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Italian Engineers

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #96, September 13, 2000

Sarajevo - In the small area of Novo Sarajevo, there has been much rebuilding going on. But there is only so much the local people can do with the tools available to them. This is why they recently asked for help from the Italian Battle Group's Engineers.
The engineers from the 2nd Demolition Regiment have been helping the local people install sewer lines, bringing life back to the area. They have also been paving roads that have needed work for some time.
It is work that brings pride to the Italian soldiers, said 1st Lt. Emiliano Zampoleri, platoon leader.
"We work with the Bosnian Serbs to help them rebuild," he said. "We are happy to do this because we are doing something they needed to be done."
The work provides an opportunity to the engineer soldiers to sharpen skills they do not use on a daily basis. This is because of the variety of the jobs they have been working on.
"The people here asked for our help to dig and break the concrete because they need to put the sewer in for the houses here. They are new houses for returning refugees," said Zampoleri. "We are helping to dig trenches to put in pipes for the sewer. We have also helped dig trenches for water lines."
The work, which will take about two weeks to complete, has been broken down into several phases of construction, said Zampoleri.
"We have worked here for three days with the jackhammer and two days with a backhoe. Now we will need help because the trench doesn't yet have the right inclination. The sewer must have an inclination of three percent," he explained.
Besides the sewer and water lines, the engineers have also been improving roads in Trebevic.
"We have done lots of work there like repaving five kilometers of street that was without asphalt. We have been working there for two weeks, putting down materials and pressing them, Zampoleri said. "Before, it was full of holes and was very bumpy. Now the people will be able to travel much easier again"

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