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Challenge in the sun

By 1Lt Alexander Barb
First published in
SFOR Informer #95, August 30, 2000

Doboj - It's two o'clock in the afternoon at the NordPol Battle Group-HQ in Doboj (MND-N) Aug. 17. As usual, the sun is burning and the atmosphere is hot. Even so, these conditions don't seem to frighten the 20 Danish, Polish and American competitors.
They came to fine tune their talent, keep their heads and to test their professionalism in a shooting competition. In teams of three people, the competitors followed one another into the shooting range. The rules were simple: take three practice shots, then take 10 shots at 25 meters away from the target in a span of 10 minutes.
Everyone used his own personal weapon. At such a distance, hitting the black circle on the target counted between 6 and 10 points, which gives an idea of the level of the competitor. Hitting the target in the center many times is considered a great feat.
Curiously, some of the shooters had burned the breech of their gun, so the sun wouldn't reflect into their eyes. However, they hadn't considered the sweat and the stress of the competition.
The person with the top score tallied 89 points. However, due to certain rules, that person wasn't considered the winner. The rules said that the person who scored the most 10-point shots would be the winner.
Capt. Adam Wojcik, from the Polish army, won the competition by hitting the 10-point target three times.
"I had to stay concentrated because I shot in the last team. The other competitors were really good shooters and opponents," he said.
Also, the troops appreciated the participation and the good score of Col. Jerzy Gut, the chief of staff of the NPBG. After the fierce competition, the afternoon surely strengthened the understanding between the different countries.

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