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ITB Donation

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #93, August 2, 2000

Sarajevo - Ever since leaving his hometown of Susa, Italy, WO3 Diego Fulcheri, of the 34th Helicopter Squadron at Rajlovac, has really missed his work with a local swim team for children. To fill that void, he decided that he would like to help local swimmers in Sarajevo.
Fulcheri did this by raising funds for a local swim team, Club Bosna, and then using the money to buy training equipment.
"When I arrived in Sarajevo, I saw the swimming pool here, so I decided to see if there was someone who was making a sport activity there," he explained. "In Italy, I used to help a little swimming team in my town. I find these swimmers, and so I decided to find a way to bring something from Italy to help them in their activity.”
In the process, Fulcheri was able to raise more than 1500 DM for equipment.
"With the help of my commander, my friends here in Sarajevo, my family in Italy and the Swimming Society in Italy, I found some money to buy these things," Fulcheri said. "It's not just my work, it's the work of many people who helped me make this possible. I have now brought them some materials from Italy, and I have more to carry here."
All of the effort has paid off for Fulcheri and the children on the team.
"I am happy to be able to see them work and swim," he said. One team member named Teuta said, "It is very nice of them to help us this way. The equipment is much needed."

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