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CJ4 REAT, property and use of land facilities

By Capt. Luis Barber
First published in
SFOR Informer #92, July 19, 2000

Sarajevo - Within the Joint Logistics Co-ordination Center (JLCC), a branch of CJ4 in HQ SFOR, is the Real Estate Advisory Team (REAT).

REAT assists contingent commanders of TCNs (Troop Contributing Nations) and NSEs (National Support Elements) with standard procedures for conducting comprehensive pre/post occupation and condition surveys. They have a large and detailed archive that provides visibility of the Theatre real estate situation.

The main responsibility for REAT is to ensure that properties are returned in the same or better condition than when first occupied minimising financial obligations through appropriate clearance procedures. In other words, when SFOR occupy any place needed to accomplish its mission, REAT picks all data up from this site and adds them to the archive. Once the SFOR mission expires in each site, REAT works to carry out its task.

REAT is the heir to the RACAT (Redeployment and Clearance Advisory Team). They were first located in Zagreb, and when they moved to Sarajevo the named changed.

"Now we are four people working together in REAT, curiously only our archivist, the local civilian Mr. Milorad Gligorevic, has some experience in your job. The Operations Officer, Italian Capt. Ettore Gagliardi is an artillery officer, the Operations NCO, Turkish CMSgt. Mehmed Celik was working as a signaller and the Chief is a helicopter pilot" joked Lt. Col. Ferenc Fapal, Hungarian Army.

They usually work in close co-operation with the LEGAD Office (getting the lawyer's point of view in order to deal with owner's claims for properties), the Environmental Office (who expresses opinions concerning all cutting trees, soiling the land with petrol and so on), Engineer Support Service (ESS), Theatre Allied Contracting Officer (TACO), and the Combat Camera Team…
As part of their work they are in regular contact with such authorities as the Ministry of the Interior, University of Sarajevo, Ilidza Municipality, land registration offices and different private land owners.

Currently, they are heavily involved in the matters about some properties occupied by SFOR in Tito Barracks (Sarajevo), on Mount Trebevic, and, currently their major task, the handover of the Ilidza site, the former HQ SFOR compound.

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