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Saturday, 18 October 2003







Operation Harvest of Zenica Civil Protection Department: SFOR damages facilities by destroying weapons

The destruction of explosive ordnance that the Turkish SFOR Battalion carried out in the village of Moscanica in the Zenica area last month caused damages to the facilities in this village. (p. 7)


Slobodna Dalmacija

SFOR members hand out balls to children in Tomislav Grad

Thanks to a donation from SFOR, schools in Tomislav Grad and Kupres did not have to worry about how to find the money for buying balls necessary for physical training. SFOR members handed over a donation of 400 basketballs and footballs, a large quantity of pencil cases and stationery at the festive ceremony held in Ivana Mazuranica elementary school in Tomislav Grad on Wednesday. This is only a result of good co-operation between SFOR and Tomislav Grad, which, according to Captain James who attended the ceremony, will continue in the future. (Photo on page 18)


Glas Srpske

Is Balkans gate without key? (Front page story)

"A group of ten mujahedin who were trained in Afghanistan have managed to enter BiH. They are currently in al-Quaida camps in the vicinity of Zenica and Tuzla. A plan of this group to blow up a tunnel through which a row of US vehicles was supposed to pass was prevented at the last moment," Darko Trifunovic, Serb expert in terrorism, told the SRNA Agency. Trifunovic is currently in Washington to discuss with US experts in anti-terrorist activities and prominent members of the Congress the spreading and the goals of Islamic fundamentalism in the Balkans, and especially in BiH, where the mujahedin are operating "under the auspices of the most senior Muslim officials." He said that a group of about 3000 young Kosovo Albanians, who accepted the idea about a big Muslim state, were trained in northern Albania and transferred to Kosovo together with their coaches, a group of mujahedin from Middle East and northern African countries. According to intelligence data, one third of this group went off to the border with Macedonia with a task to destabilize this country. Another part of this group went to Serbia, where some of them were caught, while some others went further to Sandzak, where, it is assumed, they committed a crime against Serbian children in Gorazdevac. Trifunovic said that the third group ended up in BiH, where it is planning to attack tunnels and communications used by SFOR and Americans, and Soko Airport in Tuzla. "We have information that the notorious terrorist Abu Hamza personally met this group in Bocinja, where the biggest camp of Islamic terrorists is located," said Trifunovic, adding that the situation was very serious. He underlined that the Serbian and foreign experts in terrorism were especially concerned by the presence of the most extreme Islamists in BiH. He also said that a special Wahabi unit was formed on the territory of Brcko District. Trifunovic brought a list of the members of this unit to the US with an intent to hand it over to the members of the Congress. Trifunovic also pointed to the Vakufska Banka and Islamska Banka, which are working without obstruction, despite a suspicion that they are financing the activities of Muslim fundamentalists. (p. 1) /The same in Blic (p. 7)/


Vecerni List

"SFOR assists Roma children"

(TNO) Italian SFOR Contingent donated school materials for a total of 175 Roma children from Kakanj, Zenica, and Zavidovici. This donation is a way to support Roma's education. The donation was distributed to Roma children in cooperation with local Roma's association.


Dnevni avaz

Some 169 companies apply to Bosmal's invitation for bids

A total of 169 construction companies from BiH have applied to Bosmal's invitation for bids to participate in the construction of the 5c corridor in BiH. A commission comprising representatives from the Somerset Trade Finance LLC company and Bosmal reviewed all received bids on 16 and 17 October. Bosmal has announced that every company that has applied for its invitation for bids will receive a reply in writing and instructions for further activities related to its trip to the US. It was specified in the invitation for bids by Bosmal that this company would organize trips for all the companies to a fair in construction and construction equipment. This fair is the biggest fair of its kind, and it will be held in Las Vegas in January 2004. (Photo on page 9)


Dnevni List

Halilovic and OHR to put an end to political career of Haris Silajdzic

The voting of the SBiH deputies in the Federation Government for the removal of the management board of BH Telecom caused a crisis within the SBiH and is threatening to cause a split within the party. Four SBiH ministers in the Federation Government voted for the removal of the management board, contrary to the conclusions reached by the SBiH Presidency. The fact that the SBiH founder, Haris Silajdzic, joined this game only confirms how serious the situation has become. Silajdzic, who is currently in Istanbul, finally realized that Safet Halilovic had betrayed him, with the assistance from the OHR. According to the paper's source close to the SBiH, Ashdown's agents convinced Halilovic to support all actions of the OHR. In return, the OHR offered to help him to subject this party to Halilovic and thus ensure that his men are appointed to all important state bodies. After the process of the appointment of Halilovic's men was completed, the timing for the removal of the management board of BH Telecom was set up so as to provoke Silajdzic and his followers for the final score-settling. By putting BH Telecom under control, international officials will test the strength of Haris Silajdzic. If Silajdzic does not do anything to fight this, it will become clear that he is no longer a relative political factor and that there is no reason to fear that he could make the SBiH joint the opposition and thus cause early elections. However, if he does fight back and tries to change the course of the party, he will cause a split that could damage the reputation of the SBiH among its voters. At the same time, what Ashdown finds important is that if Silajdzic joins the opposition, in case of a split, this will not be a crucial gain for the opposition since this faction will not have support from the biggest number of its members because those who were appointed by Halilovic would remain loyal to him. Thus, the SBiH will not be able to disturb the coalition SDA-HDZ-SDS-OHR. The same source has discovered that Silajadzic will not stay aside and will not give up without a fight. It is alleged that a group of respected SBiH members have already collected around Beriz Belkic, who will request the SBiH Presidency to resign and to schedule the party's Assembly to discuss the issue of the removal of the management board of BH Telecom. It is very important to Belkic to generate reactions of the party because his opinion that the SBiH let down its voters and that a change in the course of the party is necessary are well known. If Halilovic's authority is asserted in the party, Beriz Belkic will be the first Halilovic's victim in a purge, after whom Azra Hadziahmetovic and Nijaz Durakovic are the next. (Photo on page 7)



SDA holds a press conference

At its special press conference yesterday, the SDA condemned all statements by which there were attempts to question BiH's lawsuit against Serbia and Montenegro for aggression and genocide. "This lawsuit is a legal and not a political issue, and this issue should not affect the inter-state and good neighboring relations. The decision reached in this lawsuit will be an international verification of something that happened in this region between 1992 and 1995, and this is a basis for building stable peace and confidence among the peoples," said Desnica Radivojevic, an RS Vice President, at the press conference. He said that the SDA had condemned the extension of the deadline for the RS Government to submit a report on crimes committed in Srebrenica. "The RS Government has once again shown that it does not have political will and courage to admit the truth about genocide in Srebrenica," said Radivojevic. Finally, the SDA supported the conclusion by the Federation Government to request the Federation Minister of Internal Affairs, Mevludin Halilovic, to launch a procedure for the removal of Zlatko Miletic, Federation Police Director. (Photo on page 3)


Dnevni avaz

Malaysia to help construct 5c corridor (Front page story)

On the second day of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Sulejman Tihic, BiH Presidency member, and Mladen Ivanic, BiH Foreign Minister, had several bilateral meetings with heads of states and governments attending the summit in Kuala Lumpur. One of the most important meetings was the one with the outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister Muhamed Mahatir and the incoming Prime Minister Ahmed Badavi. "We discussed economic relations, co-operation, investments with a special emphasis on the 5c corridor. I asked the Malaysian Government to support the 5c corridor on its part. Prime Minister Mahatir said that his government would assist this project by encouraging investors to invest money in it. He said that the companies that would carry out this job were currently being checked," said Tihic. /The same in Oslobodjenje (p. 5)/



BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtains visas to false RS officials (Front page story)

Through its diplomatic channels, the Consular Office of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided at least six foreign visas for individuals from the RS on the basis of forged requests of the RS National Assembly and the RS Government. These visas were requested for individuals who were not employed in RS institutions, and there were no grounds for the ministry to request the visas for them. The RS Ministry of Internal Affairs has been asked to investigate into whether there was an abuse of official documents. Ibrahim Djikic, Chief of the Sector for Legal and Consular Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, refused to comment on this case for the sake of the ongoing investigation. (Photo on page 10


Nezavisne Novine

Simic, Tadic and Zaric sentenced to 17, eight and six years in prison

On Friday, the Hague Tribunal sentenced Blagoje Simic, wartime President of the Bosanski Samac municipality, to 17 years, and his associates, Miroslav Tadic and Simo Zaric, to eight and six years in prison for war crimes committed in BiH. The three of them were found guilty for the persecution of non-Serbs on the political, racial and religious grounds during 1992, which is a crime against humanity. (Photo on page 3) /The same in Dnevni avaz (p. 2), Jutarnje Novine (p. 3)/


Nezavisne Novine

OHR: "Cavic cannot deny his accountability"

The OHR reported on Friday that the RS President Dragan Cavic could not deny his accountability for the VRS, which will be the key source of information for a commission that will review events in Srebrenica. After Cavic had refused to appoint the commission, saying that the RS Government was obliged to form this commission, and not himself, the OHR send a message that the RS President would be personally responsible for any obstruction by the VRS in the ongoing process or any loss, theft or destruction of documentation or requested testimonies. (p. 3)


Nezavisne Novine

OHR condemns request for removal of RTRS leadership

Yesterday, the OHR condemned the decision by the RS National Assembly to request that the RTRS leadership step down, saying that this was an attempt to try to control this media outlet. "By making such a decision, the RS National Assembly exceeded its authority," said Vedran Perisic, OHR spokesperson. The OHR sent a message that Dragan Kalinic, President of the RS National Assembly, and the Assembly itself would have to decide whether they want to control the RTRS or join Europe and its standards. (Photo on page 4)


Nezavisne Novine

Bad and corrupted leaderships reduce the value of telecoms

The HR for BiH Paddy Ashdown considers that the RS National Assembly had set BiH back to the past and one step further away from Europe thanks to the request for the RTRS leadership to step down. Ashdown said that politicians were not allowed to remove the Directors of public transmitters, because those were communist and not European standards. He also said that the value of telecoms in BiH was reduced by their bad and probably corrupted leaderships. In his interview with the paper, Ashdown said that he would consider the RS President Dragan Cavic directly responsible if the commission that was appointed to review the events in Srebrenica from 1995 is denied access to the information by the VRS. "President Cavic said that this was not his responsibility, but it is! The VRS is directly accountable to the RS President, and I know that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the RS Security Intelligence Service (OBS) are not, but that President Cavic is directly responsible for the VRS," said Ashdown. (Photo on page 5)


Dnevni avaz

Genocide denied

Amor Masovic, President of the Federation Commission for Missing Persons, said that certain progress was evident in the report of the RS Government on the events in Srebrenica in 1995 when compared to the previous report, which even the "international public ruled out with abhorrence." "This progress is evident in the fact that this is the first time that the RS Government has clearly and very precisely said that the crimes were committed by the members of the Bosnian Serb Army, its police, civil authorities, municipal commissions and the local population. It is recognized that there was a crime, although there is not a term genocide mentioned anywhere, but I believe that time will come when this will happen," said Masovic. He said that the report mentioned the direct involvement of Serbia and Montenegro in these crimes, which will help BiH in its lawsuit against Serbia and Montenegro for aggression and genocide. (Photo on page 9)

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