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Part of Project 48 the Long Bypass route

By Maj. Ladislav Ruzicka
First published in
SFOR Informer #91, July 5, 2000

Sarajevo - When SFOR started using The Butmir Camp Area, it blocked the existing road of access from the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) to the Republika Srpska (RS). Now SFOR will provide provide an access road to enhance civilian traffic across the Inter Entity Boundary Line (IEBL). The road will be approximately 2 km long.

"The long bypass has three construction sections. One section, approximately 0.6 km long is in the Federation side, and the other sections are on the side of RS. This means reconstruction of the existing road and two bridges around North Camp Butmir," said Chief of Infra projects U.S. Navy Lt. Michael Lukich, from the HQ SFOR Infra Engineer Branch. He started his SFOR mission in April 2000 as the project manager and design engineer.

"The purpose of this bypass road is to maintain an IEBL crossing between the BiH and RS. The original crossing was closed when the road was incorporated into the confines of Camp Butmir in August 1999," said Lukich "This is a very good project for the local civilians because it improves the road and it also maintains access from Federation BiH to the RS. It is for the overall benefit of both communities, but it is also a very good project for SFOR because it illustrates all of the units working together and our construction capabilities to improve the infrastructure."

There will be Italian, Spanish and American units from MND-N and MND-SE working together on demining, which started June 26 and construction is to start July 7. The Romanian Engineers will complete the construction by October 2000. The road concept plan was initiated in winter 1998, and the original design was drawn by the Canadian Engineer Unit. Final design will be completed with the SFOR HQ Engineer Branch and Engineer Support Service Staff and a civilian survey team.

This project also involves building two new bridges and resolution of drainage problems. These existing wooden and concrete bridges will be replaced with Mabey-Johnson bridges from Material Management Unit in Split. To solve flooding problems, storm water drainage, improvements are planned for the section in the Federation where residence typically experiences flooding twice a year when water rises above the banks.
"In this project, seven units are working together. My task is to bring these units together to achieve the SFOR objective of reconstructing the roadway,” said Lukich. “The project is also possible because of the cooperation between the officials of the RS and Federation BiH providing coordination through liaison officers," said Lukich. "They act as contacts between the residents and SFOR units. And that is why the project is moving so well."

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