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AFN Commercial

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #93, August 2, 2000

Sarajevo - Soldiers from the American Forces Network spent a day at the Field Hospital at Rajlovac July 23 to film German soldiers in action during a mine accident drill. The German soldiers provided the AFN crew with a wide variety of footage that will be used in a news story later this year.
The soldiers of the field hospital were more than happy to help out the AFN crew, said Sgt. Thomas Madeja, of the Press Information Center at Rajlovac.
"We are providing the setting to show how the system in case of an emergency works, that our medical teams are prepared for all cases and ready to provide good medical services to all members of SFOR," he explained.
To allow for the best footage, the Germans set up a training exercise to practice their emergency procedures.
"The accident in this scenario involves a mine accident, so the EOD team has to head out to the site. We are also going to film the accident site, which is close to the helipad within our camp," said Madeja. "We will also go to the helipad, which is right next to the hospital. Then we are going to show them different stations in the hospital, how the soldier is taken care of and to basically show them whatever nationality they are, they will be taken good care of."
According to Staff Sgt. Joy Josephson, AFN reporter, the scenes the crew filmed will be used in a news segment to let viewers know what they can expect during a medical emergency.
"We try to get down to Sarajevo from Eagle Base at least once a month, so we try to look for things that are going on down here," she said. "One of the things we found out was that this German Field Hospital down here is really the only full service hospital in the Balkans area. Not only do they service German nationals, but also any kind of emergency or victim will go to the hospital."
Josephson said the film the team shot would be used later this year.
"It will be used in a news story. We could also maybe use one of the scenes for a mine awareness or mine safety spot, but the main point is to use it for a news story for AFN Frankfurt," she said.
She added, no matter how the video is used, the main point will be to let soldiers know what the hospital is all about.
"Our main audience is the Americans, and it's our job to let them know these facilities are available and that they are good facilities. It's a good place to go should they need to," said Josephson.

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