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SFOR re-structuring and reserves

Photo: a U.S. Blackhawk of the SFOR Helicopter Reserves works to deploy multinational forces in an operation that typifies the flexibility and mobility available to COMSFOR through his restructured forces.

SFOR is currently finalising its restructuring process throughout the Theatre of Operations following the decision by the North Atlantic Council and military commanders last year that the security situation in Bosnia and Hercegovina required less troops, but in a new configuration. Here we offer the reader a general overview of the ongoing process and what these forces are going to look like.

SFOR re-structuring - seamless and smooth - Jan. 19, 2000
This article includes maps showing the new Areas of Responsibility, and a diagram showing the principal location of helicopter assets in Theatre of Operations (including Command Zone).
The Ongoing Process
A series of articles and press conference transcripts (NATO Secretary General: Lord Robertson, Saceur: Gen. Clark and COMSFOR: Lt. Gen. Adams) related to the restructuring of SFOR.
What the MNDs will look like:
  • MND North
  • MND South East
  • MND South West