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Soldier in the spotlight

By Maj. Juan A. Pina
First published in
SFOR Informer #91, July 5, 2000

My home is only 4 km from the Spanish Airportable Brigade in Siero Asturias, Spain, and since I was just a child I dreamed about joining the Army." Her dreams came true and this 23-year-old soldier is now posted at the Military Police Company Team in the 1st Mechanised Division in Burgos, Spain.
She came as a volunteer to Bosnia and Hercegovina last April, and was posted to the Spanish Traffic Control Platoon located in Rajlovac on the outskirts of Sarajevo.

This unit has the responsibility of confirming the viability of all the roads in their Area of Responsibility, checking tunnels, bridges, and reporting land and rock slides. They have to ensure that any SFOR convoy would not have any trouble to finish their mission. "This activity is giving me the opportunity to move around the whole area, letting me work closely from the people and learn about the culture of this wonderful country."

During her spare time she teaches Spanish to a group of Bosnian girls in the Ilidza, suburb. "When I came here, I was badly interested in helping people of this country. These Spanish lessons are very important for me because they fill an empty space that I have in my heart."

"I'm happy to be here, but in the other hand, I miss my family. I want to come back to Spain to share all the experiences I've had in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and tell to my friends and relatives about the hard times this country has suffered during the war, with lots of destroyed houses, mine fields and cemeteries all around the country."

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