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Baltics and Danes live, task together

by Capt. Felipe Quero

First published in SFOR Informer #22, October 29, 1997

photo T.JPG (9159 bytes)Doboj - Amid the units in the Multinational Division North (MND-N) is the Baltic Detachment Platoon. It is a company sized unit including one platoon each from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Detachment commander is Danish Maj. Kurt S. stergaard. This latest Baltic detachment, organised at the beginning of October, and will be deployed in Bosnia and Hercegovina for six months.

The Baltic unit is tasked under the Danish Battalion’s command, inside the Nordic Polish Brigade (NORDPOL Bde) Area of Operations. They are based in the principally Danish Camp Dannevirke, which is named after a famous 19th century fortress in the southern area of Denmark. Their neighbours inside the camp are a logistic company and a tank squadron.

The unit has been training since July with the Prince Life Regiment in Viborg, Denmark. During this period, the Danish army supplied the Baltic Contingents with weapons, vehicles and equipment for the mission. The Danes also provided training on NATO procedures and doctrines. The unit spent three months in Viborg, and then came into Theatre after honing the skills needed for their mission.

Maj. stergaard stressed, "they are very well trained soldiers, so we only have to teach them these new procedures."

Furthermore, some of the soldiers were given additional training. Ssgt. Tomas Sikk, Estonian Army said, "we trained in the Estonian Peacekeeping Centre in the west of Estonia before going to Denmark. So I think that we are prepared for this task."

After training, the unit began their mission in MND-N including patrolling, camp security, check point security and weapons inspections. Sgt. Juris Munrevics, from the Latvian Airborne Forces, driver of the 2nd Detachment Commander commented, "this is a great experience. Think about it… we are four contingents working hand in hand and the co-operation has to be very close."

During the patrols they make use of a Danish APC MEDEVAC (M-113). Sergeant Herik Kongsbak, from Denmark, stressed "I have been patrolling for two month with the Baltic people. I can even notice the improvements in their English language while using radio during missions.

[Danish soldier]

[Estonian soldier]

[Latvia soldier]

[Lithuanian soldier]