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Warehouse Team make the move

By Capt. Luis Barber
First published in
SFOR Informer #90, June 21, 2000

Sarajevo - As a branch of the CJ4, HQ SFOR Warehouse is in charge of the management of logistical support for all those military and civilian workers who work every day in all the HQ SFOR Services.

The team, which is headed by French 1Lt. Thierry Leturcq, includes 12 civilian and two military staff. Other than stocking, providing and moving such items as desks, chairs and desklamps, they are responsible not only for the consumable supplies, such as stationery, pencils, glue and paper for photocopier machines, but for providing all supply support for the dining facilities except for the food products. They also provide beds and the rest of the material needed for furnishing the accommodations of the Command Billeting Office at HQ SFOR, Butmir.

It is the on-going move of HQ SFOR from the Ilidza complex to Camp Butmir that is currently making for long days and plenty of strenuous work for the warehouse. For this work, 1Lt. Leturcq relies on his 'move' crew of eight civilian (two of them coming from the Site Commander Civilian Team in Butmir) led by Mr. Orhan Kapetanovic, Supervisor of the supply specialist team in the Warehouse.

The day begins at 08:00 and technically runs until 20:00. But this is a special moment and their days more typically finish somewhere between 22:00 and beyond midnight "Every day the team knows what time they begin, never at what time they will finish!" said Leturcq.

According to movement plan, and in advance of it, the team prepares the move by checking the condition of the furniture located in Ilidza through a global inventory and estimates the need to co-operate with different HQ departments.
British Cpl. Karl Davies has the job of checking the provision of new furniture to Building 200 the new Headquarters building in Butmir. Getting the "right furniture in the right place" needs careful tracking when the number of items numbers more than 2.500 items. But it is a job that leads to satisfying results: "Compared to good old 'Plywood Alley, back in Ilidza, it feels nice having a carpet under your feet… I might even put my slippers on," joked a happy Spanish Maj. Sergio Lerma.

But with the completion of the move the Warehouse Team will not be able to put their feet as there is another important task lurking in the shadows: they will have to begin an update of all accounts and prepare the inventories in Butmir 2000. Mr. Senad Arifhodic and Mrs. Zejneba Veledar are in charge of this mission. But, of course, it is, and will be, necessary to provide regular, normal customer services, and this is the job of Expendables manager, Mr. Maid Dedic, Supply specialist Reuf Kapidzic and the Assistant customer manager support Amer Vladavic.

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