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Spanish nuns open home
for elderly in Nova Bila

By Spanish Battle Group
First published in
SFOR Informer #94, August 16, 2000

Nova Bila - A home for the elderly opened Aug. 2 in Nova Bila, a town located approximately 70 kilometres northwest of Sarajevo. Three nuns from the Hospitable Sisters of Jesus of Nazareth, who have their head office in Cordoba, Spain, manage this home.
About 100 elderly men and women will soon be welcome, coming from every ethnic group of BiH.
Eighteen priests, of whom three were from Spain, took part in Catholic mass during the inauguration ceremony. After the mass, the priests blessed the home and unveiled a plaque. About 500 people attended the ceremony, most of them coming from Nova Bila and other neighbouring towns.
After the mass, the Superior Sister of the religious order gave a lecture. She thanked everyone, especially to the Spanish units deployed in BiH, for their co-operation and help to make this project come true.
The end of the ceremony was highlighted as all of the attendees tasted "paella," a typical Spanish dish made with rice.

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