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Weapons destruction marks path
to Brcko Demilitarisation

By CPO Timothy Adams
First published in
SFOR Informer #76, December 8, 1999

Sarajevo - Hundreds of automatic rifles, mortars, machine guns, shotguns, rocket propelled grenades, and bazookas from disbanded Federation units were crushed by a T-55 tank or cut into useless pieces January 5, in another significant step towards fulfilling the directives given by Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in September 1999.

U.S. Col. Wallace Matteson, chief of the Joint Military Commission, responsible for co-operation between the Federation Army and the Republika Srpska Army represented the SFOR, and his staff verified the actual numbers of each type of weapon destroyed. The Federation Army was represented by Brig.Gen. Nuhanovic and the Republika Srpska was represented by Lt. Col. Sekula Pandzic.

Wednesday's destruction totalled 2,500 pieces of various armaments. More Entity Armed Forces weapons are scheduled to be destroyed Jan. 12 and 17.

Weapon disposal is one of three components in the demilitarisation of the Brcko District. The Federation and Republika Srpska Armies have each disbanded the equivalent of one brigade and one battalion, fulfilling another component of demilitarisation. The remaining Republika Srpska units in the Brcko District are now in the process of relocating to other places approved by SFOR, which will fulfil the third and last component of demilitarisation.

The area of Brcko was highly contested and was the only territorial issue left unresolved in the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement. After a great deal of discussion, co-operation and planning by Entity Armed Forces leaders and SFOR, Brcko is now well along the path to being governed jointly by Serbs and the Muslim-Croat federation.

Col. Matteson said, "The demilitarisation is on track and it is going as scheduled."

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