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Drive accidents away
COMSFOR message to all SFOR personnel

As we await the onset of the Balkan winter, I wish to take the opportunity to send each and every one of you a personal message regarding road safety and security.
You are the single most valuable asset which SFOR possesses to accomplish its mission in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia. Each of you makes a unique contribution to a mission which has gone from strength to strength. Unfortunately we pay too high a toll in road traffic accidents. Even a single accident is one too many, and I fully expect everyone to play their part in working to minimise death and injury due to road traffic accidents.
Throughout the Theatre of Operations commanders are kick-starting their winter driving safety campaigns and training schemes. Vehicle winterisation programmes are ready to maintain the road-worthiness of vehicle fleets. I feel confident that these programmes will act to reduce accidents and casualties. Indeed, a concerted campaign last winter fully met the established targets, despite one of the worst winters recorded for this region.
However, no amount of training or words can better the individual's determination to make this a safe winter on the roads. Everyone from commanders to drivers and mechanics has a role to play. All of you will need to remain vigilant throughout the long winter months.
Drive defensively, reduce your speed, maintain your vehicle, learn to tackle ice, snow, fog and rain. These are not just words - they are part of a code of driving behaviour which will allow you to carry out your mission and return to your homes and your families.
You are here to Stabilise the Peace - you can only achieve this by keeping yourself and those who depend on you safe and sound. Let's make this a safe winter.

Michael L. Dodson
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army
Commander SFOR

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