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Saturday, 31 January 2004






Dnevni avaz

Zeljko Jankovic Luna is still being questioned

"Zeljko Jankovic Luna who was arrested by SFOR on 28 January in Bjeljina under the suspicion of providing support to persons indicted for war crimes is still being questioned in a SFOR detention unit at a secure location, " stated SFOR spokesperson Dave Sullivan for FENA. Dusan Tesic who was arrested in Pale more than two weeks ago is also still being questioned. /The same as in Oslobodjenje



Conflict between Bijeljina Police and SFOR narrowly avoided

Chief of the Bijeljina Center of Security Services, Mile Pejcic, stated on Friday that a conflict could have occurred between Bijeljina Police and SFOR during the SFOR's arrest of Zeljko Jankovic. Pejcic said that police officers went in pursuit of SFOR's unmarked vehicles because they were not informed of SFOR's operation. When they finally stopped these vehicles near Ugljevik Persons in the vehicles showed SFOR ID's and were allowed to continue their drive to Tuzla. Pejcic concluded by saying that it would be good if SFOR notified the RS police of such operations in advance, although they are not obliged to do so.


Jutarnje Novine

SFOR provides transport to Bologna for a sick 13-year old girl

SFOR's German-Italian Battlegroup organized transport to Bologna for a sick 13-year old young girl from Rudo for the purpose of receiving treatment. At the same time, another sick ck 11-year old returned from treatment in S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna.


Nezavisne Novine

VRS to destroy 4,000 anti-aircraft missiles

Branko Trkulja, RS MoD spokesperson, stated on Friday that, pursuant to a decision by the RS Government, 4,000 SA-7 and SA-16 anti-aircraft missiles belonging to the VRS will be demolished. He added that this operation will be carried out by SFOR and VRS together. Dave Sullivan, SFOR spokesperson, stated for SRNA that these missiles will be destroyed because they are obsolete and unsafe.


Glas Srpske

Zeljko Jankovic's wife: "I still do not know where is my husband being held"

Dragana Jankovic, wife of Zeljko Jankovic who was arrested by SFOR two days ago in Bijeljina, stated for Glas Srpske that no one told her yet where is her husband, nor enabled her to communicate with him. She said that she has been constantly trying to get some information through telephone numbers that SFOR soldiers gave her , but that she usually gets interpreters who tell her that they will see what they can do and call her back. She also said that SFOR did not return the documents they took with them during the search of her house, including healthcare ID's of her children. The family of Dusan Tesic who was arrested in Pale earlier is in the same situation. His apartment in Bijeljina was also searched two days ago, and Tesic's wife, Velimirka, said that she also has been trying to get in touch with her husband, but that no one answers the phone. She said that she had talked with her husband on the phone several times, but that these conversations were very short, just long enough for her husband to tell her he is well.


Dnevni avaz

Minister of Defense soon to be appointed

Sulejman Tihic, member of the BH Presidency, met on Friday with US and Great Britain Ambassadors in BiH. The meeting was also attended by the BH Foreign Affairs Minister, Mladen Ivanic. According to one of Mr. Tihic's advisors, during the meeting Tihic expressed his firm belief that deadlines from the Activity Plan for the Defense Reform in BiH will be met. Tihic also told the ambassadors that a Minister of Defense will most probably be appointed next week, which will immediately be followed by appointments of the Chief of Generalstaff and Commander of the Operational Command. He also said that the ongoing reconstruction of the Federal Government will have no impact on the appointment of the Minister of Defense. Another topic that was discussed was the handover of SFOR's mandate to an EU force. Tihic stressed that this issue must be coordinated between NATO, EU and BiH authorities. All the participants in the meeting agreed in the end that arresting Karadzic and Mladic by the end of this year would facilitate the transition of SFOR to an EU force.


Dnevni avaz

Very few soldiers volunteer for discharge with KM 10,000 severance pay

Although the plan was for the first "batch" of soldiers to leave the VFBiH with KM10,000 in severance pay by the end of January this process got complicated further because the FBiH Parliament requested to be informed about the criteria for discharge. The Federal Minister of Defense says that this will somewhat slow the process, but that this problem will be overcome. He also added that very few soldiers volunteer for discharge, despite the severance pay, because they are worried for their future existence. /The same in Oslobodjenje


Dnevni avaz

Jelavic's lawyer talks about the denied appeal aginst the detention measure against his client

Josip Muselimovic, Jelavic's lawyer, visited his client in the Kula Prison on Friday. After the visit he stated that they discussed the reasons for the denial of the appeal against the detention measure that the BiH Court rendered against Jelavic. Muselimovic concluded that in his opinion the BiH Court does not have jurisdiction in this case. /The same in Oslobodjenje



I have no idea where is Karadzic

Former Chair of the Municipal Parliament in Trebinje and high-ranking SDS official, Bozidar Vucurovic, stated that he has no information on Karadzic's whereabouts. Commenting on claims in some media that he is one of the people who support Karadzic, Vucurovic emphasized that such claims are insane. He also added that he does not worry about the possibility that SFOR might arrest him, because he regularly responds to summons from the Hague Tribunal.


Dnevni avaz

US General to head the NATO Office in Sarajevo

The US Ambassador in BiH, Clifford Bond, informed Sulejman Tihic, member of the BiH Presidency, that NATO will open its office in Sarajevo this year, and that it will most probably be headed by an US General. He will be tasked with assisting the BiH Authorities in reforming the defense system for the purpose of joining the NATO in the future.


Dnevni avaz

Brcko District Police arrested two persons for putting up posters with Karadzic's photograph

The District Police arrested two young men under the suspicion of putting up posters with Karadzic's photograph. Those two are G. O. (25) and V. S. (23) from Brcko. /The same in Oslobodjenje, Jutarnje novine, Glas Srpske


Dnevni List

Farmers will block the border

BiH Association of Farmers announced that they will block the border crossing between Gorica and Vinjani Donji in the West Herzegovina Canton on Monday, 2 February at 11 o'clock. The protest will be organized to point out the fact that trucks with pork meat and dairy products produced in BiH cannot cross the border.


Dnevni avaz

"Green Berets" protest against the crime-wave in Sarajevo

Members of the "Green Berets" association organized a peaceful walk through downtown Sarajevo on Friday in protest against the latest crime-wave in Sarajevo. Participants in the protest walk said that they do not need a city in which a crime is committed every 70 minutes. They said that they have had enough of the lies from the IC in BiH about the "great" security situation in BiH. /The same in Oslobodjenje, Jutarnje novine, Nezavisne novine, Dnevni list

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