MSU go under the knife

Adriana Kuci
First published July 23, 2003

Thanks to the good will and knowledge of Captain Doctor Alessandro Rauccio and his team, more than 300 people, had the benefit of first class medical treatment. Members of the MSU, Italian soldiers from other military units, and local employees, solved their problems with skin growths and bed scars on their hands or ears, which had irritated them for years.

Sarajevo - Capt. Dr. Rauccio arrived in Sarajevo at the beginning of April as part of the Army of Carabinieri. Originally he was due to be the doctor for the Military Specialized Unit (MSU) for only 45 days, but when he first arrived, no one knew of his specialist skills.
Particularly, his duties were to provide general health care to the members of the MSU, and local staff that are employed there. He of course attempted to do all the best he could, and was very considerate with all his patients. But, not long after his arriving in Sarajevo, one of his colleges from Medical Section complained of a fatty tissue growth on his stomach.
Under the Knife
Capt. Dr. Rauccio turned out to be a specialist in plastic surgery, with years of experience in most kinds of plastic and esthetic surgery. He decided to do a small insertion and remove the tissue from his colleges stomach. The operation was completed very successfully, and the patient was able to work on same day. News about this "new doctor’s" skills traveled very fast in the MSU camp. In the following days many officers, soldiers, and local employees asked for the doctors help, to remove fat tissues and other growths on or under the skin, and also to do varoius corrections on ears and fingers.
MSU Commander Col. A. Colacicco decided that Capt. Dr. Rauccio would have to stay for now that his skills had been discovered. From the day that he carried out his first surgery, until the day he left, he carried out more than three hundred operations, all under local anesthesia. Not one of them had any kind of complication, or stayed out of duties for a single day!
Three Hundred Operations
Capt. Dr. Rauccio wanted to do something with his team, Marshall Francesco Finocchiaro, Brigadier Antonello Arba, Carabiniere Giusppe Manzo and Dario Tusconi, to help to the local citizens with same or similar problems for free. "All my life I have had a special passion for medical science, but plastic surgery, which makes it possible to help people either on a functional or esthetic way, is my real passion. That way I could find enough time to take care about all healthy problems of my patients, and extra time to do all those corrective interventions. Of course, all of this would not be possible without the special support, which my team had from the MSU Commander, Col. A. Colacicco", said Capt. Dr. Rauccio.
Capt. Dr. Rauccio and his team decided to spend their spare time doing surgeries, and in a few cases they had to operate in the middle of the night, but this didn't stop them though. Capt. Dr. Rauccio and his assistants will remain in the memories of all those they managed to help for a long time.

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Capt. Dr. Rauccio successfully completes another operation.

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