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A French VAB triggers a mine

Mostar - June 12 at approximately 17H30, a VAB (French armoured personnel carrier) from the 1st Company of the French Battle Group (GTFR) triggered a mine while patrol a track in the Gacko area. The VAB lost a wheel and three soldiers were very slightly injured. They were evacuated by helicopter to the the German Field Hospital in Camp Carreau, Rajlovac.

These soldiers from to the 13th BCA (an Alpine infantry regiment) received only bruising and some light hearing trauma. They were put in observation for a few days in the Mostar Field Hospital before joining back their unit.

The exact circumstances of the accident are not entirely known for the moment, but the most plausible hypothesis seems to be the one of a mine buried deeply some years ago on the border of the track. With time and with the gullying caused by the recent strong rains the mine may have been brought closer to the surface enabling it to be detonated by the vehicle's weight.

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