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Italian aid continues

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #95, August 30, 2000

Sarajevo - In an ongoing effort to help local children receive medical care not available in Sarajevo, members of the Italian Battle Group sent 5-year-old Dalila Rizvanovic to Italy for treatment of her leukaemia, accompanied by her mother, Kadrik, Aug. 10.
This was not Dalila's first trip to Italy, she has been sent there four times in the process of treating her illness. This current visit is like several of her past trips, to make sure she is still on the road to recovery, according to an Italian Battle Group spokesperson.
"She was operated on in Italy for this sickness last June. Since then, she has gone to Italy for control visits, so she is going to Rome for a check-up," said Capt. Della Nebbia. "I hope that she can have the best care and hospitality while she is there and that she is all better so this is the visit she needs."
Dalila's mother said she is very grateful for the aid the IBG has provided to her daughter.
"They help my daughter, and how do I feel?" explained Kadrik. "I feel great. They are wonderful for doing this. My daughter is much better, I am so happy."
On the same day, another child being helped by the soldiers of the IBG returned from Italy. Medo Nenad, 13 years old, has had problems with his eyes. He returned from a control visit where he had his eyes checked and was given new glasses.
Della Nebbia said he was glad to see the results of the medevac organised by the battle group.
"Medo went on a control visit and check-up in Italy. There, we changed his old glasses for new ones, and now he will not have any problem seeing," he said. "He will return to Italy in three months for another control visit, but for now we know that he is okay so he returns home."
He added, Medo's case was a special one for the Italians.
"The Italian Army has created a special place for this case, and it is very special to us because we didn't have any help from any international organisations. The Italian Battle Group organised this medevac and our headquarters paid all of the costs," said della Nebbia.
Medo said he is very happy to have met his new Italian friends.
"Italian people are the most important people in the world for their generosity and heart," he said. "I don't know how to thank them."

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