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Spanish medical visit

By Cpl. Nicolas Marut
First published in
SFOR Informer #90, June 21, 2000

Mostar - In the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of the Spanish Battle Group (BG) "Cordoba XIII", in MND Southwest, there are 6,300 returnees in 190 villages. These thousands of people, often living in very difficult conditions, are one of the main priorities of CIMIC teams of the BG, commanded by Capt. Manuel Tenorio. "Every day, we try to go and see inhabitants of two or three villages," explained SSgt. Carlos Sevillano, one of the four cell members. "It allows us to judge what their necessities are." To collect this information and update their databases, the CIMIC cell organises regular information patrols that go through the southern region of Mostar. Information is also given by regular SFOR patrols.

It was one of these latter patrols, which made them aware of the presence of Ramo Maksumic, an old blind man suffering from diabetes in the returnee settlement village of Meka Dubrava, 40 km south of Mostar. The CIMIC team reacted by organising a medical visit on June 15 by 2Lt. Jesus Peraza from "Cordoba XIII", On the way, the patrol of two vehicles stopped in another village, Gradska. Thirteen people from there who had sought war-time refuge in Mostar and Konjic have rebuilt their houses and lived there since August 1998. The patrol gave clothes donated by the the BG families to the villagers.

After this stop the team left for Meka Dubrava, in the Ljubuski opstina. Peraza gave a check-up to the elderly Ramo Maksumic, that came back in the village two years ago, and prescribed some medicine for his diabetes. The physician also examined Zila, his wife, who suffers from hypertension. "Here, medicine is very expensive and returnees generally cannot afford it," insists Peraza. "The free SFOR medical care is therefore vital for them."

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