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Soldier in the spotlight

By Maj. Ladislav Ruzicka
First published in
SFOR Informer #90, June 21, 2000

Doboj - 43-year old Maj. Zbigniev Musial is one of the Polish officers working in Multinational Division North (MND-N). He is married and has one son.

He is the chief of Section 25 of the Air Cavalry Brigade in his national army, but in SFOR he has served as the senior staff officer of Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) for eight months. He is responsible for reconstruction and refugee returns in the AOR. Musial has two main tasks: monitoring and analysis of situation of refugees and giving advise about possibility return areas. He cooperates with other organizations - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Office of the High Representative, the International Police Task Force and Non-Governmental Organizations too. Once per a month he takes a part in meeting the RRTF (Return and Reconstruction Task Force).

"The most important part of my job is to observe and meet. That is why we establish CIMIC Houses. It means helping people to establish direct contact with international organizations, provide them all necessary information and to send these information to UNHCR to start a return process."

In the AOR of CIMIC MND-N a total of 2,881 people have returned (1,640 this year). The number of returns is still increasing. From January to March it was 247, in April 359 and in May, 1,034 people.

He considers that his most difficult challenge is, " To explain how to start the return process, and what steps must be taken by other organisations - what must be done next. The hardest part of my job is to get information," continued Musial.

His mission will end in September. Talking to Musial it is obvious that he likes his job and he is proud of it.

"This is giving satisfaction me, also because I can improve myself," he said.

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