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IBG donates items to Sarajevo hospital

By Sgt. Michael Maddox
First published in
SFOR Informer #91, July 5, 2000

Sarajevo - While in the process of rebuilding, many types of aid are needed in the local community. In an on-going partnership to aid those in need, the Italian Battle Group (IBG)recently organised a donation of an operating table and medical supplies for Kasindo Hospital in Lukavica, a suburb of Sarajevo in Republika Srpska.

The cooperation between the IBG and the hospital has been going since 1996, and the hospital has received aid in many ways. One of those ways was through monetary donation to help pay for reconstruction in the hospital.

Hospital director Slavko Zdrale said the aid provided by the IBG has been very helpful in getting the hospital back to normal.

"I feel great about this," he said. "Because the Italian Army has helped so much by transporting material to us. The cooperation is great because the Italians are very interested in the operations here."

The recent donation of the operating table and supplies was coordinated by Warrant Officer Fernando Bonaccorsi, from the IBG CIMIC.

"This project began with me. I asked a civilian organisations in Italy if it would be possible to send aid to the hospital," he said. "They said it is possible and now it's arriving. So we gave this hospital a operation table."

Bonaccorsi said it makes happy to be able to provide help for those in need. "It feels good to me to help people," he said. "When I was a civilian, I worked with these types of organisations in Italy. Now, it's the same that I'm in the military. I enjoy being able to help others.

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