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Burma Coy has rich pickings

By Capt. Karine Chapleau
First published in
SFOR Informer #99, October 25, 2000

Banja Luka - One of the most successful campaigns for the arms collection known as Project Harvest in the Multinational Division South-West area of responsibility ended in early October.
"We are very pleased with this collection," said Capt. Matt Walker, Burma Company operations officer, Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, 1st Battalion, responsible for this collection. "It feels good to finish our tour on a positive note since we are going home Oct. 18."
Project Harvest is an Entity-led initiative that allows the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina to turn in weapons, mines and ammunition. SFOR fully supports this project as a means of working towards a fully safe and secure environment for the people of BiH."
The final totals of weapons and ordnance collected by Burma Company was 569 weapons, long and short barrels; 7958 rounds of ammunition; more than 250 hand and rifle grenades; and 68 assorted rocket launchers and explosives. Far greater than the numbers is the removal of potential human tragedy and lives lost that they represent.
"What is most satisfying for the soldiers, is to see that their hard work has finally paid off," said Walker. "To see the amount of locals that turned their weapons in to us made us feel proud of our information campaign. These weapons will be destroyed and will never be used again."

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