Press Release

SFOR Operations in the vicinity of Pale and Lukavica

7 March 2003

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – At 1030 this morning, SFOR personnel commenced operations in the vicinity of Pale and Lukavica.

These operations are being conducted in support of the Office of the High Representative efforts to disrupt the activities of Momcilo Mandic and Milovan Bjelica who are providing financial assistance to Radovan Karadzic and other Persons Indicted for War Crimes.

This operation highlights SFOR’s resolve to detain persons indicted for war crimes. By removing their financial and support networks we will continue to tighten the net around all persons who do not surrender voluntarily. Those indicted war criminals that remain at large have no permanent hiding place.

SFOR is conducting these operations in accordance with the General Framework Agreement for Peace annex 1A. SFOR cannot comment on any findings as these operations are still on going.

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