Press Release

23 July 2004

SFOR Detains Rajko Banduka

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina - This morning, SFOR detained Rajko Banduka, on the suspicion that he has been engaged in activities contrary to the Dayton Agreement.
Rajko Banduka has been transferred to a secure detention facility for further investigation. The local authorities are being notified of this operation and are being asked to provide assistance in the investigation surrounding the suspect's activities.
The detention is being followed by a search of his residence for evidence of illegal activities affecting a safe and secure environment. The intent is to conduct this search with minimal impact on the citizens of Bijeljina. SFOR requests the citizens of Bijeljina to remain clear of the area of the search so that it can complete the operation in the safest and most efficient means possible; SFOR appreciates the patience, cooperation, and understanding of the law-abiding citizens of Bijeljina as we all strive to ensure the safety and future interests of this community and the country.
This detention and the subsequent search are being conducted in accordance with the SFOR mandate to ensure the safe and secure environment in this country. The detention and investigation are essential to the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina; individuals who act against the rule of law threaten the safety and security of everyone.