Estonia?
By Malksoo, Maria
Policy Paper
November 2008
International Centre for Defence Studies

Other Defense Strategies

UK–France Summit 2010 Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation
Tuesday 2 November 2010
Number10.gov.uk (The official site of the British Prime Minister's Office)

Britain and France sign landmark 50-year defence deal
By Patrick Wintour
Treaty envisages joint use of aircraft carries, 10,000-strong joint expeditionary force and unprecedented new levels of co-operation over nuclear missiles
The Guardian.co.uk, posted on 02/11/2010

Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security
The UK Government published its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), which sets out how it will deliver the priorities identified in the National Security Strategy, on 19 October 2010.

The Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation 2010 – (full text in Russian)
Published 05/02/2010

The Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation 2010
By Keir Giles
In: Research Review, NATO Defense College
February 2010

New Russian Military Doctrine Opposes NATO Enlargement
By Roger McDermott
Posted 10/02/2010

The Australian Defence White Paper
The Defence White Paper 2009 was released on 2 May 2009

La pensée stratégique : une vocation pour l’école militaire, in la Revue Défense Nationale et l'Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'école militaire, numéro Hors-Série, juillet 2009. À l'occasion des Assises de la Pensée Stratégique qui se sont tenues à l'École Militaire les 5 et 6 octobre 2009, la revue présente un numéro spécial en téléchargement libre.

White Papers on Defense (by country):
MERLIN (Military Education Research Library Network)
A European strategic concept – defence aspects (2003)
REPORT submitted on behalf of the Defence Committee by Mr Gubert, Rapporteur: 1st December 2003

1999 Strategy Concept

NATO's New Strategic Concept and Peripheral Contingencies: The Middle East
RAND Corporation
By: Shahram Chubin, Jerrold D. Green, F. Stephen Larrabee
On July 15-16, 1999, RAND's Center for Middle East Public Policy and the Geneva Center for Security Policy held a workshop on the likelihood of out-of-area roles for NATO, with emphasis on the Middle East. The 25 attendees explored NATO's role in operations beyond its borders, European capabilities for power projection, Western policy toward the Middle East and the Gulf, the Arab-Israel area and external power intervention, and external intervention and the Persian Gulf. There was a general consensus that any military action required in the Gulf or Middle East would probably be carried out by a "coalition of willing" NATO members rather than NATO as an institution. The gap between U.S. power projection capabilities and those of Europe is particularly striking in modern and transport aircraft and in smart weapons. The disparity was particularly evident in the Kosovo conflict. Considerable attention was given to Turkey's role in Middle East affairs, particularly the danger that NATO might be dragged into a conflict in the Middle East as a result of a dispute between Turkey and a Middle Eastern neighbor. This factor might be complicated by Turkey's relations with Russia.


 Historical overview 1953 - 2009


The Great Cold War : A Journey Through the Hall of Mirrors - Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press, 2009.
Author: Barrass, Gordon S.
ix, 484 p. : ill.; 24 cm.
Notes: Includes index.
'In looking back over half a century of confrontations, the author poses three big questions : Why did the Cold War start ? Why did it last so long ? And why did it end the way it did ? To answer them, he traveled to Washington, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, and Moscow to interview nearly 100 people, including top policy-makers, strategists, military commanders, and key figures in the world of intelligence. Their narratives reveal what was going on behind the scenes, providing valuable insights into the mixture of insecurity, ignorance, and ambition that drove the rivalry between the two sides.'
NATO Library shelfmark: 327.5  /00475


OTAN : vers un nouveau concept strategique ?.
By Stephanie C. Hofmann
In: POLITIQUE ETRANGERE, 73e annee, no. 1, 2008, p. 105-116.
'L'emergence progressive de la PESD de l'Union europeenne produit, avec l'OTAN, un inevitable chevauchement institutionnel et de competences. L'OTAN devrait-elle elargir sa conception geographique et fonctionnnelle ? Elle va devoir choisir entre trois strategies : celle, classique, de l'alliance defensive, celle de la prevention et de la gestion des conflits a l'echelle mondiale, ou celle de l'intervention dans les crises au cas par cas, en articulation avec d'autres institutions.' Request document

NATO policies in the 21 century: the need for a renewed Security Concept and the ever enlarging NATO-Russia relations = Το ΝΑΤΟ στον 21ο αιώνα : Η ανάγκη για ένα νέο στρατηγικό πλάνο και η διεύρυνση των σχέσεων ΝΑΤΟ-Ρωσίας. - Athens-Thessaloniki, Published by Sakkoulas A.E. Publications, 2008 (in Greek).
Author: Marios-Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos
…Abstract in English: ”Without elaborating on where NATO’s geographical, geopolitical and geostrategic stance ends, as a tool for an effective security policy in the 21st century and with the argument that NATO has changed, has evolved and is still evolving, an attempt is made on developing a new and/or a renewed and robust Security Strategic canonical Concept for the Alliance. While NATO is generating new perspectives for its development, ever growing goals for the Alliance are proposed analytically, descriptively and canonically. A combination of re-evaluation and illustration of Allied national and supranational interests is deemed as necessary, while the ever lasting and ever widening of NATO-Russia relations should continue to evolve…”
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NATO's Strategic Direction after Riga : NATO's post-Cold War Adaptation.
By Kostas Ifantis
In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, vol. 62, no. 3, Summer 2007, p. 577-588. Request document

Alliance Management and Maintenance : Restructuring NATO for the 21st Century - Aldershot, UK : Ashgate, 2007.
Author: Deni, John R.
1.  NATO
vi, 122 p.; 24 cm.
Notes:  Bibliography: p. 109-117. Includes index.
'The maintenance and management of the NATO alliance is a delicate balancing act between responding to security threats and navigating the bargaining positions of the member states. This book highlights how the alliance managed to maintain that balance in an area critical to its operations today around the world - changing its outmoded, Cold War-era doctrine and structures. Security threats are not the sole determinants - instead, electoral politics, economic pressures and other domestic factors decisively shape alliance bargaining. Based on these findings, this book argues that the NATO alliance ought to be considered by policymakers to be a political organization first and a military one second. This book provides new empirical data valuable to our understanding of NATO's post-Cold War evolution. It offers a unique perspective by examining changes to the doctrine and force structure of an international military organization as a means of studying alliance management and maintenance. It examines and sheds light on the continuing debate surrounding NATO's role in security, how the alliance will fight and whether NATO is properly structured to continue providing security for its member states.'
NATO Library shelfmark: 496.3  /00375


Les directives politiques globales et l'avenir de la transformation de l'OTAN : vers une vision commune ? - Bruxelles : Institut Royal Superieur de Defense.
ix, 104 p. : ill.; 30 cm.
(Securite et Strategie ; 91)
Author(s):Neve, Alain de
'La volonte actuelle de l'Alliance est de proceder a l'ecriture de directives politiques globales destinees a appuyer le Concept strategique de 1999. Ce processus implique pour les Etats de faire aboutir une reflexion sur l'environnement securitaire, les reponses qu'il s'agit de formuler aux crises et les moyens qu'il importe de preparer et d'engager. La presente etude entend realiser une analyse comparative des diverses postures strategiques (americaine, europeenne et atlantique) qui determineront l'orientation des travaux des delegations nationales au sein de l'Alliance.'
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ID number: 80020738
Year: 2006


OTAN : pour un nouveau rapport Harmel.
By Jean Dufourcq and Carlo Masala
In: POLITIQUE ETRANGERE, 70e annee, no. 3, 2005, p. 641-652.
'Le concept strategique adopte en 1999 ne suffit pas a definir ni a organiser concretement les nouvelles taches de l'Alliance. Il est temps qu'intervienne une reflexion de fond sur l'avenir de l'Alliance, son role, ses espaces d'intervention, ses relations avec l'Union europeenne. Une Commission de haut niveau pourrait etre chargee de rediger un rapport comparable au rapport Harmel de 1967 : au-dela du technique, la transformation de l'Alliance doit aussi etre politique.' Request document

De NAVO als 'Globocop'.
By Peter van Ham
In: INTERNATIONALE SPECTATOR, jg. 59, nr. 7 - 8, juli - augustus 2005, p. 373-376.
'The author analyses challenges to NATO's growing global role. The Alliance is no longer held back by the 'out-of-area' debate. There is hardly a security challenge which falls outside the remit of NATO. Its new responsibilities reflect efforts to remain relevant to America's foreign policy priorities. However, NATO's new risk is 'out of area and out of business'. A new Strategic Concept uniting Europeans and Americans is a must.' Request document

NATO and Peace Support Operations 1991-1999 : Policies and Doctrines - London: Frank Cass, 2005. . (Cass Series on Peacekeeping ; 20)
Author: Frantzen, Henning-A.
xii, 239 p.; 25 cm
Notes: Bibliography: p. 207-232. Includes index.
'The book addresses the question of how NATO and three of its member states configured their policies and military doctrines in order to handle the new strategic environment. This environment became increasingly dominated by 'new wars' - more precisely, civil wars within states - and peacekeeping as the strategy devised by outside actors for dealing with them. The book seeks to explain how this new strategic environment has been interpreted and how the new conflicts and peacekeeping have been fitted into 'defence' and 'war' - key concepts in the field of security studies.'
NATO Library shelfmark: 496.3  /00357

Security Strategies : NATO, the United States and the European Union - Rome : NATO Defense College.
72 p.; 22 cm.
(NDC Occasional Paper ; 5)
Added entry(s):
NATO Defence College (IT)
'Given that the two main entities, which now make up the Atlantic Alliance, recently adopted new security strategies, we need to examine the impact these strategies may have on the Alliance's current strategic concept. In addition, when the security environment changes as radically as it did in September 2001 with the advent of strategic terrorism, we need to reassess our strategies to see whether they are adequate for countering the challenges posed by this new environment. Finally, we have to ask ourselves whether the new strategies adopted by the Western world's leading actors do in fact foreshadow major changes for the Atlantic Alliance, new transatlantic arrangements, and a different kind of burden sharing. Or, rather, whether they should be seen as the first signs of a worrying disagreement over approaches to conflict in the twenty-first century. These are the main issues covered in this paper.'
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Security Strategies and their Implications for NATO's Strategic Concept - Rome : NATO Defense College.
34 p.; 21 cm.
(NDC Occasional Paper ; 9)
Added entry(s):
NATO Defence College (IT)
'This volume contains the three presentations delivered on the occasion of the 52nd Anciens' Annual Conference and Seminar held on 23 September 2005 at the NATO Defense College in Rome. The seminar was dedicated to the subject of 'Security Strategies' - especially those of the United States, the European Union and of course the 1999 NATO Strategic Concept. One major issue examined at the seminar was the impact that the evolution of the first two strategies may have on the Alliance's current strategic concept.'
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From Missile Defense to Preemption : Can (or Should) NATO's Strategic Debates be Managed ?.
By Kirsten L. Rafferty
In: COMPARATIVE STRATEGY, vol. 23, no. 2, April - June 2004, p. 173-195.
'In the post-Cold War era, two potentially serious strategic debates - over the development and deployment of a US-based missile defense and the use of preemptive war to counter proliferation threats - reflect fundamental, long-standing disagreements over NATO's strategic doctrine, and particularly beliefs concerning the definition of vital interests and the most appropriate strategies and instruments for preserving those interests. This article evaluates the threat these debates really pose to NATO by comparing them to Cold War-era deterrence debates. It suggests the conditions under which such disputes are likely to be most disruptive to the alliance, and it prescribes how member states can handle them to limit permanent damage.' Request document

Beyond Tradition : New Alliance's Strategic Concepts - Rome : NATO Defense College.
161 p.; 21 cm.
ISBN: 8887967261
Author(s): Necas, Pavel
Added entry(s): NATO Defence College (IT)
Notes: Bibliography: p. 159-161.
Library Location: 496.3 /00358 Reserve document
ID number: 80019932

Los cambios de la OTAN tras el fin de la guerra fria - 2nd ed. - Madrid : Tecnos, 2004.
Author(s): Caracuel Raya, Maria Angustias
436 p. : ill. 24 cm.
Notes:    Bibliography: p. 411-436.
'Analiza el nacimiento de un nuevo periodo en la evolucion de esta organizacion internacional, su desarrollo y las consecuencias producidas en la estructura de seguridad europea. Desde el punto de vista de la Relaciones Internacionales, la obra borda los pincipales acontecimientos orgnizativos producios en la OTAN, los aspectos estrategicos (la nueva era estrategica), los politicos (la estabilidad en Europa) y los historico-juridicos (fundamentados en el Derecho Internacional Publico). Estas cuestiones se complementan  con un profundo estudio sobre los elementos que la OTAN ha preservado y los que ha cambiado tanto desde el punto de vista institucional como estrategico; los nuevos problemas que debe afrontar a Alianza en el area euroatlantica; el papel de Estados Unidos en Europa tras la retirada de la tropas sovieticas de Europa Oriental; la contribucion de los aliados europeos al fortalecimiento del pilar europeo de la Alianza, y las nuevas relaciones entre las Organizaciones Internacionales y otros Estados, en especial Rusia, en un marco de seguridad cooperativa.'
Edition: 2nd ed
NATO Library shelfmark: 496.3  /00294

Transatlantic Transformations : Equipping NATO for the 21st Century - Washington : Center for Transatlantic Relations, 2004.
Added entry(s):
1.  Hamilton, Daniel S., ed.
2.  Johns Hopkins University. The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. Center for Transatlantic Relations (US)
vi, 196 p.; 23 cm.
Notes: Transatlantic Transformations : Equipping NATO for the 21st Century  
'The United States is engaged in an ambitious agenda of defense transformation that is revolutionizing the way the US military organizes, trains, fights and even thinks about conflict. What impact will this have on America's European allies ? How can NATO transform itself for the 21st century ? This volume examines the implications of  US defense transformation for NATO, particularly how America and its allies can close the 'transatlantic transformation gap' - a looming breach in strategic orientation, spending priorities, conceptual and operation planning and training. It examines European approaches to defense transformation. It profiles the progress made by the Alliance from Kosovo to Kabul - and shows how far it still has to go. The authors in this volume approach the issue of NATO transformation from different perspectives. They offer different - and sometimes conflicting - prescriptions. As a whole, however, their argument is straightforward. If Alliance transformation is to be successful it must include but also go beyond the purely military dimension. NATO must transform its scope and strategic rationale, its capabilities, its partnerships, its very ways of doing business. They offer a range of policy prescriptions for the NATO Summit in Istanbul and beyond.'
NATO Library shelfmark: 496.3  /00355


NATO Enters the 21st Century - London : Frank Cass, 2001.
Subject(s): NATO
Added entry(s): Carpenter, Ted Galen, ed.
189 p.; 23 cm.
Notes: Includes index.
'NATO's military intervention in Yugoslavia highlights the choices and problems confronting the alliance as it enters the new century. An alliance created to keep Western Europe out of the Soviet orbit during the Cold War has sought to reinvent itself as a 'crisis-management' organization to suppress conflicts on Europe's periphery - and perhaps beyond. Is NATO suited to playing such a role, or is the alliance a Cold War anachronism ? How will Russia react to an enlarged NATO focused on out-of-area peacekeeping and conflict-prevention missions ? Are there alternative security institutions that might better address Europe's security needs in the post-Cold War era ?'
NATO Library shelfmark: 496    /00071

The German Army and NATO Strategy - Honolulu : University Press of the Pacific, 2001. (National Security Affairs Monograph Series ; 82-2)
Author: Kanarowski, Stanley M.
vi, 94 p. : ill.; 21 cm.
'An economic giant, West Germany now fields the largest ground component of the NATO Central Europe Forces. The German Army's role in NATO strategic planning, therefore, is of keen interest to Western defense analysis, and is the subject of this monograph. The author reviews the evolution of NATO strategy, using recently declassified materials from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council which are now available at the National Archives. As he organizes and shifts through this wealth of material, he focuses on the interaction between the evolution of NATO strategy and the development of the German Army. Is Germany on the path to an increased leadership role in NATO ? How will planned increases in German Reserve Forces affect NATO strategy ? The author explores these and other questions in his study.'
NATO Library shelfmark: 495.2  /00066

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In 2003, the NATO Library established a specific thematic bibliography, "NATO's strategic choices: an historical overview", which pointed out relevant books published between 1953 and 2000 and articles published in the external literature from 1974 to 2003. To obtain these documents, please contact the library at nato.library@hq.nato.int