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Turks offer a window on the future

By 1Lt Alexander Barb
First published in
SFOR Informer #98, October 11, 2000

Zenica - The bell has just rung. It is time for a break. The students rush into the new computer classroom. All of them dream of domesticating these wonderful machine, but they will have to be patient a bit more. Each one its turn.
The Turkish Battalion has just given 10 computers to an economical and paedogogic high school in the center town of Zenica. Semsudin Delic knows yet how to use the computer installed with the latest softwares.
"I think these computers are a great contribution to our education and I thank the Turkish battalion for his help," he said, a large smile on his face, hardly giving attention to his collegues watching him exploring the resources of the machine. These are the first computers the high school built in 1994 has been equipped with.
"Before, the students learned only theory. But now, with that modern computer laboratory, it will be a great advantage for them because they can apply what they learned. The teachers are going to open new courses editions for this classroom," said Suada Bojcic, school director. "We have 508 students here. Most of them come from Zenica and have to pass exams to enter the school. According to them, most will become teachers because during the war many teachers were forced to go."
The classroom still smells of fresh paint. A few curtains remain to be set up. In two days, it will be ready for the opening ceremony.
"The engineering took one week and a half with seven guys. Setting up the computers and the printer took three days with three soldiers," said Capt. Latif Orhan, from the Engineer Company of the Turkish Battle Group who carried out the works.
The all equipment of the classroom (computers, printer, tables, chairs, magnetic board, paint, electricity and cables) have been provided by the Turkish Battalion. The project cost about 30,000 DM.
The initiative of the operation is due to the Turkish CIMIC who agreed to the project when the Municipality of Zenica talked to them about it.
"While we were working, we could read in the smile of the students their impatience. We are now sure that it will be useful for their studies. Furthermore, the network is set up to be updated in the future," concluded Orhan.

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