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Saint Sylvester's Race

By 1Lt Javier Donesteve

Mostar- December 31 is Saint Sylvester's Day. In Spain there is the custom of finishing the year by participating in a race on last day, just before New Years's Eves dinner which usually begins about 19:00 hours. This race is called "The Saint Sylvester" and is run over eight kilometres. The one in Madrid is specially famous, both as a popular race, with thousands of runners, as well as at international level as an appointment for many athletic stars.

The Spanish Task Force in Mostar is formed by personnel from the Cavalry Brigade "Castillejos" since the beginning of December, 2000. This year it was their turn to recreate this helathy custom of the 32st. About two hundred runners from the Spanish Unit as well as guests from the other countries of MND-SE (France, Germany, Italy and Morocco) took part in the race. Leading the way was the Senior Spanish Representative, Brigadier General Gomez-Hortiguela and the Task Force Commander, Colonel Ruiz de Eguilaz.

The race took place in the area around Mostar. The winner was SFC Jimeno, followed by1Lt. Guillen and Captain Botella.

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