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British tank regiment performs live-fire demonstration

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #94, August 16, 2000

Mrkonjic-Grad - Tankers, infantrymen and mortar soldiers from the King's Own Royal Border Regiment took part in a live-fire exercise Aug. 1 at Manjaca Range near Banjaluka. The exercise was the culmination of a week of training, ending in a demonstration for various military officials.
The demonstration was one aspect of the training, but not the main one, said Maj. Neil Urquhart, Arhheim Company commander in Mrkonjic-Grad.
"The main part of this is the training," he said. "The demonstration is secondary. My company has been up here for seven days, and we've had two three-day live firing packages with two platoons in each.
"Each package has gone from basic zeroing of the Warrior (fighting vehicle) up to, on the third day, doing platoon attacks, both day and night with tanks, anti-tank weapons and mortars in support," Urquhart added. "This is one of our war fighting skills. It's why we are out here to maintain our war fighting skills because this is high-intensity warfare, and if necessary, this is what we need to be able to do. Then also, we've been doing lots of dismounted infantry training as well as out on operational tasks."
The demonstration/training took place thanks to a wide variety of equipment and individual soldier skills.
"There's the Challenger 2 tank, the infantry's main battle tank, and then there's the Warrior, which is like the American Bradley Fighting Vehicle for infantry support," explained Urquhart. "What the British Battle Group has out here is two Warrior companies, a tank company and also a wrecking company, all from different regiments. Within our own tank company, we also have our own mortars and anti-tank weapons."
Officials from MND-SW, IPTF, EAF and local police from the area enjoyed the demonstration.
The soldiers also enjoyed demonstrating and sharpening their skills, said Cpl. Ian Lounder, from the mortar platoon in the KORB Regt.
"Live fire training is always excellent, especially when you have the chance to fire in platoons and companies because it shows them the abilities we have as well," he said. "It's always good and the more ammunition we've got, the better."

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