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UK troops inspect ammunition factory

by Capt. Halvor Molland

First published in SFOR Informer #28, January 28,1998

Bugojno - At 8:30 a.m. an inspection team and soldiers from 1st King’s Own Royal Border Photo 1T.JPG (10103 bytes)Regiment knocked at the gate of Slavko Rodic Government Ordnance Site in Bugojno. Upon arrival a warning order was issued to the site manager, giving him one hour to produce the relevant paperwork. Soldiers from the Chindit Coy in Gornji Vakuf, moved immediately to the entrances of the factory, where they took up guard and checked all vehicles leaving the site.

The intent was to conduct a no-notice inspection of the site and to carry out a smooth and efficient inspection avoiding confrontation.

One hour after the Warning Order was issued, the whole inspection group entered the site through the main gate. This was done with the site manager’s co-operation, so everything went smoothly.

On entering the site, the team was divided into two groups inspecting their respective area’s inside the factory. The factory was inspected thoroughly, one building at a time. Accompanied by the Chief of Security service of the factory, Recce Platoon Commander Capt. Paul Blakesley led one of the teams inspecting the site.

Photo 2T.JPG (8686 bytes)"It was a very good inspection and the owners were very helpful. We checked the figures obtained during the inspection with our own figures, and gained all the information we needed. We certainly hope to continue this good relationship with the ordnance factory in the months to come and that this relationship is continued during the hand over to the new British regiment later this spring," said Blakesley after the inspection.

The Slavko Rodic ordnance factory was the main producer of ammunition for the Yugoslavian National Army (JNA) and had over 6,000 employees at one time. Today the number of workers has been reduced to one tenth of the original staffing.

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