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Mrkonjic Grad Logistics

By CPO Tim Adams
First published in
SFOR Informer #92, July 19, 2000

Mrkonjic Grad - The famous general Napoleon Bonaparte summed up how important good rations are when he said "an army marches on its stomach." Other phrases have emerged through the years that stress how critical provisions and supplies are to any military force like, "good food is half the mood." Good housing, clothing and transportation certainly round out the other portions of the equation required for happy and productive troops.

However you say it, it all comes down to the fact that everyone constantly talks about and criticises the variety, quality, quantity, freshness and preparation of everything we eat, what we wear and where we shower and sleep. Every Camp has someone who has the unenviable job of being responsible for the facilities and supplies and at Mrkonjic Grad the duty falls to UK Capt. Steve Firth.

"As Quartermaster I do everything. I do all the jobs nobody else wants. I do estates and civil labour. I do provisional material, food and all the normal logistic jobs," said Firth. There are 18 individuals in his Quartermaster platoon, but you can see the importance of their work everywhere around the camp at Mrkonjic Grad.

All the buildings and almost everything in the buildings come under the purview of Firth. He even has responsibility for making sure all the parts are available to keep the unit's fleet of 77 LandRovers, 50 trucks and 100 armoured and recce vehicles mission ready.

"We also look after the unit's spares account. All spares for all vehicles pass through our hands before they are given to the user, so we account for everything," explained Firth.

Most of us would not want that much responsibility but its a good challenge for Firth. "It's a very, very rewarding job. I get a kick out of doing the job as well.”

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