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Italo-German Joint Patrol

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #98, October 11, 2000

Sarajevo - Being able to work together easily with multinational partners is a must in the SFOR environment. To reinforce that idea, soldiers from the Italian Battle Group in Tito Barracks and the German Battle Group in Camp Rajlovac went on several joint patrols 4-5 October.
The joint even began 2 Oct. with displays by each of the countries, allowing their partners to see the means and methods they each use while on patrols. Then on Oct. 4, the soldiers headed out from Tito Barracks on patrol to the villages of Bogovici and Hototina in the Italian AOR.
Other than being with soldiers from other nations, the patrol was used as a normal opportunity to check on the state of things in the area, said Italian Warrant Officer 1 Flavio Peresano, the patrol leader for the Italians.
"One time each week we come to talk with local people and the chief of the villages," he explained. "We ask if they need any help or air during the time they are rebuilding houses. There are still a lot of people living inside tents because they are not finished rebuilding their houses. Reconstruction is still in progress."
"We also check to see if they have any problems with their neighbours because they are mixed between Bosnian Serbs and Bosniaks," said Peresano. "We check on the security of the people, if they need food, electricity, water, if they have any kind of problems."
While there were no problems found during the patrol, Staff Sgt. Ingo Schiffmann, patrol leader for the Germans, said his soldiers still enjoyed the time to learn about and from their Italian partners.
On the following day the soldiers went out together once more. This time they went from Camp Rajlovac to the villages of Kievo and Bjelasnica in the German AOR. Upon completion of the patrols, the two teams went back to the camp where they celebrated a good working relationship they had made with their SFOR partners.

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