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Medical Team

By CPO Tim Adams
First published in
SFOR Informer #92, July 19, 2000

Zagreb - The Casualty Evacuation Team (CET) that provided services to the British Airport of Departure (APOD) in Trogir has been downsized and re-established at the Kumrovec International Community (KIC) in Zagreb Croatia. British authorities have set a goal to cut their forces in the theatre down to 2,000 personnel by the end of the year 2000 and that has prompted a number of changes like this to achieve greater efficiency.
The CET was composed of nine medical personnel and had been serving the APOD near Split since helicopter operations began there in 1992, but the new, restructured team is composed of only three members.

"Predominantly our job here is to do the aero-med evacuations," said Sgt. Ian Tambling. "The casualty will be brought here the day before the flight. He is assessed fit to fly and prepared for evac either back to the UK or Germany if he was stationed there."

Tambling also explained that besides their medical training, team members attend a specialist controller course in the UK and have to be proficient in generating all the signals and paperwork necessary for evacuations. Team members must also be good ambulance drivers since KIC is about 35 minutes from the Zagreb airport.

The CET team will also begin working with the SFOR medical Doctor that has been based at KIC.

"We will assist Dr. Begovich with primary health care, day to day illnesses, coughs, colds, sprains and strains and also respond in our ambulance to any emergency," said Tambling. They are expecting to add a mini-bus to their assets soon so patients who can sit up will be more comfortable on trips to and from the airport.

Team members have been busy remodelling Dr. Begovich's clinic. They are expanding it to six beds and dividing those into male and female wards for increased privacy.

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