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Soldier in the spotlight

By Capt. Luis Barber
First published in
SFOR Informer #99, October 25, 2000

Lt. Col. Horacio Miguel Acuña's military career began in 1976 in the Argentine Army Military Academy. As a cavalry officer, he has experience in commanding armour units, but he has also followed different courses in Argentina, the United States and Canada in Parachuting, Special Forces, Jungle Warfare and Staff College.
But he not only travelled for combat training. In 1994, he started a series of missions abroad. He served in the Former Yugoslavia with UNPROFOR. ONUSAL, and as a Military Observer in El Salvador.
"Everybody has a lot of knowledge to give and take in a multinational environment. The most important thing is to try to give more than you take," said Acuña.
Appointed to CJ9 HQ SFOR, as the leader of the Political Team, he works in the Democratisation Area, besides being the Argentinean Senior Officer.
"Here I have found a nice group of people who not only share the usual aspects of our work, but also many other things. Also, from my position you can see the progress made in this country towards liberty and democracy, through the efforts of SFOR," he said.
There is also a strong family side to the colonel. He has a total of eight children ranging from 15 years to only seven months old. Four sons and four daughters. Acuña's eyes light up when he talks about them.
"My family is a very tightly-knit one. I have a very wonderful wife and she is the driving force in our home. I really love them," he said. "We are trying to bring up my children to learn languages and computer systems. Being able to communicate with others is very important in our world," said Acuña.
After this tour, Acuña will complete his Masters in International Co-operation and Integration in Argentina. "When I return my home, I will stay there for a long time. Perhaps I will be given a regiment to command."

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